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Ashton & Chuck

Power Meeting at

Coffee Bean

5/17/2011 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre and his newest employee Ashton Kutcher made their first public appearance together this weekend ... facing off over java at a Glendale coffee shop.

No word on what they talked about ... but it's the perfect opportunity for our very first ever TMZ PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST!!!!

Submit your entries in the comments section from now until 12:00 PM PT today.

We'll choose the champion this afternoon. Funniest submission wins a pair of classy TMZ t-shirts!!

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In Plain Sight    

Chuck: "Okay, Ashton, this is what I've got... you come on to the set - you're some kind of 70s throwback... you know, the bell bottoms, long hair and instead of booze, we'll play you up as a 'hippie pothead'... everything through the pink lenses of pot... what'd you say???"

Ashton: "Well, Chuck, I was thinking I could debut my genuine acting skills - you know, develop a serious character..."

1194 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

"And you say Chuck...I'll only be LOCKED in a room during 'OFF' hours?"

1194 days ago


chuck: you and Demi actually have sex?
ashton: only in her hyperbaric chamber.

1194 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

"So say this CLAUSE in my contract about NEVER saying a BAD WORD about YOU, NEVER uttering even your NAME in public or BREATHING the SAME AIR as you...that's like, S.O.P at the W.B.?"

1194 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

"So Chuck, the NAME change I'm asking for, "Dude, Where's My Goddesses" is gonna be a problem"?

1194 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

"No, no, Ashston...the SLATE thing at the end credits will NEVER become a prob, it's like, a FUN thing"!

1194 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

" got the time babe? You'll NEVER believe how I lost my WATCH". (Uncomfortable SILENCE).

1194 days ago


So..Which weekend is it that I get Demi??

1194 days ago

Henry Hunter    

Ashton to Chuck "You are positive you will change the name of the show to "Two and a half Goddesses?" It seems I read that somewhere in my 3,000 page contract!! Woop's forgot my lines already.

1194 days ago


1."I'ii just be myself, team up with Jake, figuring everything out. He's the brains of the partnership."
2. "How about Cryer as the lame voice of reason, you follow."
3."Only if Demi is in. A pkg deal. She makes cameos as the frisky aunt. Imagine her, Martha, and sparks flying."

1194 days ago

Amy LaLa    

Ashton: Hey Chuck! Hey Chuck! I do a the best Charlie Sheen impersonation. Wanna hear it? Wanna hear it? Ready? Ready? Ready? ((((RAWRRR)))!((((RAWRRR))))! thats how dinosaurs say I love you.

Chuck: What the hell is wrong with you?

1194 days ago


Lorre: Anything for you to drink? "My next Vatican Assasian"
Ashton: "Please a Shot of Tiger Blood, that would be WINNING"
and sorry Chuck, I left my Goddess at home.......

1194 days ago


Chuck Lorre/Charles Levine is ruining one of my fav tv series.
And we all are invited to follow such an international hit series to die out.

However big or no name Chuck Lorre was before, as a matter of fact he´s world famous now. He must be an incredibly talented writer and should be an experienced enough producer, the more I wonder about his weirdo ideas (like replacing not one but THE main character the whole series is about)and childish payback vanity cards. Some are really cool, entertaining and funny. You easily think him to be a mastermind. When he describes how he felt an actor like Sheen was interested in his men script and the way he described Charlie Sheen was before.
Now he wrote almost the same about Ashton, happy about him at men.
Once upon a time, the two Chucks liked or at least respected each other.

One card deals with how to create a hit series. Hey Chuck, add one more: how to ruin a hit series within a short period of time/ as fast as you can. It´s sad what you do to a series you say you care for. A series so many peo are really into.

He replaces the person who made the series big.
I bet, most peo watch the series just bec of Charlie Sheen.
It´s like they (Lorre/Sheen) are playing a game. One person acts and waits the other to react... At first it was funny and entertaining, but now all cards are given, all bluffs are played.
With A.Kutcher at men instead of C.Sheen, the laughter stopped.

All peo want 2,5 men to go on but w/out replacements of any kind!
The series is that big bec of all of them.
I wonder how the other cast peo behave or not behave. The viewers have no power but what about the rest of the cast? And what does Jon Cryer say, he is jazzed about the future of men? He n-joyed the time with Charlie but looks forward to work with Ashton? Nice... Is he serious? It seems like, he is glad that the show goes on, whatever it takes! That´s what Jon recently said, what about all the others??? Do they feel the same?

What executives do have on mind?
How about replacing an executive prod like Mr. Lorre?
A lot of peo benefit of men so it had to go on.
A lot of peo got fat asses bec of 2,5 men.

I can´t imagine A.Kutcher to be on the show. Was there a single movie with Kutcher containing substance, any hard to miss/never to forget movie, a really important one, or one he did tremendously great? Is he a walk of fame person? Punk´d that was his show. He is obviously nice to see but I don´t think him to be funny at all. He looks like an innocent college stud, could be an older brother of Angus Turner Jones. Good for Lorre, Kutcher does not play the C.Harper role.

What´s the square root of.... how stupid & childish is that?
I´m as good as you with poor jokes.
What does peo hate most about the 2,5 men Relaunch?
Who´s the less needed person on the 2,5 men set?
Who helps Chuck Lorre to kill one or the hit series?

I never thought that 2,5 men will end up this way. That the last news about men would probably be a bad one....
If you ask me, it´s unworthy and not neccessary at all.
No one wants it to go on forever and three days.

Your sincerely,

1194 days ago

John Butler    

Ashton: Can I wear Charles shorts and button up shirts?
Chuck: Sorry there already in my closet!

1194 days ago


I can't believe Chuck Lorre is so egotistical that he won't put Charlie back on the show. Charlie WAS the show!! There is no show without Charlie. You might as well shut it down/cancel it now if you aren't going to bring Charlie back. It's not going to work. Some previous fans will watch the 1st show to see how bad it's going to be, but that will be it. Bad move, CBS, to let Chuck Lorre ruin the best show on TV. It's a waste of time & money to try to make it work without Charlie. I won't be watching it now & I used to never miss it with Charlie on it. The old re-runs will be better than this new fiasco. Advertisers, be smart... don't pay for an ad on this sinking ship

1194 days ago
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