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Dr. Drew -- Conaway Did NOT Die From an Overdose

5/27/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite widespread reports, "Grease" star Jeff Conaway did NOT die from a drug overdose -- but rather his body gave out after long-term prescription drug abuse ... this according to Dr. Drew.


Drew -- who treated Conaway on "Celebrity Rehab" -- tells us there is no evidence showing Jeff died from an overdose ... saying, "This was aspiration with overwhelming pneumonia and sepsis."

Drew tells us Jeff's condition was inevitable because the actor had been a serious pill popper for years and the constant substance abuse wore down his body.

Drew explains, "Jeff is another pharmaceutical death from the overutilization of prescription drugs. Please continue to pray for friends and family. They appreciate your support.”


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Jesus TMZ.. have a little respect and post a more decent picture. You're horrible. HORRIBLE.

1209 days ago


Was Jeff a homosexual?

1209 days ago


I wonder how DR. DREW sleeps each time one of his patient dies.

1209 days ago


RIP You will be mist god have just got himself an Angel xxxxxx love always xxxxx :(

1209 days ago

Craig Swinson    

That's like saying people don't die of AIDS they only die of the complications of AIDS

1209 days ago


Semantics. Why is Drew making such a big deal about making a distinction between what may be a single overdose and the years of drug abuse that preceded it?

Fast or slow, this is your brain on drugs. Period.

1209 days ago

the Seeker    

Jackie 7 minutes ago

I wonder how DR. DREW sleeps each time one of his patient dies.
just fine after 3 ambien

1209 days ago


Maybe Dr. Drew needs to look in the mirror and acknowledge that public rehabilitation from alcoholism and drug addiction are a terrible idea and may contribute to someone's downfall. Recovery should only be done in private. Public airing of someone's recovery is a huge mistake.

1209 days ago

jimmy d    

Dr.drew looks like roger ebert in that pic with part of his jaw missing

1209 days ago


It is still an overdose. His body was not able to handle the dose he gave himself...therefore...overdose.

1209 days ago

Make it stop    

RIP Jeff! It appears that Dr Drew does more harm than good which is just sad all in itself. Hope Jeff's girlfriend now sees the harm in drugs and gets herself help....but not from Drew.

1209 days ago


I am sorry he has died, but he chose his own path. Everybody bashes Dr Drew, but he offered, over and over again, the help Jeff needed to get off the prescription drugs. He even went to his house several times. You can only help people, who refuse help, so much. Again, I am sorry for his family and my prayers go out to them. I do hope he finds peace and is now pain free.

1209 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Happens that way more often than not. They can be clean for years, but the damage has been done, & all it needs is a trigger of something seemingly innocuous.

I'm glad that either way he finally found the peace he couldn't find in life.

1209 days ago


Somebody answer this, please. Why is Dr. Drew being blamed by so many of you? As a recovering addict, I KNOW that only about 10% of users get "clean", even WITH rehab. Many of the other 90% die. You guys are acting like Dr. Drew's success rate is lower than average. It isn't.

1209 days ago


I'm sorry for his family, friends, and all who loved him. Dr. Drew's comment is VERY important! While overdoses are notorious and get a lot of exposure, the long term use of prescription drugs and street drugs will take your life. Our bodies are not designed for this substance, and organs fail because of it. Taking a little, over a long period of time, will kill you. I hope this message is clear. Unfortunately, I lost my only son to drug abuse, and I know from where I speak.

1209 days ago
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