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David Beckham -- 'Speeding Really Bad' Before Crash

5/30/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was driving like a MANIAC before swerving into another lane at a dangerously high speed ... and rear-ending a stalled vehicle earlier this month -- this according to multiple 911 calls.


One caller -- who claims she was driving behind David for several miles-- reported that David was "driving recklessly" and "speeding really bad" before slamming into the stalled car on May 6.

Another caller claims David was "definitely speeding" -- pulling in and out of the carpool lane ... "breaking a couple traffic laws."

As we previously reported, Beckham rear-ended another car with his Black Escalade ... on one of the busiest highways in L.A. -- and the other driver had to be taken to the hospital.

Beckham -- whose son Brooklyn was in the car with him at the time -- has not been arrested or cited.

A spokesman for Beckham tells us, "As unfortunate as accidents are, David was not cited by the police at the scene for any violations."

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Mike R    

Celebs can do whatever they want. They have their lawyers wear down the prosecution and in the end it's a waste of time for the courts and a waste of money to the taxpayers.

1241 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

What the Hell is wrong with you, David? It's one thing to speed on your own (even though that endangers others), but what if your Son had been the one to go to the Hospital? How would you feel then?

1241 days ago


It would be 'Speeding really badly' not 'Speeding really bad' Poor use of the English language...

1241 days ago


Of course he wasn't cited, he's David Beckham. If it was one of us we would have went to jail.

1241 days ago


How in the hell was he not cited on the scene while driving recklessly and speeding and cutting out of the carpool lane and he rear ended a stalled car? That's how many infractions right there? 4 Wow, I hope the person who was in that car is alright and they sue the hell out David. I don't care who you are, you are not above the law, and these judges need to lay the law down on these self entitled so called celebs.

1241 days ago


What an A**hole, driving like that with your child in the car !

1241 days ago


this situation seems to have quite a bit of 'I'm an internationally recognized, fabulously wealthy celeb'
'can we just throw some money around and get this out of the way?'
quite amazing indeed that nothing has really come of this legally. although this IS California we are talking about. a place where celebs regularly get away with stuff ordinary people do not. i makes me wonder about hush money.

1241 days ago


I live in LA. I know exactly the type of driver who runs the road like Becks. One word: A__HOLE. You have no brain, and your tits-on-a-stick wife is gross.

1241 days ago


Not sure why he's famous. He isn't the best footballer in the World. Just a loser with look at me am hot, married to a failure talentless wife....pfft

1241 days ago


If he was "'speeding really bad,'" how could the caller be driving behind him for "several miles" unless she too was speeding really bad?

1241 days ago


One caller -- who claims she was driving behind David for several miles-- reported that David was "driving recklessly" and "speeding really bad" before slamming into the stalled car on May 6.

The person who made this statement Must have been speeding really bad also to keep up with him for several miles

1241 days ago


Errrr i told you guys this in the last post about his
"accident" He did the same when he lived here in the UK. He got away with it by saying he was trying to out run the papps....zzzzzzzz BORING STORY

1241 days ago


Tragedy waiting to happen.

1241 days ago


Beckham or not, if he really broke several traffic laws and thus endangered his son, just beat the cr@p out of him.
Hell, even it was Obama, Bush, the pope or whoever, just beat the cr@p out of them. Nobody should be above the law.

1241 days ago


Sean Kingston passed away after going into Cardiac arrest: FictionNews broke the story..........
Are you sleeping TMZ or is everyone drunk?

1241 days ago
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