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Arnold to Maria -- Smile With My OTHER Family

5/26/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dragged his wife and their children to the christening of his love child back in 1998 ... and forced them to smile next to the secret family he was hiding in plain sight.

Through the years, Arnold spent some serious quality time with Mildred Patty Baena and their kid ... even engaging in tender father-son moments -- like when he taught the little guy how to golf.

Click through the gallery and check out all the family pics.


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According to the "gossip" pages the maids husband was out of the country when she conceived this child henceforth she knew it was Arnolds child as she was not having relations with her husband. Did Arnie know back then? Maybe he did not. Did he now know her husband was away? I agree a lot of this is purely gossip and we do not know for sure all the facts.

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Yeah he did support his kid, but not like he had much choice. If he didn't, the mom would have blown his case wide open. Buh bye to his political career, his wife, family. He had to do it. The timing speaks for itself, as soon as he was done his time, he told Maria..probably because she was going to come out with it. After all the boy was looking like too much like him and maybe the mom wanted more money. Anyone who maintained a lifestyle like this and right in his own home is beyond selfish. What he should have done, is had her leave years and years ago, and supported her son. But to keep her there and working, with his other kids, is nothing but incredibly selfish.

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1215 days ago


I don't know if Maria knew or not since I (we) can not see how the child looked at that age, but that is pretty low of Arnold to do that to his wife and children. I cannot imagine how humiliating this would be for any woman. Arnold and his pig of a mistress need to jump off the George Washington Bridge ASAP!

1215 days ago


The group photo is very telling.

As you just reported, Rogelio (Patti's ex-husband) claims he did not know about the true paternity of this child until only 1-week ago. It was also previously reported that he and Patti separated 3-weeks after the child was born and that no minor children were acknowledged on the divorce do***ent.

If you look at the complete group photo (which obviously was taken when this child was much older than 3-weeks old, so it was after they had separated/divorced), Rogelio is standing way off to the side. His placement in this photo is hardly conducive to being "the father" at his son's baptism. He, as "the father" (which, if we are to believe his story, is what he believed himself to be in the year this photo was taken), would certainly not be standing off to the side like that, with every other person taking center stage next to "his son" in such an important photo which included the priests. You would think that he would at least be, as a man, at Arnold's side in the group, if not at his ex-wife's side.

So, there are 2-ways we can look at this photo.

1. He thought HE WAS the child's father, which makes his placement in the photo very odd. (Even though they were separated/divorced, it still was proper that Rogelio attend the baptism as "the father", but it was strange for him to attend and then not take a more rightful place in the group photo with "his son".)


2. He knew HE WAS NOT the father (which would support his placement in the photo), but attended just to keep up the front for the purpose of Maria Shriver. (It would be too conspicuous for the father to not show at "his son's" baptism, so maybe not only did Maria not know at the time this photo was taken, but maybe much of Rogelio's and Patti's family were unaware, also.)

I believe he knew and is now being paid-off to say he did not know in order to convey that he has no details for the press, and at the same time making Patti look worse than she already does. And the interview was done by ET, a show which was hosted for 29-years by Mary Hart (a very close friend of both Arnold & Maria), who just retired from it a week ago. It is possible that she had some pull in this.

1215 days ago


how long before the pics of his son get released without covering his face?

1215 days ago


How did she not think his attention to his maid's kid was weird? Most of us have some kind of radar for these things if we just think about it. I know I would have.

1215 days ago



I agree, remember all the children can read this. That is his mother you are calling ugly and names. This affair has nothing to do with looks, only their bad behavioour.

1215 days ago


No wonder Maria left the home for good, how humiliating. He was acting like he had two families. Maria stood up for him when the accusations of other women came out,she had been used. Arnold knew what he was doing all along. Both he and this Mildred played Maria and her kids, what betrayal!! Is this how he wants his daughters to be treated by the men who will come into their lives?? I hope that he and his so called mistress are feeling the heat big time!! Karma!!!

1215 days ago


He kinda sorta acts like he wants to be part of the kids life but he's doing everything wrong. He should have manned up when he got the maid pregnant, put aside his political aspirations and acknowledged the child from day one. Sure it would have caused a scandal and Maria would have been pissed but nothing would be as bad as it is now. The s hitstorm would be over, his kid would have a real father figure and he could have come out of it looking a whole lot better than he does now. Infidelity is one thing dishonour and deceit another.

1215 days ago


Hahahahahaha. Good for Arnie, who cares how many kids he had, was he bangin your wife? Like this has never happened before in the history of men in politics. People are all wide eyed saying OMG how could he? What the Kennedy's have never had scandal in their history, this is nothing. I hope he has more of them out there.

1215 days ago


He's a Republican... What did you expect?

1215 days ago


Isn't it fitting when the screwer becomes the screwee ? ha ha ha Arnold

1215 days ago


"dragged his wife"? "forced them to smile"? nice bias wording there, who says they were'nt all invited to go? it sounds like maria was actually friends with this woman, as screwed up as that may be... yes, what they did was wrong, but don't make it seem like his every action was malicious in intent...

1215 days ago


He's just going to be a national joke now--already is. What a low life.

1215 days ago
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