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M-Bone Victim of Random Drive-By Shooting

5/16/2011 6:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

M-Bone -- who was fatally shot last night -- was the victim of a drive-by shooting, and it appears to be a random act of violence ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

M-Bone -- aka Mante Talbert from the rap group Cali Swag District -- was next to his car in front of an Inglewood, CA liquor store at 11:32 PM Sunday when shots rang out.  Our sources say the shooter was driving down La Brea Avenue alone in his car when he fired.

Inglewood detectives are investigating, but right now it looks like M-Bone was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

We're told M-Bone, who became famous with his group for the song, "Teach Me How to Dougie," was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.



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11:30 at night in Inglewood is not the time to be hanging out at the liquor store unless you up to some shady bidness.
I know that area and you wouldn't catch me out after dark there.

1255 days ago


@ Maggie - I'm sorry, you've obviously mistaken me for someone who gives a crap what you think. But i'll humor you anyway.

I never even asked who he is, even though i had no clue, the story spells it out. Those who did ask "Who?" were being rhetorical. It was a statement to the fact he's a one hit wonder. so when you said...

"maggie 4 hours ago
That's a stupid comment! I didn't know who he was either, but I would certainly not write something as stupid as that. Either don't say anything, or just say, I'm sorry to hear that. RIP"

You yourself where making a stupid comment chastise others not to make stupid comments, them summing it up with "but I would certainly not write something as stupid as that."

Well you just did.

"It was a terrible thing to happen, and just because he's black and out at night (which 11:30 pm isn't all that late really) you think he deserved to die?"

Excuse me? F&ck you. Not only did i not say that, or even imply it but one of my comments directly countered the notion that it's because he was a BLACK rapper that people are unsympathetic to his plight.

Newsflash Honey. Not everyone who thinks rappers are no good thug life criminals are racists. They despise white rappers who embrace the gansta thug life persona too. The rap music genre has long embraced a thug life mentality and that is what turns people off to them, not the color of their skin.

But yeah to hear you tell it people are unsympathetic because he's a BLACK rapper. They would be crying rivers if he was white RAPPER who just got shot down in a drive by... /sarcasm

1255 days ago


@I am Spartacus...well said.

This is a celeb gossip site (well, supposedly). I could very easily have used Google, but like you probably wouldn't tell me much more than what the person said who wrote this article, because they aren't well-known.

Correct me if I'm wrong...BUT ISN'T THE "COMMENT" SECTION FOR COMMENTS??? Regardless of what those comments may be? That's what I thought...

Nice try 'G'

1255 days ago


I just watched the 3 part interview that Harvey did with the group. They seem like a great bunch of kids. THIS is a damn shame. I feel really awful for that kids family and especially his bandmates/boyhood friends. Sad.

1255 days ago



Hi. Yes, your comment is stupid.

Want to know who he is? GOOGLE IT.

1255 days ago

mr. insensitive    

someone should have taught him how to duck

1255 days ago


wow wasnt even on news. just another drive-by (or black on black crime). unlike the 3 black teens that robbed and killed white boy which was splashed all over news!!

1255 days ago

Stephanie Scott Evans    

All respects.

1255 days ago


Are you guys seriously sitting here saying studd like "who cares, he was black and a thug anyways" or "this isnt news no one cares." I swear you spineless, heartless, gutless people should be glad that you are protected behind your computer screen and cowardly type stupid **** like that knowing someone cant punch you right in that stupid face of yours. You make me sick. And Inglewood is nowhere near Downtown L.A for all you geographically challenged people. I'm not going to speculate on what race some of these commenters are, but nonetheless whatever race you are, you are ignorant for making such statements. Im sure no one will care when you or any of your family members die either.

1255 days ago


Paula 3 hours ago heartless can humans be? For the idiot that said he was a thug do you know him? To insinuate he was a thug and has "probably shot people" was one of the most ignorant comments. You assume that because he raps or lives in L.A. or is black he is a thug?

The world is full of haters. As you all sit here posting negative comments what is YOUR net worth? I hope the same negativity that you have displayed is displayed at your demise.
Lets dissect what you wrote.

Black artists always portray a bad a$$ attitude. Its what sells albums. They brag about where they're from (even if most lie for cred) They perpetuate this lifestyle in everything they do!

So when one is shot and people make "thug" comments, they are only going off the rep that BLACKS perpetuate themselves!!! So when they die, we are supposed to be all sad and the 'loss' should be handled with respect with no comments about that persons lifestyle should never be included in comments?


Live by the sword. Die by the sword. You're an accessory if your with someone who commits a crime. So, if you play the bad boy, expect the comments for being an accessory.

In other words, STFU!!

The bling was great while it lasted right? Rappers spend spend spend, because they wont make it to retirement it.

1255 days ago


Teach me how to Dougie?

Teach me how to DUCK is more like it

1255 days ago


Downtown and Inglewood are 2 different places...which one was it...cuz LaBrea is Inglewood and yall talkin bout downtown

1255 days ago



You're an idiot. Hands down. But thank you for stating the obvious.

1255 days ago



ONCE AGAIN...Google says just about everything this TMZ article says, and my question still is...WHO IS HE? WHO ARE THEY??

Does that mean I think he deserved to die? No. No one deserves to be murdered, and especially like that.

I have just never heard his name (or his band's for that matter) name before, which begged the question...WHO??

1255 days ago



1255 days ago
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