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Oprah's HUGE Finale Party -- Seinfeld, Hanks, Stevie!

5/21/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey hosted some of the BIGGEST stars in the world at her STELLAR finale wrap party this week ... but at the end of the night, everyone was raving about the food!!

Tom Hanks, Jerry Seinfeld, Alicia Keys, Michael Jordan, Gayle King, Kelsey Grammer and Stevie Wonder all hit the Four Seasons hotel in Chicago Tuesday night for a party that was guarded by an army of private security.

Oprah arrived to the party around 12:30 AM and was AWESOME -- shaking hands with just about every single person at the shindig.  As for Stedman -- dude must have had the night off because he was MIA.

Now for the food -- we're told Oprah had multiple service stations offering everything from shrimp cocktail to diced lobster tails and pulled pork sandwiches.

The dessert bar consisted of O's favorite sweets -- including a "make your own cotton candy" station.

And of course, there was BOOZE -- besides an open bar serving top shelf liquor, O had a GIANT tequila station ... because Oprah loves the agave juice.


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right straight    

Bite your tongue Wilbertson

1254 days ago



1254 days ago


who cares any longer? she has sucked for years. nothing original from this woman in ages. too bad.

**** i was in Santa Barbara long before she could afford shoes, according to her!!

1254 days ago


I get the impression that she really does not like White People but tolerates them. Heck if i was Black I would hate White People too. Racist pigs.

1254 days ago


I think I might have watched Opfat maybe an hour the entire 25 years. MAYBE. She's a nasty ass ****** who needs to learn her place. I could care less who she's "helped"....just more ******s in Africa. I think there was something about that in the news. Oh and for those who call me racist...I have a Masters in Nursing. FYI. I don't see how the hell she squeezes those flat and fat feet in those shoes she wears either. UGH.

1254 days ago


These people aren't her friends. They suck up to her to help their careers. John Travolta and Tom Cruise are being told to suck up to her as part of their Scientology programming. They figure it worked for Obama. After he was elected she became completely unbearable.

She made that money and built her empire sensationalizing family tragedies and exploiting ignorant people. I remember when. She's been tight with her money too. She takes the credit for all of her show giveaways that she doesn't pay a dime for.

Her relationship with that limp d*ck Stedman is a joke. What was he before he met her, a bank manager? He probably gets up early and ignores her over breakfast reading the morning paper. After a day of pampering he goes to bed early in his own room to avoid sex with her. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he refused to attend the biggest event of her life. He's jealous of her fame and money. He's probably siphoned millions from her wallet.

1254 days ago


For someone SO big on capital-T-Truth and Capital-H-Honesty, she's never come clean about the one big untruthful, dishonest lie SHE'S keeping...c'mon already, Oprah - America KNOWS the TRUTH about you and Gayle whether you're ready to admit it or not.

1254 days ago


One, OPRAH NEVER gave away anything...they were given by sponsors. TWO she has been totally disrespectful to Steadman...who himself should be TOTALLY embarrassed by this subservant relationship. Finally, she has been fortunate to capitalize her empire on the sadness of others.

1254 days ago


Oprah is a fake bitch. Her face is fake, her personality,
especially her opinion. I'm glad she's gone.
Go to hell you overpriced bitch.

1254 days ago


@ROBIN Who gives a about your masters degree! You won't be able to have that much money even in Heaven! It's you, Americans who made her famous and a billionaire. So what are you complaining about you low life s*** bags? Don't forget, even your President is a black man!

1254 days ago

Lisset Bohner    

The Daily Rash recently wrote that Oprah's childhood ****roach friends were found alive in Mississippi. I wonder why they weren't invited to the party?

1254 days ago


just go away oprah, just go away.

1254 days ago


who cares????
they are all old, time to retire and move on

1254 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

um, Robin, I don't care if you are a racist or not, no one is obviously going to change your mind, but I am curious about your masters because if you did get one,then what the hell does "For those of you who call me a racist...I have a Masters in Nursing" have to do with the other? Is it to infer that because you had a formal education that people can't refer to you as being ignorant as far as racism? Seriously, the way you phrased it, it doesn't make any sense. I am also confused if you have a masters in nursing are you intending to use it? And when you do, are you going to ignore black people in offices or hospitals? These are things that are concerning to me because I spend a lot of time IN the hospital. Although, I am NOT black, I just want to know if you by some chance in Hell you are my nurse, and the patient next to me is black, should I tell them to get their his own Nurse? Did you not pay attention to Oath that you would have taken? just little things that hopefully piss you off because you are not ignorant, you are beyond stupid :)

1254 days ago


Good riddance.
She sucked all her money in, living off others tragedies and accomplishments and lied about her own life to make herself look like a victim. What a coward's way to get rich.
Way too full of herself. I picture her to be a very shallow, narcissist bully. I hope all the money in the world makes her so happy we never have to see her again.

1254 days ago
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