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Lindsay House Arrest -- Best Vacation Planning Ever!!

5/27/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Not to suggest you follow Lindsay Lohan's path -- allegedly steal a necklace, plead no contest and get placed under house arrest -- but it could be the best 35 day vacation you've ever had. 


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Grandma Cracker    


1152 days ago


the Seeker about a minute ago
@johnsmith good to have you back.
High fives team Lohan
I wonder if Linds is taking requests ?
I would love a custom designed Lindsay Lohan painting of the Lady liberty NY rangers logo like my avatar..

Ask Walter Smitty to do one for you- after all he designed it- the Rangers just never gave him credit for it.

1152 days ago


@the Seeker

Do you now consider yourself part of "Team Lohan"...after posting things like:

the Seeker 28 days ago
You can bet ali Lohan will get busted for drinking or drugging anyday now if she keeps partying with her coke head sister Lindsay

the Seeker 28 days ago
Is paris still a coke whore for hire like Lindsay Lohan ?

the Seeker 31 days ago
I think that is why america and the world are so repulsed by lindsay lohan and her parental management team.She is so fkn fake as is her online PR team of 'shills'and 'drones'
She don't got the balls to come to nyc and do letterman in front of a studio of live new yawkas , we would rip her phony ass apart.

With friends like you, who needs enemies???

1152 days ago


LOL, infest.
I love gossip seems a wee bit obsessed with alcohol.
Keep 'em commin'. It delights me to attack you lynch mobs that are merciless and project their misery on to their brilliant comments of attack. I wonder how many other times you have bashed Lindsay on other threads...(goes to find out)
Lets see just how deep this obsession really runs with the both of you , the gut and the wiccan, lol.

1152 days ago


lol next time clarify when you comment then Truth. And how is it projecting when you are showing signs of obsession as opposed to me looking up links for you because YOU ASKED for them?

Perhaps you should go back and relearn what obsession means. No one asked you to go through my comments. You chose to do that all on your own. You asked for people to give you proof of her falling down and her being an alcoholic and I simply supplied you the proof.

1152 days ago


Hey ilg- Mikey Seeker has ALWAYS batted for the other team.

1152 days ago


I just love to point out the hypocriticism of the enablers on here, Vorlon. the Seeker and the TRUTH are perfect examples.

1152 days ago


Hey who was the one that started this and now acts like a wounded deer?
YOU started this, so take it like a man, or in your case, a witch.
You will never, outsmart or out comment me, I have the evening off and have no issues staying on all night and knock you down so that you will think twice before going after someone.
Look at my comment history, this is something I do not normally do, but you are such an idiot of the nth degree, it is worth knocking you down, over and over and over...if people are reading these posts they will see what an idiot you truly are.

1152 days ago


Yeah I know ilg- there too obtuse to get the point. Goes right over their tiny little heads.

1152 days ago


Gut, ilovegossip, you are not worth anymore of my time, only the witch is.
The witch is an idiot but you on the other hand have the mentality of kaopectate and it's not fun responding with you because of how stupid you have proven yourself to be without any substance.
Just a child trying to sit at the adult's table ( rolls eyes )

1152 days ago


It's fun watching them go round and round though...

I love getting them wound up!

1152 days ago


*laughs* yes while you may have all night Truth, i don't. I have a life outside of this thankfully. and friends which i think i will actually go and get back to.

Continue to think whatever you want to think dear. You are trying to make me feel bad about myself, or paint me in a bad light to everyone on here, and sadly you are not achieving either goal.

Just remember that. You could never ever hurt me because your opinion does not matter. thats something Lindsay should learn as well.

1152 days ago


Wow ILG I don't know if I should be flattered by his last comment or offended on the behalf of anyone with a thought process.

1152 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


This is too amusing. I can tell you are having fun. They are spinning.

They dont care about the CONVICTED JUNKIE THEIF! They are just trying to get hits on this story and stir the pot. lmao

1152 days ago

Hot Farts    

We are all at Circle bar to start out tonite and then we crawl all the way to the brig. I dont drink alcohol but we have a great group and I'll be there to keep them in line. We'll be at Circle bar til 11 Hope you all have a great Mem day wknd. Main street is packed already. The weather is great

1152 days ago
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