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Lindsay Lohan -- Feeling Blu

5/28/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is making the most of her time under house arrest by reading scripts ... and endorsing a line of electronic cigarettes!

A company called Blu Cigs sent around the posed pics today, saying Lindsay "is determined to better her career and her health and has started using Blu Cigs as a deterrent to lighting up."

One step at a time.


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TMZ's top 3 most commented stories are LINDSAY, LINDSAY and oh yeah! LINDSAY!

Keep 'em coming haters! You too Jordan, don't stop letting TMZ know how sick you are of Lindsay stories, so keep commenting about it so TMZ knows! pffft!

TMZ...WINNING! Lindsay haters who can't stop talking about her...LOSING!


1209 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Okay, this is now just embarrassing. What is this, Lindsay now gets paid by TMZ to pose for a few pics every day of her "jail" time. Come on TMZ, lets find some other stories more interesting than this.

1209 days ago

Made it Past 27    

is that a necklace or a scarf i cant tell

1209 days ago


I've gotta say that this little setup is really hilarious. Only a couple days in & she's showing how desperate for attention she truly is. Oh Lindsay, you are so over.....lolol

1209 days ago


@puckett and jill

apparently you guys don't get sarcasm!!!

1209 days ago



Look who Lindsay's competition is in the "most commented on" stories that you're bragging about:

Kim Kardashian
Lil Wayne
Jersey Shore

That's some fine company she's keeping! You must be so proud...

1209 days ago


@ ilovegossip

Show some respect. Getting to the top of these ****ty low-life gossip tabloids doesn't come easy. Arnold for example is stiff competition with his love child and divorce and all, but all Lindsay does is sell a couple of photos of NOTHING to TMZ and she gets hundreds and hundreds of comments and thousands of clicks and page refreshes. ca-ching!

To all her haters who say she is "unbankable" at this point. Bullsh&t i say, TMZ banks on her everyday, and doesn't hesitate to pay for her stupid staged photos, and they make money on it every time! She's still plenty bankable to the right people. :-) lol

1209 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

@Torico "Why is this site obsessed with this woman?"

At least its better then taking taking photos of celebrity's kids, which happens on other sites. And at least TMZ doesn't have popa that harass celebrites, which other sites. TMZ should just "ignore" Lindsay, because Lindsay isn't going anywhere until she beats her addictions and I haven't her change since I knew her starting back in 2005. She is still on the same path.

I must confess I don't smoke but I think those electronic cigarettes are such a "cool" invention.

1209 days ago

karen darvin    

Yea, there is something fascinating about the girl, i read every story..i think what catches my interest the most is the strange juxtaposition of a young girl who was very successful and had a kind of clean cut image , then she became the party girl who does wear interesting outfits and takes great photographs and dabbles in developing businesses, so far nothing wrong, then all of a sudden there is non stop trouble including drunken driving arrests, and more than one at any age, but esp so young is kind of shocking, most people would at this point be doing anything they can to stay out of trouble with the law unless you really like ugly fluorescent lighting,dirty cop cars and stations and jail cells, court rooms and really early mornings,lawyers and all that paraphanalia.Then of course she became a lesbian and that one i don't see as so shocking, men these days would dr ive anyone to give women a try, but it is a tasty morsel f or the gossip mongers.And the homophobes have a field day with their comments and no one calling them out on it cause it's Lindsay so it's ok to make their nasty remarks.I never saw so much unchallenged homophobic commenting anywhere, where's the gay rights people when she's being i nsulted every which way?Ad t hen she continues to get in tr ouble and now we have drugs entering the picture, what could be more exciting?Rehab..more drugs..relapse...more rehab, more relapses, more dui's, then comes the stealing, ok..that's a new twist on the story."And the parents, another fine piece of work but not as interesting as their daughter.Mom is close, sister is boring, dad is a looney bin that ocassionally makes sense, but Lindsey continues to be the main ring of this circus.I totally get it.And what is the common denominator in it all, from whence springs the trouble??? D R U G S.I f y o ever go to an NA meeting, and everyone should at least once, in the literature there is a very important question..after a few questions and statements, it is roughly "you ask yourself, could it be the drugs?""So I'll keep read ing about her, and i hope she gets it together because i like her f or the person she could be, and I see how drugs have gotten her the same way they can get anyone, no one is immune to the disease of gives no one the right to make fun of her or call her a loser, shse is on a path that takes many people year and y ears to get off of. Esp if you are being enabled as she obviously is.And the court system, wow, what any other drug addict wouldn't give for the leniency she has been shown.she needs to get grateful and humble.

1209 days ago


I have to still believe she's broke or near broke if she's to the point of having to pay her bills with TMZ stories about her. I thought I saw her at a Ralph's last week cashing in loose change at the Coin Star machine and then taking her cart with the empty Red Bulls to the can recycle area for quick cash. Those are both true stories. What will the story be today? Hmmmm, she's still a practicing Catholic and needs to get out and attend church. She'll have no money when they pass the collection plate around and she'll force poor Eleanor to rummage though her purse for money to put in the plate.

1209 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

'you improve yourself by doing thing you didn't think you could do or things that scare you' -natalie portman 2004 inside the actors studio

1209 days ago


Hey Harvey, unless she's doing a porn flick I really don't give a flying f*ck about her.

1209 days ago


All those court appearances

Clam errr Comm Services

House arrest

Ankle bracelet

Fake cigarette

Who wouldnt want this life?

Chuckles gonna swing by for some Skank on the half shell?

1209 days ago



Hey Harvey, unless she's doing a porn flick I really don't give a flying f*ck about her.

That was very funny and straight to the point.

1209 days ago


An electronic cigarette in her mouth and an electronic monitoring device on her ankle. Is this what it takes to keep Lohan functioning at this point?

Wonder what other electronic devices she's harboring.

1209 days ago
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