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Spencer BLASTS Virgin Mobile -- 'Sparah' Is a Rip-Off!

5/28/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Spencer Pratt is furious at Virgin Mobile -- telling TMZ, the cell company's new celeb couple spoof "Sparah" is blatantly copying Speidi ... and now he wants Virgin to start paying up for using his likeness.


If you haven't seen the commercials ... Virgin Mobile's new ad campaign is built entirely around a fake Hollywood couple called "Sparah" -- a mashup of the names Spencer and Sarah -- and Pratt is pissed he and Heidi have become the target of a national joke ... with no paycheck to show for it.

According to Spencer, Speidi's getting ripped off -- telling us, "They should being paying for using our likeness. It's obvious they are trying to be us."

0527_sparah_commercial_min_playerPratt doesn't stop there -- adding, he and Heidi "hate" Sparah ... "It's nuts how much [Virgin is] promoting them, when they are obviously copying us."

Attempts to reach Virgin's celeb couple were unsuccessful -- but we're guessing ... "Sparah has no comment."


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Well? Duh. If you live your life as a 2 dimensional character I think you gotta expect to be treated like a Loony Tune. And it's a parody making it lawyer-proof no matter how much it makes Virgin.

1209 days ago


wow spencer its really sad that everything is about you. first of all this is meant to be funny and it kind of is. you need to go out and get yourself a real job cuz your 15 minutes of fame has been over for a while now. they are in no way "copying" you cuz pbviously people like the commercial and they are much better looking. stop trying to find ways to get money out of everything that may or may not have to do with you, loser!!

1209 days ago


The 'Sparah' couple is much cuter.. and definitely not dead-behind-the-eyes like the Speidi couple. But I'm willing to cut Spencer a little slack. It must be awful to be a fame whore with no fame....


1209 days ago


first of all who are these two clowns anyways? you know you two weren't the first ones two be nick named. if anyone should take home the money it would BRANGELINA! NOT you two fools. and by the way that i love that commercial LOL

1208 days ago


It's amazing that they don't welcome anything that would make them even a tiny bit relevant since their 15 minutes were up quite awhile ago.

1208 days ago


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1208 days ago


Oh my god, thats so ****in stupid!

1208 days ago


" he and Heidi "hate" Sparah ..."

...and America hates Speidi....

1208 days ago


Did Spencer realize he and Heidi have been national jokes for a long time?

1208 days ago



1208 days ago


Dear Spencer,
The 'Sparah' couple are both attractive and employed. Neither model bears even a passing resemblance to yourself or your wife. Additionally, you are an unemployed, borderline psychopath with a head shaped like a rhombus. Your wife, while at least part time employed, is a co-dependant, less attractive version of Tori Spelling.
I hope this helps.

1208 days ago


Didnt I hear somewhere that these two losers filed for bankruptcy? That is so the reason they want to cash in on whe the mobile company did. Since they cant get press for anything original that they do, they have to hope some company screws up and slightly references them. Its almost as ridiculous as Lohan saying that talking baby commercial a few years ago was talking about her in that Milkoholic comment. WOW, there are really people out there that think the world revolves around them and only them. Please...check your clock, your time is up.

1207 days ago

Elizabeth from Michigan    

Spencer is a tool to think everything is about him. What a jerk. I hope they do not pay him.

1207 days ago


Spencer, you need to grow up. The fact is Sparah is a much hotter couple than the two of you.......And yes it is fabricated, fool, that is what the whole campaign is about.....why don't you and Heidi go away for good........

1207 days ago


First of all Heidi is horrible now, first she was beautiful, but after the remake, pleaseeeeeeeeee you ar a horrible plastic box.

Second spencer makes me vomit.... he is ona of the worst persons I know in the world.

Porque se hacen llamar americanos? América es el continente de norte a sur, de sur a norte. Todos somos americanos, ustedes solo son estadounidenses... Quiero creer que estan en contra de la guerra... eso espero... Como es que siguen apoyando a gobiernos tan asesinos? Estan destruyendo el mundo porque ustedes no tienen nada en su pais! Nada! y quieren robarle los recursos y la felicidad a la gente.

Quieren hacernos creer al resto del mundo que viven en un primer mundo, pero no es asi! Ustedes solo tienen tv shows y movies, nada mas... NADA MAS! Están vacios por dentro, no tienen sentimientos, tienen tanta arrogancia que no disfrutan la vida.

Sigan matando gente.. que tarde o temprano el mundo les caera encima.

pd. Si creen que tienen humor... no saben nadaaaaaaaaaaaa! Esa Chelsea solo descalifica y discrimina a las personas, no tiene humor, no tiene gracia y no es culta. Su show es un desastre.

1207 days ago
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