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M-Bone Victim of Random Drive-By Shooting

5/16/2011 6:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

M-Bone -- who was fatally shot last night -- was the victim of a drive-by shooting, and it appears to be a random act of violence ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

M-Bone -- aka Mante Talbert from the rap group Cali Swag District -- was next to his car in front of an Inglewood, CA liquor store at 11:32 PM Sunday when shots rang out.  Our sources say the shooter was driving down La Brea Avenue alone in his car when he fired.

Inglewood detectives are investigating, but right now it looks like M-Bone was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

We're told M-Bone, who became famous with his group for the song, "Teach Me How to Dougie," was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.



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Niki marshall    

why did this have to happen? It just doesn't make sense. what has he done to die. ;(

1235 days ago


The question now is where is his Soul ?? Are you ready to meat your maker , Jesus Christ ...we never know when we will die & don't think this cant happen to you or something else... ask your self one question ..if I were to die right now and stand in judgment before God ware will I Go for all ETERNITY !! HEAVEN OR HELL it is your choice !! God loves you ,so be ready and REPENT before it is to late !!!

1235 days ago


omg... im soo sorry to hear that i wish his family the best.thats a shame how he was shot and killed for no reason i swear i cant see how you can take anybodys life. epecially someone soo sucessful and didnt do anything to anybody buht hey theres nothing to say but to the guy who did this i hope your happy wiht what you did M BONE was a member of a really good group what really didnt deserve too die this early at all IM CRYING RIGHT NOW R.I.P. BABY BOY YOU WILL SURELY && FOREVER BE MISSED... (SIGNED YOURS TRUELY TIARA)

1235 days ago


rappers sing of death and violence, so why is anyone shocked at this?

1235 days ago


How yall gone say this wasnt random? how the heck would yall know? were you there? NO! Do you know who did it? NO! Do yall know him from ADAM & EVE? HECK NO! So yall shouldnt even be talking? Innocent people get killed every day! Just because he became famous and was in his "HOOD" DONT MEAN ANYTHING! You people should really get a clue because even if he did anything or not someone still lost a SON, GRANDSON, BROTHER, & A FRIEND! IF THIS WAS YOUR FAMILY MEMBER YOU WOULD WANT SOMEONE TO HAVE STMPATHY FOR YOU & NOT BE TALKING ABOUT "NOW YOU KNOW THIS WASNT RANDOM"

1234 days ago


all the people asking who, get with the ****ing times. turn on the radio. wikipedia some ****. and stfu.

1234 days ago

epiphany j    

omg i liked mbone he was real cool always teaching people to dougie with the rest of the group....gawd his friends and family are probably breaking right now and what does this mean for the cali swaqq district

1234 days ago

Mr. M.    

I Bet 80% of us didnt know nothing about the guy the 1st comment someone said was" who", and I did to I feel bad for the guy and his family but none of us know what he did or if he was a inocent bystander I know this people just dont roll up and kill you for nothing sometimes your pass come back and haunt you.

1234 days ago


Kind of newish rapper, the song was played, and still played lots on LA radio. RIP

@the floyd... I don't know where you are from,but Downtown LA is actually a great place to hang out, there are no liqour stores, there are however, movie theaters, clubs, and really nice resturants, it is a place to hang out. The place where he was, was Inglewood, please get your information straight. Thanks!

1234 days ago


I didnt know who he was either and to tell you the truth the song sucks. I grew up listening to old school rap and hip hop. I dont give them any type of credit at all for the music. Why would a person with there foot in the door of fame and popularity be hanging by a liqour store at that time? there is alot of haterz out there that are mad that you got what they want MONEY!!

1234 days ago


@crystal who wrote:

all the people asking who, get with the ****ing times. turn on the radio. wikipedia some ****. and stfu.

Hey Krystal, they aren't saying "who" we are saying WHO CARES ! ! !

Perhaps you too can go hang out in front of an Inglewood liquor store at midnight. Please let us know how it works out for you.

1234 days ago


Yeah man, who are they trying to bull****.."random drive by" random drive by my ass.

1234 days ago


HEY RETARDS...1st of all let me say my prayers go out to this young mans family.. and 2nd of all he did not get killed no where near DOWNTOWN LOSANGELES..He was killed in inglewood LEAVING THE STUDIO and stoped at the store and was gun down while sitting in the car waiting on his passender to come out... so please DUMMYS before you start talking **** about this YOUNG BLACK MAN WHO HAPPEN TO BE A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE,TOOK VERY GOOD CARE OF HIS ENTIRE FAMILY,AND WAS NOT ...LET ME SAY AGAIN, WHO WAS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY KIND OF GANGS, no what you are talking about all have a blessed day

1234 days ago

r.i.p. m-bone    

r.i.p. montae im 2 mad people dont have respect for somebody dead son! but o well thats white folks they aint never gone change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyways..... blessed on 9/17/88. hated on 5/15/11 may you rest in peace and who ever did this i hope they rot in hell!!!!!

1233 days ago


To all the ignorant people. When something tragic happens to you or your family.KARMA! Since you were foolish enough to joke about someone losing their life.See how you feel; your day will come dummies!!!!

1233 days ago
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