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Kim K's

Engagement Ring

The Secret Inscription

5/27/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There are hidden messages inscribed underneath the 16.5 carat diamond on Kim Kardashian's MASSIVE engagement ring ... TMZ has learned.

Sources very close to the couple tell us Kris Humphries had two bible passage etched into the $2 million stunner ... and they each have a special meaning for both Kim and Kris.

So far, we're told, the couple isn't revealing which passages are on the ring.


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en Todo Momento!!    

duh, that is a 'normal size' ring. it's a diamond. it's supposed to be huge. anyone who has to buy some tiny diamond chippings wedding ring, probably shouldn't be getting married, or shouldn't be using a diamond. tiny diamonds = deco. not = a wedding/engagement ring.

1207 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

@ markl17:

duh, retard. go back to school and learn language. those are (in a really limited form, not to mention) commandments! and not 'passages'. good grief, all the idiots who think they know something about something they don't know squat about.

1207 days ago


What a bunch of materialistic twits these Kards are.

Life is just not worth living if you can't drive a $100,000 Bentley, get mani's pedi's every other day, pose semi nude for Playbody, do a raunchy sex tape, date a string of ballers who will be flat azz broke in five years, go to every function (including the opening of an envelope) known to man where you think you have even the slightest chance of getting your picture taken, and walk around town like Jackie O. in oversized sunglasses with a $10,000 dollar POS Hermes POS hanging from your arm?

Hellz, even Jackie O. was more productive than these azz clowns. Jackie had a degree from an ivy league school, was a First Lady and worked as a book editor. What have these twits done besides buy a store that they pay others to run, party like teenagers when they are all well into their twenties/30's, and slap their name and face on any product, not matter how vile, (the Kardashian Kard) as long as the price is right?

When in the hellz are these total and complete wastes of space going to go away?

1207 days ago


Hilarious! How did she go from a self promoted /released porn tape to bible inscriptions! This woman is nothing more than a ho.

1207 days ago


RUAQT2, funny how anyone who disagrees with anything a celebrity does is automatically accused of just being jealous. Sorry to disappoint you, but no, I am NOT jealous of Kim Kardashian and her disgustingly over-priced ring. I stated quite clearly that I would be ashamed of myself to own such a thing when other people (including you, apparently) are in such desperate need of money. Furthermore, I have a man who genuinely LOVES me, supports me, and treats me well (and has for a long time), so WHY would I be jealous of a trashy woman like Kim whose man feels such a need to BUY her love? I doubt anyone else here is jealous of Kim either, but you would have to ASK them instead of ASSUMING things about them like you do.

You also claim that any one of us would be doing the exact same thing Kim is doing here. If you're so sure of that, then go ahead and prove it! Oh wait, you CAN'T, can you? Don't run your mouth, then, when you obviously don't know squat about what you're talking about and can't prove any of the points you're trying to make. In the meantime, I'm going to give people the benefit of the doubt and hope that they would not accept two million dollar engagement rings and would instead request for the ring to be downsized and the rest of the money to be donated to charity. SOME people ARE better human beings than selfish and materialistic Kim Kardashian, pity that you're either not able to see that or not willing to admit it!

Btw, take your own advice! If you're so offended by what people are commenting about Kim, then don't read them! Plain and simple!

1207 days ago

Financial Advisor    

So Kris Humphries is worth an estimated $8 million and he spend $2 million on a ring sound like a smart investment. It is kind of funny that she has been looking for a sugar daddy and now she gets to be one herself. Kim is worth $65 million while that is a lot of money there are plenty with more who spend a lot less on rings because they know spending $2 million on a ring is not the way to maintain wealth.

1207 days ago


Well there goes kris's whole nba yearly salary on da ring cuz u know he can't ball for ****, and they'll divorce a year after they get married.

1207 days ago


Kris plays for the NJ Nets now after being drafted by Utah in the 1st rd in 2004. He wasn't too good his first few years, and subsequently was involved in a few trades, finally ending up with NJ. I give the guy credit, as he earned his playing time in NJ with a solid work ethic. He eventually found his niche this past season as a rebounder and defender, finishing the season averaging double digits in points & rebounds. Thats not too shabby in today's NBA. However, his off the court choices leave something to be desired. This chick will suck the life right out of him and leave him a useless husk, then leave him for the next pro athlete on her list. I'm afraid that if Kris did spend $2 million, which I doubt, it is money thrown away. Wake up is too short to waste on this plastic fame whore. By the way, don't get her too close to any flames otherwise that plastic will start to melt away.

1207 days ago


Hey Anonymous, given how many comments you've written here about Kim Kardashian (you're so obsessed with her) and other celebrities its quite obvious to me that you are a COMPLETE loser who has nothing better to do if you have such a wonderful man then shut the h@ll up and stop hatin......tell me what shade of green are you hun???? ummm by my guess it would be deep forest green....LOL

1207 days ago


I always assume a blogger who pays attention to negative comments about a celebrity, who I am assuming they don't "hang out with" or personally know is an idiot for continuously sticking up for them on a website. That, or Kim's assistant is surfing the internet accusing anyone who thinks Kim is a fame whore of being jealous. You are a great sister /friend/assistant RUAQt2? Really, you deserve a raise. You are doing an awesome job for Kim. It must be long hard days and nights sticking up for her. I am smiling as I write this because I am thinking how stupid you sound defending her actions. People think she is so stupid because she doesn't even realize we think she is. She still thinks we are all still waiting on baited breath for her next move. There are only so many times one can watch a person go shopping on TV before you change the channel. SHe better hurry and have a attention span is short. Seriously...are you Her mother, Khloe, or Kim herself?

1207 days ago


This ring is a total shame. Put $2MM where it counts, NOT on your finger!! (like maybe towards recent devastation in OK, MO, or Japan) Kris Humphries made $3MM last year.. either he's stupid, or he didn't buy it.

1206 days ago


I don't get placing a bible passage on a ring like that, something feels contradictory about it, but it's "her money" and her right to do what she wants to with it.

1206 days ago

Jason **** can totally tell by the wording. ****ing irritating!

Green with envy...what a joke...I could care less. The ring is what set me off. I could care less what her earning power is. biotch!!

1206 days ago


Kris H is broke in NBA standards...

You wanna know what will be really interesting??? If Kris Jenner still holds the same position on PRE-NUPS! 100$ says shes changed her position.

Kids...these people are no role models. this is pathetic and I dont blog often. I cannot take it. Heading back to the real world now. Best of luck Kris H. - you're gonna need it.

1206 days ago


why buy the cow when the milks for free?

1206 days ago
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