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Arnold and Maria's Ex-Nanny: 'He Never Touched ME!'

5/30/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger was strictly a one household staffer type of guy -- this according to a former nanny who claims the governator had a wandering eye, but never got physical with her or any other female staffer.


The nanny -- who worked with Arnold and Maria Shriver during the Mildred "Patty" Baena years -- tells TMZ Arnold "was a flirt, but he never touched me inappropriately, or anyone else that I could tell."

The former staffer believes Patty must have aggressively pursued Arnold since -- as far as she could tell -- he was "respectful" of all the other female staffers.

The woman says many employees realized the resemblance between Patty's young son and Arnold -- but says Patty would only admit her husband was not the daddy.

BTW, by all counts ... the ex-nanny was more, umm ... attractive than Patty back in the day. Whatever that's worth.


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rainbow nation    

@Billy mother****er shut up you racist buffoon-- one person doesn't define a racial group, and if you want to play that game what does arnold's actions say about white people huh?

1181 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Of course she pursued him and overpowered him, haven't you heard, haven't you been paying attention? That Mildred Baena is a helluva drug.

1181 days ago


Speaking as a female and a mother. one of the things females do is look at a child and try to see resemblances to the father,grandparents,aunts, uncles, etc.It's hard to believe that Maria was around this child since birth and didn't see the resemblance to Arnold. According to this nanny the entire staff saw the resemblance.

1181 days ago


This spin is repulsive!! TMZ reporting on her looks again?? What's wrong with you people? Looks are not everything! I have met several very nice looking people that have the personality of a slug. (No offence to slugs)
Maybe Arnold and Patty were able to talk to each other! Be themselves and relax! It's pretty clear to me, that whatever qualities Patty possesses, Maria doesn't!! That's why Arnold kept her around for so many years!!

1181 days ago

Team Mel    

That woman is butt ugly :-p

But it is very funny reading the female posters here...

" You may say this lady is ugly but I bet there are more real men that would say she is sexy than ones that would say she is not."

Your a real man if you like butt ugly women LOL!

You have to hand it to Mel, when he gets his knob polished its with a hottie!

1181 days ago


Yeah, well that nanny wasn't a desperate slut. That's why she didn't sleep with Arnold. She clearly knows how to be a professional.

1181 days ago


beauty lies in the eyes of the BEERholder. hahaha

1181 days ago

casting couch    

Is Harvey doing the photoshops for TMZ stories now? It looks like a 2-year-old did them.

1181 days ago


Why is everyone acting like Maria is some beauty queen? Arnold is like Alec Rodriguez, they go for these unattractive, manly looking women (his first wife, Madonna, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz) because they want to be the prettiest in the relationship. They're narcissists.

1181 days ago


At least there are better comments on this site than some.. Maybe Mother Nature has a way of knowing what to look for than what we understand. Who knows why or what happened and why do we need to know the gory details? For whatever reason Arnold admits he ended up with a child from the housekeeper. The boy has been described as cute, nice, well mannered, and so on. Arnold is exceptional that he acknowledged and paid attention to his child. Maybe Arnold is the type who has his own set of values and his flesh and blood is more important that the opinions of strangers. That would be my guess. Once the "event" happened there was no turning back so there is nothing to do but move on and be a good father to one more child. Also, something is rather sad for people to make insulting public comments about how they feel the housekeeper looks. I feel sorry that Maria and all of the children have to endure so much at this time but this type of thing has been happening since the beginning of mankind. The most impressive aspect will be how each addresses the reality. Maybe if Arnold just takes the boy out and about having a great time unconcerned with the opinions of others, people will realize they shouldn't spend too much time worrying about it either.

1181 days ago

rainbow nation    

@Billy mother****er shut up you racist buffoon, one person doesnt define a race, and if you want to play that game what does arnold's actions say about white people?

1181 days ago

paul a.    

Of course the staff could see the resemblance. Anyone could. I think Arnold is a pig and deserves whatever is coming to him but Maria can stop the victimhood, fake shock.

There is NO way she didn't know something was up.

It was plain for anyone to see.

1181 days ago


@Team Mel

Please get your eyes checked if you think Oksana is a hottie lol.

1181 days ago


Whoever said he was faithful to his mistress...wrong! He still was out and about doing his thing. It has been reported that even had an affair with a lady and her friend. That particular lady had a 3 year affair with Arnold and acknowledged there were 13 other woman at the time.

No Mildred is not attractive, but she is/was probably down for whatever which probably appealed to Arnold. Not only that, Arnold probably thought it was a perfect cheating scenario. A married woman and a married man cheating on their spouses with each other. He probably figured it would be a drama free affair and no one would ever find out. He and Mildred obviously overplayed there hands seeing how all this mess turned out.

1181 days ago


Arnold would have to be pretty stupid to screw multiple household staffers. That mess would have blown up in his face long before now.

1181 days ago
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