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Kim K's

Engagement Ring

The Secret Inscription

5/27/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are hidden messages inscribed underneath the 16.5 carat diamond on Kim Kardashian's MASSIVE engagement ring ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very close to the couple tell us Kris Humphries had two bible passage etched into the $2 million stunner ... and they each have a special meaning for both Kim and Kris.

So far, we're told, the couple isn't revealing which passages are on the ring.


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Due to the fact that she has to position herself so that every move is a financial gain for her (she has to be strategic to get more media play), she'll milk this engagement for every penny possible. Hence, we'll all find out what the "secret inscription" says once she (or her Momager) can sell the story to rag. I'm sure the cameras were rolling when he "surprised her" to pop the question. This is just the beginning of another publicity blit$z.

1243 days ago


Bible verses.
In this context, it's further proof of what losers these people are.
I'm sure Jesus is applauding a $2 million dollar ring.

1243 days ago


Tacky. Just tacky. I guess if Kourtney gets engaged hers will have to be even bigger. The family is hard working but needs to back off the chase for bigger and better and more money. Rest a bit and enjoy and Kim, really, you've known him a few months and want to marry? If it's the real thing, waiting a while won't hurt.

1243 days ago


It is amazing the display of wealth these celebrities flaunt to the public. I think it is a bad taste when their are so many hungry children in America. I really believe these stars have sold out to the devil. I am not hating because I give to charity and help out when I can and I am far from rich. What amazes me even more is that these stars like Kim arent even talented. They just make sez tapes and act like they are the victim.

1243 days ago


I had no idea they were such a religious couple.

1243 days ago


they don't owe it to anyone to reveal what is engraved inside the band
their lives are public enough given the reality show-it's nice to have somethings to themselves

personally hope they don't reveal it and wish it hadn't become public knowledge

1243 days ago


I know whats etched on it...The entire bible !!! So ridiculous,but so is she !!

1243 days ago


When the money is gone, their status is gone. Poor girls have no idea what it's really like out there. I wish they'd take the Kardashian girls out on the road in a reality tv show, just like they did w/Paris and Nicole. At least one of the two got their life together and grew up.

There could be hope after all for one of the Kardashian sisters.

1243 days ago


Isn't this like her second or third engagement? Is that guy crazy?

1243 days ago


That is the uglist ring I have ever seen! It is so big it looks fake and fits her...a fake!

1243 days ago


Okay i think we all know that this is fake,. Cmon even kim broke down crying cause kourtney & khloe didnt have time for her selfish ass! When clearly kourtney has a family & khloes married. She was scared that she was never gonna get married so of course she said yes to whoever asked. I would sayy...desperate much? She doesnt wanna die alone i mean who does right? But still… why marry someone who you dont truly love? This isnt gonna last. And of course mommy aproved just for publicity. Thats all tbat family's about. PUBLICITY. Kim is soo ****ing shady that we dont even know if she really DOES love him...smh.

1243 days ago


Instead of spending 2 million on a ring, why not spend 50,000 and give the rest to charity. Really!! Does it need to be that big and gawdy.

1243 days ago


You people are idiots! If you were in Kim's shoes you would be eating up the attention - and she is! Don't throw stones people - you too will be judged one day!

1243 days ago

Harvey's Shirt    

The SMARTEST man in this whole situation is the Jeweler who sold this chuck to that LUNK. He probably made a cool million on the deal. SMART man.

1243 days ago

Harvey's Shirt    

Hey LAWGIRL. I like judging people. What the hell do I have to lose,apparently the world will end in October. So I am going to have as much fun as I can. HA!

1243 days ago
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