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Lindsay Lohan: Dying for a Chance at "Carrie" Remake

5/23/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen King mentioned Lindsay Lohan by name as a possible star in a remake of the classic film "Carrie" -- and sources close to Lindsay tell us ... she'd jump at the chance to play the iconic role.

In an interview with EW, Stephen King was quoted as saying, "I’ve heard rumblings about a Carrie remake ... Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White, hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast."

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she said she was "stoked" when she heard King mention her name and thinks working with King "would be epic."

We're told Lindsay is a big fan of King's work and, if the opportunity presented itself, she'd love to land a role in the upcoming adaption of his famous book, "The Dark Tower."


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I really doubt Lyndsay has ever read anything by Stephen King, in fact I don't think she ever reads anything at all.

1159 days ago


Not gonna happen. It's not nice to tease the D-listers.

Carrie is overrated anyways. Christine was overrated. Pet Cemetery was overrated. I saw the Exorcist recently and that was way overrated as scary...more hype and gross than anything. I haven't seen "The Shining"...I just picture Jack Nicholson acting like a crazy man and I'm like big deal. I think you have to be a kid to get scared with this crap.

1159 days ago


I actually think she would do great in this role! But, she's starting to look a little too old to play a high school girl. She's not aging well, she's starting to look hard, like her mother.

1159 days ago

Tammy LM    

They already remade that movie once already. How many damn Carrie movies do we now need?????

1159 days ago

Don Pedro    

IF this creature is in a movie I get to save the admission price, because I will not spend a penny to see her in anything........

1159 days ago


Even with all her booze and drug problems Lindsay is still a good actress. I hope she gets to play Carrie.

1159 days ago


It would be nice if Lindsay got a high school diploma, even from the Steven King Horror High School, I guess.

From what I remember about Carrie, at least from the way it was played in the last version, she would be a sensitive, fragile girl. That would be a whole lot of acting for Lohan. Stephen King is just seeing psycho girl playing psycho girl, and he thinks it is type casting.

I'm noticing that there are a whole lot of young actresses who are becoming quite famous for their work, who manage to live life without being arrested, in the paper for drunken drug-induced public displays of behavior. The focus is on Lohan because she is a scandal. You know, the squeaky wheel always gets the grease thing. Too bad.

1159 days ago


Carrie is still in High School? LiLo is nearly 40
Um, she's not even 30 yet.

1159 days ago


He meant in dog years..

1159 days ago


This is coming from Dina, she has been bugging King for months now
Lindsay would jump on any role, her career is over

1159 days ago


Stephen King mentioned Blowhan as a joke! Figures, DUIna would spin it and sell it to TMZ as fact.

1159 days ago


Here is part of the article. Only DUIna could read "Hmmm" into Stephen King dying for Blowhan to be cast. So now we are going to have to see "exclusives" from the Blowhan team about this?

Anyway, King’s shortsightedness is apparently not so great that he won’t allow himself to muse on it, at least, and he concedes that he might be able to support it if they handed it over to “one of the Davids: Lynch or Cronenberg.” Of course, Cronenberg’s pretty busy, and Lynch is more into music these days, so that seems unlikely, but at least King has set his standards so high. Or then again, maybe not: “Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White… hmmm,” he says, which is either a sarcastic remark on the deleteriously opportunistic path this could end up taking, or just a daydream of seeing Lindsay Lohan pelted with tampons, we’re not sure which.

1159 days ago


"I'm available, I'm available"!!! Yes Lohan, we know... you are available; for everything, for everyone.
This is just one small difference between Lohan and a reputable actor. Actresses that are in control of their career are more judicious than being available for absolutely every role. In other words, they're not bottom feeders.
We know you are available Lohan, now get out of the way. You are not qualified to entertain us unless it's courtroom drama.

1159 days ago


I would never watch her in anything. Entitled and no talent as an actress.

Plus she looks awful with her fried hair.

1159 days ago


First she's in a Gotti remake, then some beautiful people thing, and now the chance to be in Carrie. Are these all real possibilities, or is TMZ just making up things? I wish I really knew.

1159 days ago
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