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The Sun: Botox Mom Is Lying!!!

5/19/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

U.K. newspaper The Sun is ADAMANTLY denying it scripted a fake Botox Mom story for Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell -- and claims they only published the story after a reporter WATCHED the woman inject her daughter.

Kerry Campbell Botox

A rep for The Sun tells TMZ ... the paper "strongly denies any suggestion it solicited or knowingly published a false story regarding Kerry Campbell and her daughter."

We broke the story ... Upton gave a sworn declaration claiming The Sun approached her and paid her $200 to "play the role of Kerry Campbell" -- a mother who injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox for beauty pageants.

But The Sun says it didn't even break the story -- claiming they received it from a "reputable UK news agency" -- and the reporter from the agency "watched Ms. Campbell administering what appeared to be Botox to her daughter and provided compelling photographs."

The Sun says it is considering legal action.


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TMZ YOUR LATE. I posted this two days ago in the comment section. You guys were too busy obsessing over Arnold that you missed Radaronline breaking this story days ago.

1217 days ago


Either way, it makes her (mom) s***. The news outlet is s*** IF they knowingly participated in producing a false news story. But for the mother, she's s*** either way...she's s*** for doing that to her daughter (if she did) and she'd be s*** for "pretending" to do that to her daughter for a FAKE news story.
There are lots of fake news/stories out there & it's been going on forever. Some celebrities put out fake stuff about themselves all the time (the "let's give 'em something to talk about" guise). Thing is, it's difficult to discern what's real and what's not. But should we have any sympathy for the individual who "pretends" to be in & out of rehab for being a crack head? Nope. Take the Lohan & Ryder stories, for example. Why would someone w/all that money need to steal something? Do you really think they're cleptomaniacs? Doubtful. You just never know what's real or not so basically you choose to believe what you want.

1217 days ago

Mr. X    

Isn't The Sun's parent company, News Corp, in a LOT of hot water in the UK in re snooping around the texts, phone calls, etc. from a LOT of famous people? That's reason enough to think "yeah, they could have made this up!"

As for the story itself....both sides deserve each other.

That is all.

1217 days ago


Why didn't the court investigate this with the SUN before releasing the daughter back to the mother.
$200 is nothing these days. She is lying through her teeth. The daughter should either be returned to the father if fit or back into protective custody.

1217 days ago


The Sun had credibility???? who cares????

1217 days ago


Botox Mom and Balloon Dad should get together.

1217 days ago


Kerry/Sheena sounds like a psychotic bitch with Munchausen by Proxy mixed in with it. The point is, she does not deserve to raise her daughter!! Hopefully, the girl is in a good place right now with people who truly care for her.

1217 days ago


ok. i have a few problems here... when this story broke i was totally disgusted. there is no possible way for me to ascertain why there is such a need to make children look like women. i stopped shopping at a store in my city b/c they were selling padded bras for kids.. kids! like girls who are maybe 8, and these padded bras where huge! padded bras, botox, false teeth...raising a generation of paris hilton's... good story line for Romero's next flick!

its ******* parents who buy their children these things or put the young girls through painful injections who are to blame. they are moron's and surely the kids should be taken away.
("stop calling me sherlie")

((i choose to use caps therefore i am))

1217 days ago


The sorry excuse for a mother is LY-ING. Even if she wasn't, she should be put through the legal wringer for doing an awful stunt involving her little girl!

1217 days ago

todd lee    


if the mother DIDNT inject the daughter, shes still a s***bag mother who would ruin her and her daughters name, and scar her daughter for a handful of that makes her a piece of **** mother.

if she DID inject her daughter...she is a piece of **** mother.



1217 days ago



1217 days ago


Why would the Sun pick this person, out of all of the women with 8 yr old daughters to approach for a fake story? Is it like the lottery? She said her daughter has never been in a pagent. Surely that can be validated. Either way she is nuts and creepy and may be lying about everything.

1217 days ago


HARVEY! you didn't say that the child shouldn't be taken away? its crystal that mother dearest needs to take some parenting lessons and probably some receive some serious therapy. even if she was faking this has to be horrible for the child to go through.

((i choose to use caps therefore i am))

1217 days ago

Crazy Head    

Oh so that explains everything! See all pageant moms are totally sane.

1217 days ago


Has anyone from UCLA backed the mother's most recent story?
I don't believe botox would show up in a drug screen. It is a toxin created using a protein from the bacteria that causes botulism. Only 1 in 10,000 people even develop an antibody to botox (which could be tested for). I think any medical test done for it would be inconclusive. Better to go by a physical exam which might show paralysis of the injected muscles.

1217 days ago
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