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Arnold and Maria's Ex-Nanny: 'He Never Touched ME!'

5/30/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger was strictly a one household staffer type of guy -- this according to a former nanny who claims the governator had a wandering eye, but never got physical with her or any other female staffer.


The nanny -- who worked with Arnold and Maria Shriver during the Mildred "Patty" Baena years -- tells TMZ Arnold "was a flirt, but he never touched me inappropriately, or anyone else that I could tell."

The former staffer believes Patty must have aggressively pursued Arnold since -- as far as she could tell -- he was "respectful" of all the other female staffers.

The woman says many employees realized the resemblance between Patty's young son and Arnold -- but says Patty would only admit her husband was not the daddy.

BTW, by all counts ... the ex-nanny was more, umm ... attractive than Patty back in the day. Whatever that's worth.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

You got lucky then!

1245 days ago

Mike R    

Gubenator musta been really hard up for some strange. EWWWW. I'd rather bang the plastic surgery cat lady.

1245 days ago


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - isn´t that aaying?

1245 days ago


As shallow as some of you people are and how crazy this may seem, superficial Hollywood silicon glamor looks are not sexy to everyone and there is a thing called personality that can defy laws of physical attraction time and time again. You may say this lady is ugly but I bet there are more real men that would say she is sexy than ones that would say she is not.

1245 days ago


Re: "The former staffer believes Patty must have aggressively pursued Arnold"

The former staffer must be delusional. According to reports the maids all called him "long hands." Patty must have overpowered Arnold, a former Mr. Universe, pressing him until he submitted, his muscles turning to jelly under her determined gaze. Whatever!!! Nobody is buying this spin.

They are now desperate to show that Arnold did not run a hostile work environment. He impregnated an employee in the workplace! Enough said.

1245 days ago


Some men are shallow, I guess Arnold he isn't. I have seen hot men with average women like Patty. Not everything is about looks. The only Ugly thing about her is her heartless, to sleep with A married man.

1245 days ago


Have you all seen Arnold's Carnival in Rio video from the 1980's?

Here is a short clip. It show's his true colors.

1245 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

MissAnn - How true that can be, but overall, when something as bizarre as this entire situation is, the maid living with them, getting pregnant at the same time, etc., I think it brings an additional chastizing, because Arnold is so arrogant & bragged (at least in the past) of how easy it was for him to get female attention. With that arrogance, the public usually assumes that the person one would throw his life away for (although, with his ego, he probably believed he would never get caught) must be exceptionally & ridiculously beautiful. I work in the industry and see more than I want to, but as most people know, it goes on with non-celebrities as well and one of the first things most guys say; is she hot? So it's not just Hollywood.
I really don't think you were talking to me, regarding my comment, 'cause it was about Arnold's inside ugliness, but I do have to admit that I was surprised by her looks, knowing how most guys are.

1245 days ago


Why so serious?

1245 days ago


Anyone else noticed that Arnold's kids with Maria look NOTHING like him yet this kid with Patty looks like his mini-me? Are we sure the other 4 kids are his?

Then again, maybe those Kennedy genes are just bulletproof since Maria looks almost like a clone of Eunice and nothing like Sargent Shriver and Caroline looks exactly like a female JFK and nothing like Jackie.

Or maybe Patty and Arnold just look more alike than Arnold and Maria.

1245 days ago


You can't tell by a photo if a person is sexually attractive or not. It's in the movements, and personality.

That said, men are not really that discerning. Stunning looks only mean something when they're looking for a trophy wife. But who wants to be a trophy wife?

And - have you noticed the similarity in looks between the two? Maybe that subconsciously played a role.

1245 days ago


Less attractive people can be good in the sack, since they want to please the lover. Pretty people just lay there and expect lovers to 'look at me'.

Maid probably gave good #!@#!@ and was tight, instead of a mannequinn.

1245 days ago


Doesn't really matter how good in the sack she was, or she was giving him what he wasn't getting blah blah blah. Now this article, yeah he didn't touch me...well, maybe he didn't find you what.
Arnold totally used Maria..for her connections, for her family legacy...decoded he was going to run for political office. Then immediately as soon as he left, he came clean but probably only because he was going to be found out. For years, maria and the whole I'm such a good family man bull****, well...totally decieving not only his family, his friends, his supporters. I hope the public doesn't "forget" and he never recovers from this.

1245 days ago


Maybe he was just faithful to his mistress, ever think of that?

1245 days ago


I think it has been reported that Arnold chose less attractive women because of his ego and he could control the lesser attractive women.This nanny says she was suspicious of the maids child looking like Arnold but nothing leaked out? The nanny never said anything sounds like she was paid off or was waiting for her turn.

1245 days ago
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