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Lohan -- You Say I’m Drinking ... You're a Dead Man!

5/27/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's camp is going into ATTACK MODE -- preparing to take legal action against a blog that is threatening to run a story saying Lindsay has been drinking again.

TMZ has learned ... the story began when someone at Gjelina restaurant in Venice, CA told several photogs -- including TMZ -- that Lindsay was inside the eatery Wednesday night drinking two glasses of red wine.

But Lindsay flatly DENIES she had anything to drink -- and her camp is so outraged, they are sending the blog a cease and desist letter demanding that it stay clear of the allegation.

For the record -- Lindsay is claiming ... all she had grilled squid and a coke.


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Lindsey killed a fish!!!!!!
Did she snort the Coca-cola?

1244 days ago

right straight    

Whether this is true or not,do regular citizens get this many chances?

1244 days ago


Sorry, my bad - reread article - "threatening to run story". Still sounds fishy ...and again, how does Tmz have all this LL insider info? Obviously on the Lohan payroll.

Notice TMZ never commented on the Gotti story (w/ LL's role being reduced to one scene).

1244 days ago


give the girl a break,she has nice boobs

1244 days ago


OMGosh! They're acting like the Democrats! Kill!

1244 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Also, a cease and desist letter means nothing. I can get my "Camp" to send my neighbor a c & d to stop playing playing Bieber on their cd player. C & Ds are what people send when they don't have a chance in Hell of winning in court, but want to bully someone.

1244 days ago


"Salmon and a coke" or "Salmon and coke"?

1244 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Bootsy --

Link to the Gotti story?

1244 days ago


Easy enough to refute. What was charged on the restaurant check?

1244 days ago


Why are there two new stories on Lindsay Lohan. She is a joke. What other Hollywood actresss is not allowed to leave her home because she is an inmate of the LA County Sherriff?

Will you let us know everytime she takes a dump too?

1244 days ago


I thought we were going to have a 35 day vacation from these Lindsay stories?

Lindsay, tell your camp to cease and desist from all the blathering foolishness. Stop trying to threaten everybody on the planet who says something you don't like. Just don't drink or drug anywhere, at home or elsewhere. If you're really sober for a year or so, the stories will stop eventually. If you're not really sober - they will continue, and you can't do anything about it.

Some of us with unpickled brain cells realize that you could be boozing it up every night at home and, without a SCRAM bracelet, nobody would know about it. You could be tested every morning, and the evidence wouldn't show up because alcohol leaves the system in a few hours. This is why lack of stories about public boozing or drugging doesn't prove anything. So just get over yourself on this point. Once you start acting sober all the time and show you can function like a normal adult 24/7, do your community service without fuss in a timely manner and without some paid assistant to hold your hand - then we'll believe you and not some random blogger. Until then - such stories will always ring true because they match your irresponsible behavior.

1244 days ago

Reuben Rolando    

I have dined there before, and it is quite a nice place. It is even nicer to remember the lovely lady It shared that evening with. It is so good to be me, Reuben Rolando, I would be jealous too.

1244 days ago


Jeff Conaway is dying, they're about to pull life-support, yet NO mention on TMZ. What with the Blackout TMZ?

1244 days ago

the Seeker    

Blood red loves andyconda
I'm tellin your hubby slut

Olive Hue too xoxo

1244 days ago


TMZ..Does it really matter if...Lindsay Lohan is drinking...not drinking...doing drugs...not doing drug...stealing...not stealing...having sex...not having sex?

Lindsay Lohan image has been forever sealed in cement for years.

The true question is..can Lindsay Lohan be anything other than gossip of TMZ & the tabloids?

Only time will tell if Lindsay is a viable commodity of the entertainment industry.

So far..she isn't!

1244 days ago
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