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Sean Kingston's Savior

He Was Puking Blood

5/30/2011 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who heroically jumped into the water to save Sean Kingston says the singer was spitting up blood after his jet ski accident last night -- but that Sean was responsive and even spoke during the rescue. 

Jonathan Rivera, a member of the Coast Guard, says he was driving his boat around Star Island on his day off ... when he was called over to the accident scene by a man and a woman on a jet ski. Rivera says he noticed an empty jet ski, a woman in the water floating (she was wearing a vest and complaining her head hurt) and Kingston.

Rivera says the two people on the jet ski were trying to hold Kingston up, but they were struggling to keep his head above water. Rivera says Kingston's size was a problem for them, as his life vest had come off.

So Rivera says he jumped in the water and noticed Kingston was "puking up blood out of his mouth."

Rivera says he wrapped his arms around Kingston and held on to the jet ski to help keep Kingston's head above water. Rivera said Kingston was "convulsing and throwing up blood all over me" -- but said he didn't notice any head trauma. 

Rivera tells us he held onto Kingston for about 15 minutes, until a police boat finally arrived. Rivera says he doesn't think he could have held on much longer than he did. 

Rivera says when help arrived, he told Sean he was going to be okay. He says Kingston repeated back to him, "I'm going to be okay." 

When it came time to get Kingston into the boat, Rivera says Kingston was able to follow directions, though he did need some assistance getting in. 

From there, paramedics quickly came and cleaned Kingston up and rushed him to an ambulance that was waiting nearby. 

Rivera, who says he didn't recognize Kingston until well into the rescue, tells us, “I mean regardless of whether I was in the Coast Guard, I would have still jumped off to help him. He needed help."

Jimmy Vega, who was with Rivera at the time and assisted in rescuing Kingston, talked to a local reporter (see below) and explained, "We were about to turn back around [and go home] when we noticed him. I truly believe if we did turn around, he would not be with us today."



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Please be safe in the water these summer months people and PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO POOL SAFETY WITH LITTLE CHILDREN AROUND.

Special thoughts and prayers to Sean for a full and speedy recovery.

1207 days ago


OMG you arent only sean's heros you are MY heros i mean kingston is AMAZING if you didnt turn around... well i mean i would be crying my eyes out but i really hope he makes it through... I CANT BELIEVE U DIDNT NOW IT WAS SEAN KINGSTON!!!!!!!! btw you probably will be on TV with him (if he makes it) xx

1207 days ago

who dat    

So your previous story was BS. If he was talking and following directions, and even helped get himself into the boat he wasn't hurt that bad.

Figured you losers took creative liberty on his condition to make it more of a story.

1207 days ago


Is his heart monitor being auto-tuned? That would be cool

1207 days ago


firstly to who dat: Just because someone could talk and help get themselves into the boat does not for 1 second mean they are not seriously injured. The blood spitting shows there are serious injuries inside and sometimes with serious injuries it can take a while before they completely stop you from doing anything. My friend was murdered, he was beaten with a brandy bottle around his head and because of his severe head trauma fought with the paramedics trying to help him whilst he was laying on the sofa covered in blood- this is common for people with severe head inuries he died 2 days later. All you people slating Sean Kingston should hang your head in shame its disgusting, you people make me sick. Sean I will be praying for you, and hope you make a quick recovery, your amazing!! I am thinking of all your family to at this sad time. May god give you all strength to get through this. Come on Sean your a fighter we know you will pull through!! XXXXX

1207 days ago


How does a life vest come off without help or not being fastened. Do it right if you're gonna wear one.

1207 days ago

northern gypsy    

it's all good...S.K. was saved by true hero's ( including the couple) ...
i have a nagging question in the back of my head...
what happened to his vest ??? anyone know the details...please share

1207 days ago

Surrounded By Angels    

@ chris I guess you spoked to soon we already have people posting negative comments, I mean not even because this is a serious matter you people have some respect. What if this guy was one of you family members? How would you people feel reading all this rude and mean comments?! Geez you are some ignorants, pray for their lifes instead.

1207 days ago


It's possible he didn't have it fastened.. also possible the plastic clip/s snapped, if the force is enough it's the clips that let go. Sadly alot of people with alot of water experience think because they can swim or aren't doing something risky they don't need a life jacket or if they have one on they don't fasten them. Seen so many guys (especially guys out fishing) who do this, they think because the boat is not moving or because they are going slow, or on a pond vs the ocean that they will be ok even if they do 'fall in'.

1207 days ago


This guy was just doing his job and am sure would tell you that he is not a hero for this. You pathetic losers who refer to him as a hero are the same type of of brainless people who would have jumped in to save him and drowned yourself because you act before you think. Maybe the guy was heroic in other incidents that called for risking his life but this seems like a simple rescue for someone with training.

1207 days ago


Great job to the heroes that helped in the rescue.

1207 days ago


If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. chris you spoke to soon. get some respect people seriously.

1207 days ago


What a hero! Nice man!

1207 days ago


TMZ is on point...the doesn't mention the names of the heroes because they are too focused on the negative.

1207 days ago



1207 days ago
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