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Willow and Jaden Smith

Mentoring MJ's Kids

5/25/2011 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaden and Willow Smith didn't just bump into MJ's kids on a movie set in L.A. yesterday -- TMZ has learned, it was all set up by Katherine Jackson ... to help nudge her grandchildren in a positive direction.

Sources close to Katherine tell TMZ, she believes the Smith children are prime examples of young success in Hollywood -- both extremely talented and down-to-earth -- and thinks Prince, Paris, and Blanket could learn a lot from them.

According to sources, Katherine wants to surround her grandchildren with role models like Jaden and Willow -- so she set up the meet-and-greet ... and we're told, the kids got along like a house on fire.

Katherine wants Michael's kids to enjoy their childhood -- and is actively encouraging them to become involved in all kinds of activities ... including acting.


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Oh yeah, I can't wait till one of these white kids say the n word and get punched in their face for saying it. They think they are black. Let them go to a da real hood and tell people they are black. The other Jackson kids were saying the n word in their video, I wonder if Wacko's kids have picked it up?

1245 days ago


Little Blanket is just 'FIERCE' looking,right?! Little Tae Kwon Do baby with that beautiful head of hair:) I just love him. A gleam of mischief in his eye just lookin' for the next thing to 'get up to' lol. He's going to be the one to watch!

1245 days ago


Mentoring - give me a break - the Jackson kids are talking together and not even looking at the Smith brats who are just staring over at them. Do the Jackson kids ever get to play or be around other "white" kids/people. Seems not, judging from pictures. After all they are no relation to Jackson except for the fact he bought them.

1245 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

I Whip My Banana Back And Forth...I Whip My Banana Back And Forth.....

1245 days ago


Wow, I have never seen a bunch of white devils jealous of children, smdh.

1245 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

For those saying that the kids aren't even mingling with each the internet for more pics. Don't base everything on one photo. Geeze. And btw, I am certain Ms. Jackson isn't looking for the Smith kids to mentor her grandchildren. This is TMZ's description of this meetup. They more than likely just bumped into each other and chatted for a few minutes and is probably a part of their acting lesson.

1245 days ago

No comment    

They certainly are not going to get their talent from their parents Arnie Klein, Miko Brando, and Debbie Rowe.

1245 days ago


Willow and Jaden Smith are "prime examples of young success in Hollywood"?! lmao! Don't make me laugh! Nothing against them, but the truth is that if they weren't WILL SMITH's kids, no one would have heard of either one of them! It's all about who their father is and the connections in Hollywood Will Smith has--nothing more and nothing less! I'm not saying that they're not talented, but talent has absolutely nothing to do with it since millions of talented people never do get noticed and never make the big time. After all, just look at Liv Tyler--she was nobody either until she found out that Steven Tyler happened to be her biological father! What a lucky break!

PS: Just because they're Michael Jackson's kids doesn't mean that they should become stars, even if they WANT to be. What good did fame ever do for Michael? He'd probably still be alive and healthy now if it weren't for becoming famous! Katherine should be ashamed of herself for wanting the same thing for her grandchildren, especially seeming as putting those kids in the public eye is AGAINST MICHAEL'S WISHES. Michael Jackson did everything in his power to protect his kids from cameras, he must be be rolling over in his grave now...

1245 days ago


Yeah, she wants them to enjoy their childhood.

By putting them out to work ,

unbelievable is the Jackson Family Disconnection,

i mean...she should know by now how all that turns out.

Do they audition the young ones to see any talent

Show Quality Or Not ?

1245 days ago


Oh, wonderful. Nothing like pimping out the kids for money. Michael Jackson's parents are surely the experts at that. The Smiths are no better. I have serious doubts that Michael would approve, as he always seemed concerned about maintaining privacy for his children, even to the point of being quite neurotic about it - remember the masks? This sickens me.

1245 days ago


Ok ;p

1245 days ago


Ummm, Katherine, why not use the wealth to send your grandkids to college to become successful attorneys and financial managers, especially since those are the people getting rich off you and Michael? As your family has proven, not everyone's kids will be successful entertainers, not even MJ's.

1245 days ago


I agree with Sarafina re what's up with young kids mentoring older ones...well, except for Blanket. Plus, I'm not sure I'd classify the Smith kids as being very talented...they got into the biz because of their parents. And they also strike me as being very stuck up and entitled.

1245 days ago
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