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Lohan -- You Say I’m Drinking ... You're a Dead Man!

5/27/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's camp is going into ATTACK MODE -- preparing to take legal action against a blog that is threatening to run a story saying Lindsay has been drinking again.

TMZ has learned ... the story began when someone at Gjelina restaurant in Venice, CA told several photogs -- including TMZ -- that Lindsay was inside the eatery Wednesday night drinking two glasses of red wine.

But Lindsay flatly DENIES she had anything to drink -- and her camp is so outraged, they are sending the blog a cease and desist letter demanding that it stay clear of the allegation.

For the record -- Lindsay is claiming ... all she had grilled squid and a coke.


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1214 days ago


Why is there one set of "rules and laws" for rich people and a different set for everyone else? Rich people do whatever they want when ever they want and they are treated and punished with one set of standards.... Than a "non-rich" or "non-star" does things and they are judged and punished complety different... mmmm why is that wonder...

1214 days ago


Give the girl a freakin break !
I think there are worst things in the world to deal with then critic her!

1214 days ago


Thou doth protest too much I think.

1214 days ago


Um humm ... Lindsay also swore she didnt steal that necklace either, before the Court convicted her of that theft.

Lindsay also looks like she's been snorting again too. It shows right up on her face. Her nose is red and her nostrils are spread out.

I'd bet dollars to donuts, if she's not being tested, then she IS getting high.

1214 days ago


If the blogger doen't have concrete proof it's slander. Damn right if I were her and I was sober I'd have my lawyers crawling all over the blogger.

I'm (yet again) taking a wait and see on this girl. I've got a red headed daughter the same age as her (not anything like Lohan though) so I probably have a soft spot (who knows, maybe in my head). Or maybe I'm just an eternal optimist. Time will tell.

1214 days ago


the Seeker 11 minutes ago
Ball`s has no Ball`s 20 minutes ago

This seeker, is one who seeks? What is it that you seek seeker? If it is a man then you have found a man. But I, Reuben Rolando believe you seek attention, no?
Go home you freak!
Busted Rueben douche bag signed in as ballbag


NO Seeker Balls was comment on Rueben. You're the the multiple personality, trollhan.

1214 days ago

Reuben Rolando    

Reuben Rolando has balls the size of grapefruits,and still very ripe with love and passion. I prefer not to discuss my lower anatomy, because I, Reuben Rolando am no pimp, hustler, or sleazebag, and find that to be the talk of those types of horrible men. I am the worlds most romantic man, please keep this in mind, to the one attention seeker.

1214 days ago


If there was a market for ball pictures, Milo/Seeker would have sold them to TMZ long ago.

1214 days ago


Lindsay stated that she did not have two glasses of wine. that leaves a big opening for the truth.

"i had a butt load of vodka red bulls. some prescription drugs, and a trace of cocaine. But that bastard is lieing about the wine. I am not a wine drinker."

Now the art thing it fits. Her face is already looking like a picaso painting.

one more hour andy is off to the fish camp

1214 days ago

St Murphy    

aww did dina lowhandjob wanna be rockette get a new name?

1214 days ago


Lindsay is going to force people to release the video of her drinking and snorting coke, again. They did the same thing to her when she was in Cannes.

Lindsay just can't get it through her head how much people hate bare face liars.

1214 days ago


Well it does say she enjoyed salmon and COKE what a surprise?

1214 days ago


Well it does say she enjoyed salmon and COKE what a surprise?

1214 days ago


all these gossip sights say she is a crack head fall down drunk. Disease infested broke whore.

But she is suing the one that said she had to glasses of wine.

Dina works in mysterious ways. and Tmz is now in to defending all her lies so.

Lindsay fans be prepared when ROL and X17 post about lindsay in trouble for Doctor shopping in miami and Cali.

and TMZ post about how she just painted a remake of the sistine chapel.

If lindsay goes to jail. Dina and TMZ swear she is going there to rehearse for a role.

Your credibility sucks now.

1214 days ago
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