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Charlie Sheen

The $3,000,000

Sugar Daddy Offer

5/22/2011 7:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has no current sources of fresh income, so what better way to score a cool $3 mil than doing what you already know -- become the king of the sugar daddies.

0520_charlie_sheen_established_men_doc_launch_EX -- a social network for rich men seeking needy women -- put the offer on the table earlier this week ... $3,000,000 for Charlie Sheen to endorse the sugar daddy website for three years.

But EM wants even more from Sheen.  Charlie would be crowned PRESIDENT of Established Men -- running advertising, sales, and promotions -- in return for a 50% interest in the company.

Also HUGE ...  EstablishedMen could not fire Charlie for "moral turpitude."

The bad news -- it's an exclusive deal ... so Charlie couldn't work for anyone else.  To make matters worse, he'd have to move to Toronto (no offense).

Chuck Lorre -- eat your heart out.


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That's not much of a deal for us, now is it? LOL! Oh, well, you can't blame a gal for trying.

1228 days ago


@ Truth....its one thing to love your country, however its another thing when you are making a fool out of it and your fellow Americans...take the time to learn some facts.

1228 days ago

ember mead    

wow, just heart broken how some people can have the world in their hands and blow it away.While average people like me can't even get help to fix a broken septic, wonder what your do in that case, Mr.sheen.

1228 days ago


Don't do it Charlie. There will be lawsuits up the wazoo and they will come lookin for you to be held accountable.

1228 days ago


This story has nothing to do with the virtues of Toronto,rather it
deals with a desperate HAS BEEN who will do ANYTHING to keep his name out there! Think about it...where do you think TMZ even got
this scoop??? Either Charlie provided it, or his publicist sent it in...if he still has one. His agent's phone is eerily silent!!

1228 days ago


I think TMZ really put things into perspective with..........
"To make matters worse, he'd have to move to Toronto (no offense)."

lol Bullseye!

1228 days ago


"Charlie Sheen has no current sources of fresh income"

Are you that stupid?

Charlie Sheen gets paid everytime Two and a Half Men plays somewhere in syndication. And, it is playing all over the world.

He makes more money from that than he did the new episodes, especially if he has points on the show.

1228 days ago



All of Charlie's 2.5 Men syndication money is being withheld by WBs pending the end of arbitration. Whether or not he gets all/part of the syndication money afterwards is part of the arbitration. TMZ covered that story.

I don't know what his other royalties might be. Forbes didn't list them in their story on Charlie's income this past year.

1228 days ago


Used to live in Toronto and now live in New York. I travel a lot for work and live once every other year in different cities around the world. I must say, Toronto is probably the best place to live... Lots to do, good people, very clean compared to other large cities. Whether is not bad. Same as NYC.

1228 days ago


3 mil for 3 years + exclusivity and has to move to another country? Ouch.. Doesn't sound like a good deal right now. That 50% stake doesn't sound bad but I think he could get more if he started his own company. No DEAL!

1228 days ago


Charlie Sheen is one of the best actors and funniest comedians ever. Many of us are waiting for your comeback. Miss you Charlie!

1228 days ago


I will miss Charlie like I miss my last floater that did that cool twirl down the bowl.

1228 days ago

Ball`s has no Ball`s    

TORONTO OR CANADA Take Bieber back,or take or trash.Fair Trade?

1228 days ago


pure PR for this unknown website,
CS should sure them for using his name for free like this

1228 days ago


I think someone at TMZ is still cranky over the blond guy stating he says he's Canadian while travelling abroad. Whoever it is just had to throw out a dig to stir up the posters. I think it's funny that someone is still having a little tantrum over that.
So whoever at TMZ is having a cry over that, should just have a little cry so they feel better!! ;)

1228 days ago
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