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Botox Mom Reporter: Sheena SET ME UP!

5/20/2011 2:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The reporter behind the Botox Mom story claims Sheena Upton aka Kerry Campbell FRAMED her in a diabolical plot to profit off her 8-year-old daughter -- and now, the reporter says Sheena ruined her life.


The reporter Alley Einstein -- who set up the original deal with the British tabloid The Sun -- signed a sworn declaration, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims the emails TMZ posted this morning were "doctored" to make it look like Einstein coached Upton and told her to lie.

Einstein claims the emails detailing the Botox story -- including quotations -- were intended to be used as a "media briefing sheet" to help Upton REMEMBER several key points ... it was NOT a script.

Einstein claims her reputation is now ruined -- insisting she's been "emotionally and professionally scarred" by the entire situation ... in fact, Einstein claims she even had to seek out medical attention.

As for the $1,000 Einstein wired Upton -- Einstein claims Upton demanded the money for "vital bills" ... but then splurged on a shopping spree instead.

Best part -- back when she was working the story, Einstein claims she asked Upton if she was "prepared to be the most hated woman in America" ... and Upton replied, "Hell yes, bring it on."

0520_tmz_live_mini_vid_launch2We just interviewed Alley on TMZ Live, and she claims she has pictures that she'll give us that prove Sheena injected her daughter, and she's lying.


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your interview with Alley reveals that GMA paid Alley's company so botox mom is having a meltdown because they are not paying her. honestly, I am a bit disappointed that TMZ paid botox mom for the "interview" but I guess that is how your business works.

as mentioned above, the header info will reveal if botox mom's email is doctored.

lastly, the part where Harvey is getting confused is thinking that when botox mom calls the first syringe a "medical" syringe that she did not inject her with, is because it is so BIG and is not remotely the same size syringe as botox. if you listen to her wording it is clear she doesn't consider that anything other than a prop so when he asks about a syringe she is only taking about the smaller one that I guess is in the GMA picture.

if you ask me botox mom is another poor chick trying to make a buck off of sensationalized journalism and that Alley's job is to be the publicist for this crap, so encourages them to be...more of a mess.

they deserve each other! and I am betting that Alley ends up being revealed as the liar. MAKE SURE her pics aren't doctored.

LASTLY...who does crazy stories that are sold to the sun...and CALLS child protective services? that paper is loaded with events I wouldn't wish on any human. Alley is a liar...and botox mom is a tool getting used.

1197 days ago


There is a great article about this story from a former ABC News anchor here:

1197 days ago


Did you read the do***ent? It is full of typos and grammatical errors. Don't believe it was written by a professional journalist.

1197 days ago


alley is no einstein. It todays reporting no one checks anymore. TMZ is constantly checking things.

If you run a story like this, you MAKE SURE this woman is telling the truth.

You find out where she got it, you look at receipts, you look at the suppliers, etc....

You just run with it? This Alley woman deserves the grief she is in. You dont' run stories without checking sources to prove it's true.

1197 days ago


Somewhere in this mess lies the truth. I have a feeling this reporter might be lying. I am sure we will find out soon enough.

1197 days ago


I agree with Lauren; both of these women were looking for a name and/or money. This Alley was eating up the publicity of doing this story Like Kim Kardashian.

1197 days ago


This is information from the Botox Product Monograph:

Using currently available analytical technology, it is not possible to detect BOTOX® Cosmetic in the peripheral blood following intramuscular injection at the recommended doses.

1197 days ago


After hearing the reporter's story, I am more inclined to believe the mother. The reporter sounded like she was lying through the whole thing.

1197 days ago


I listened to TMZ Live's interview with The Sun reporter who initiated this story. I'm not convinced that Botox Mom is completely lying. She admitted The Sun gave Botox Mom $5,000 yesterday after she threatened and badgered them. We'll see if The Sun forwards Harvey Levin the pictures that clearly show her injecting her daughter using a "real" needle. I wouldn't be surprised if TMZ doesn't get exactly what Harvey requested. The reporter was too "evasive" in answering Harvey's questions pertaining to the "original" photo that was published with The Sun article. Both sides are hiding something!!!

1197 days ago


First she says they paid her $5000 now TMZ is reporting that she paid her $1000. Harvey you better go back and have a listen to the end of the interview, she clearly says $5000.

1197 days ago


during the interview with tmz, that reporter was dodgy as hell. seemed like she tried to defect and redirect when it came to pertinent questions.

there are two different pics floating around. one with the huge syringe which is clearly fake with no needle, and one with a much smaller syringe which may have a needle.

please remember that the sun also did a story on ANOTHER botox mom supposedly from the UK. same huge syringe with same obviously fake pics, but also claimed she tattooed her daughter's eyebrows. again, fake as hell. why doesnt tmz ask the reporter about that story? how peculiar it is that all of a sudden an american version comes to the sun with the same story?

so i dont believe anything the sun has to say. in this day and age, why wouldnt you be filming the sessions? pics can be doctored very easily, so even if she does send them i would be skeptical (look at how well tmz does those "find 5 things different between the pics" crap)

1197 days ago


Harvey, are you contacting the Los Angeles DCFS about the reporter's claim that she notified them back in March about botox mom's activities?

1197 days ago


The docutment she's handed over here shows NOTHING! There are no signatures or anything on it! I think Harvey is going to find out that Alley is lying! Why would she not send over a signed do***ent?? This is BS and I'm really starting to think this woman was set up for this story!!
That being said, it doesn't make her any better mother. She's still teaching her daughter that it's ok to lie or do anything for money! Certainly not as bad though as actually injecting her!
I hope they keep digging at this story, there's more to be told I'm sure!

1197 days ago


I want to see the do***ents that Botox Mom signed!!!

1197 days ago


here is the UK botox mom story. please ask the reporter about it

1197 days ago
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