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The Sun: Botox Mom Is Lying!!!

5/19/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

U.K. newspaper The Sun is ADAMANTLY denying it scripted a fake Botox Mom story for Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell -- and claims they only published the story after a reporter WATCHED the woman inject her daughter.

Kerry Campbell Botox

A rep for The Sun tells TMZ ... the paper "strongly denies any suggestion it solicited or knowingly published a false story regarding Kerry Campbell and her daughter."

We broke the story ... Upton gave a sworn declaration claiming The Sun approached her and paid her $200 to "play the role of Kerry Campbell" -- a mother who injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for beauty pageants.

But The Sun says it didn't even break the story -- claiming they received it from a "reputable UK news agency" -- and the reporter from the agency "watched Ms. Campbell administering what appeared to be Botox to her daughter and provided compelling photographs."

The Sun says it is considering legal action.


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en Todo Momento!!    

yeSSssss!! scandal!! i love a scandal. and it's just perfect for a lil miss pagent contestant!!

1220 days ago


@ tracker - kids lie all the time, especially when they have a liar for a role model. What planet are you on anyway?

1220 days ago


How could this woman "have her child tested" if the child is not even in her custody?

1220 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    


You are right. Funny that these animals cannot search your wallet/purse without a search warrant but they can stop by your house and kidnap your children, then only return the child if you agree to their conditions.

As if you really would agree to be part of a social contract knowing that the people you contract with would be allowed to take your child with little to no support for the taking.

1220 days ago


Where is the child's father?Injection or not this is child abuse.

1220 days ago


First off the kids face wouldn't look like that because she didn't do it.. wtf did she inject that kid with if it wasn't botox since there is vid of her doing it...

as for ucla can only test for active which leaves the system pretty fast because of the strain and amount used etc.. I am not sure the half life like weed is 90 days etc.. but my guess its not active longer than a week.

1220 days ago


Let's all just calm down. She didn't inject botox into her daughter's face. It was battery acid.

1220 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

The SUN pays loads of £ for rubbish stories and pictures yet this woman claims they only paid her $200 USD for a life changing/damaging fake story.... and that is converting from GBP. Not believing her for one moment... unless she is the cheapest media whore ever.

1220 days ago


Child services would not have returned the child if they didn't believe the UCLA medical report...and I am sure it is easy enough to find out if the kid has been in pageants

The Sun...please...its the Sun...what do you expect...
The Mom....maybe not the smartest cookie in the box for playing into this

Bottom line...the facts are easy enough to time will tell.

1220 days ago


no one lies more then the sun

these are the people who say the queen had an orgy with aliens

1220 days ago


I kind of agree. I thought that story sounded like a whole bunch of bull**** from the moment I started reading it. The quotes they used sounded really fake.

1220 days ago


No way in hell The Sun just happened to contact this girl in Trailer Park USA.

She is lying on all accounts.

1220 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Maybe she needed $200 worth of duct-tape too complete the copy of the Heene balloon she was making.

1220 days ago


Another blog says the needles were filled with saline. Did she inject her kid with saline? Did the kid's face show bruising from needles? Regardless of the botox, if the nut job was filling her face with saline, just for the press and money, that's child abuse.

1220 days ago

Abraham Lincoln    

So what the hell was it that she was injecting into the kid?

1220 days ago
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