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Botox Mom Docs -- Don't Talk About Getting Paid

5/20/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Botox mom Sheena Upton, aka Kerry Campbell, has provided TMZ with documents that she says prove ... her whole spiel about injecting her daughter with the wrinkle remover was scripted.


In the stack of documents ... there is a lengthy rundown which Upton says she was told to follow when she did interviews for "Good Morning America" and "Inside Edition."

Among the instructions on what to say ... "She's [her daughter] going to be famous thanks to me giving her injections so young."  And there's this ... "I have found a clinic that will do boob jobs in Mexico at 14, so if she hasn't developed by then we're saving for that surgery."

And another passage reads, "I admire Lindsay Lohan's mum ... for turning Lindsay into a child millionaire." 

Upton used a broker to arrange the interviews with GMA and "Inside Edition" and the broker is allegedly the one who provided the script.  And Upton claims the broker gave her some pretty specific instructions about not telling anyone she was getting money from GMA ($10,000) and "Inside" ($9,500).

Upton insists she never gave her daughter Botox, but was merely following a phony script for some quick money -- and GMA and "Inside" bought it hook, line and sinker.

The reporter who brokered the deal for The Sun, which ran the first story about Botox mom, tells TMZ, "She has doctored emails from me.  She has lied about the Sun.  She is attempting to extort money.  I saw her give the child injections."

Oh, one final thing.  The funniest part of the alleged script:  "Make up and hair done at studio.  Please don't chat to make up people about your interview."  Everyone knows, they have such big mouths!


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i hope you rot in hell you dirty bitch!!

1250 days ago


These emails refer to the GMA appearance last week.

Where's the script for the original March interview/photos in which botox mom claimed to be injecting and waxing her daughter? She was the one who contacted the Closer magazine writer to do a story on her botoxing ways, which the Sun later republished.

1250 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

These do***ents are easily faked an there are quite a few typos.
While it's not unheard of for official do***ents like these to have so many typos, it's unusual for this kind of professional communication.

I don't buy it. The woman's just digging herself in deeper and deeper. She knows what she did was wrong either way but doesn't care so long as she gets paid. Despicable.

I've hit rock-bottom before and I would NEVER resort to lying or stealing to make ends meet. She has no excuse. She's just a
thieving, lying, lowlife and I hope she's prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

"Botoxomom" is probably the second worst mother on the planet.

1250 days ago


The real truth will come from the daughter herself.
Children are told or taught to lie.

1250 days ago


Do a search for the original pic. Then put it in a paint program and zoom in and blow it up. There is no needle.

It is a liquid medicine dispenser just like she said it was.

1250 days ago


TMZ could you be anymore dumb!! I just took the picture of her "injecting" her daughter from the Sun site and zoomed in and enlarged it. THERE IS NO NEEDLE. It is exactly what she said it was. It is a liquid medicine dispenser.

She has dots drawn across her forehead.

1250 days ago



1250 days ago


I believe Kerry/Sheena/Whatever. Someone willing to do this for that amount of money very likely can't afford regular botox and brazilians - she probably just thought she'd collect her $10,000 and that would be the end of it. The Sun have a very poor credibility even by gossip rag standards they are known for making up pure bs all the time. As for GMA of course they are more interested in creating sensationalism and drama than presenting truth. Perhaps GMA believed it, perhaps they knew it was bs, they simply are not interested in checking out the credibility of their sources because they knew this would stir up huge controversey and therefore to them it was a good story.

Kerry/Sheena is at fault for teaching her kid to lie on national tv and not being smart enough to realize the public outrage her story would cause.

The media is at fault for being more interested in sensationalism than credibility.

The general public and most posters on forums such as this are at fault for being so outraged and turning this into such a big deal. If everyone had just gone 'meh' none of this would have happened. OF COURSE it's wrong to botox your kid - but even if it had been true how about just letting the appropriate authorites deal with it and concentrating your supposedly brilliant parenting skills on your own kids?

1250 days ago


Did anyone else notice that "to" should be "two" in #4? Who wrote this thing up?

1250 days ago


So she's admitting she made money by forcing her daughter to live a lie and be the target of international ridicule? That's far worse than giving a kid botox. Rot in hell, bitch. Years from now your daughter will be thankful she was permanently taken away from you.

1250 days ago


Either way, whether she is telling the truth or not, this woman is a total idiot and obviously has no business raising a child. On one side of the coin, she gave her daughter Botox so she could win pageants and get her (the mother) attention through interviews and press. On the other, she agreed to this story for a measly $200 so she could do what? Oh, that's right, get money and attention. Anyone that exploits their child this way clearly does not understand what it means to be a parent, or even a decent person. Stupid, stupid.

1250 days ago


Where in God's name does the world find losers like this?

1250 days ago


Botox mom Sheena Upton is telling the truth. The person who gave the instructions in the do***ent is obviously British. She uses words like "trousers" instead of pants
"coloured" instead of color
"mum" instead of mom
"tween" instead of teen
"rubbish" instead of bull S***
"win crown" instead of win pageant
"virgin wax" instead of **

1250 days ago


Did you also notice at the top it says Inetrview. Should have been interview, no?

1250 days ago


I don't know about legal dom***ent or not but whowever write is has about as much education as some of TMZ writers.... If I was grading still he/she would get a D for dam messy in grammer ...

Don't care if shes lieing or not she's a charliton and fraud. Lying to the public for profit....hey maybe she should be a politican they do it all the time...

1250 days ago
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