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Lindsay Lohan: Dying for a Chance at "Carrie" Remake

5/23/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen King mentioned Lindsay Lohan by name as a possible star in a remake of the classic film "Carrie" -- and sources close to Lindsay tell us ... she'd jump at the chance to play the iconic role.

In an interview with EW, Stephen King was quoted as saying, "I’ve heard rumblings about a Carrie remake ... Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White, hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast."

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she said she was "stoked" when she heard King mention her name and thinks working with King "would be epic."

We're told Lindsay is a big fan of King's work and, if the opportunity presented itself, she'd love to land a role in the upcoming adaption of his famous book, "The Dark Tower."


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Actually now that I think about it, Lindsay looks quite a bit like the original actress! It could work.

1252 days ago


She and her team are delusional. I was happy to hear she was not cast as Glenda the Good Witch and they picked Michelle Williams.

LOL, Lindsay said she would take the role IF they cast her BFF James Franco. Well he got the role and did not insist they cast LiHo. She's delusional.

1252 days ago


Remake remake remake!! Come on Hollywood. Why don't you hire some decent writers and put out some original stuff?

1252 days ago


She would be great in Carrie but who would play Carrie? Wasn't King talking about Lindsay playing the mother?

1252 days ago


Probally this is not true. Lohan needs to stay with the paps and in tabloid news. Next, we will here King never said that.

Haven't heard a thing about the Gotti movie. Is that still being made?

1252 days ago


LL & diho = "please put me in a movie, i'm a starlet, singer, actress, model, designer, pleeaasssee...i'm desperate" lmao

1252 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

There are more age appropriate actresses for sure....Dakota Fanning? Carrie is a girl not a woman.

1252 days ago


In that case she would be over the moon to play "Benji" in the remake of that movie ! Or maybe the remake of "Lolita" with that creepy John Travolta as the James Mason charactor...UGH ! course Lolita would have to be a over the hill hooker pretending to be a innocent teen ager but hell she got that part down pat already...... More smoke and mirrors from LOhan Inc.....wonder if they keep her in handcuffs in her room in Miami to keep her out of trouble for the modeling shoot and how much did they pay these people to do it....unless it was for one of those nasty european magizines with all her cloths falling off as usual.....

1252 days ago


There is a large article in the NY Times yesterday about celebrities (especially the Lohans)selling "exclusives" to ROL and TMZ. The Lohans make ALOT of money selling these stories. Usually, the article states, it is the last resource of cash these loser families make before they dry up and go away. Very interesting article and it really shows what losers the whole Lohan family are.

You can read the article here:

1252 days ago


Lilo is radioactive.

I was thinking she should star in a Godzilla movie, blowing crack smoke at the monster and getting him off.

1252 days ago


I always wondered how much they get paid for this.

Lohan is 25 in July and looks like crap. Thank god for make-up, fake hair and airbrushing.

1252 days ago


Go to Global Grind com and see pictures of Lindsay in miami photo shoot

The pictures show cutting scares all over her legs, bruises on her kness picture 8 shows her fat butt and how out of shape she is

Looks like alot of air brushing and photo shopping will be done to thee pictures
She looks horrible

1252 days ago


How about just leaving show biz for a while and getting a college education.

1252 days ago


TBKWD Did you check out the pictures??

1252 days ago


I agree with alot of people saying the age is a total difference. I personnal don't think its going to work, unless some nude is going to be a factor. but a remake, everytime they do any kind of remakes, they screw it up somehow. they; you chose, Director, Producer, some or all cast and/or crew.

1252 days ago
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