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Sean Kingston's Savior

He Was Puking Blood

5/30/2011 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who heroically jumped into the water to save Sean Kingston says the singer was spitting up blood after his jet ski accident last night -- but that Sean was responsive and even spoke during the rescue. 

Jonathan Rivera, a member of the Coast Guard, says he was driving his boat around Star Island on his day off ... when he was called over to the accident scene by a man and a woman on a jet ski. Rivera says he noticed an empty jet ski, a woman in the water floating (she was wearing a vest and complaining her head hurt) and Kingston.

Rivera says the two people on the jet ski were trying to hold Kingston up, but they were struggling to keep his head above water. Rivera says Kingston's size was a problem for them, as his life vest had come off.

So Rivera says he jumped in the water and noticed Kingston was "puking up blood out of his mouth."

Rivera says he wrapped his arms around Kingston and held on to the jet ski to help keep Kingston's head above water. Rivera said Kingston was "convulsing and throwing up blood all over me" -- but said he didn't notice any head trauma. 

Rivera tells us he held onto Kingston for about 15 minutes, until a police boat finally arrived. Rivera says he doesn't think he could have held on much longer than he did. 

Rivera says when help arrived, he told Sean he was going to be okay. He says Kingston repeated back to him, "I'm going to be okay." 

When it came time to get Kingston into the boat, Rivera says Kingston was able to follow directions, though he did need some assistance getting in. 

From there, paramedics quickly came and cleaned Kingston up and rushed him to an ambulance that was waiting nearby. 

Rivera, who says he didn't recognize Kingston until well into the rescue, tells us, “I mean regardless of whether I was in the Coast Guard, I would have still jumped off to help him. He needed help."

Jimmy Vega, who was with Rivera at the time and assisted in rescuing Kingston, talked to a local reporter (see below) and explained, "We were about to turn back around [and go home] when we noticed him. I truly believe if we did turn around, he would not be with us today."



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Yes, kudos to these men, doing their jobs, I want to know about the people on the jet ski that were holding Kingston before these two came along... Those are the heros... Im just saying...

1206 days ago


Wait...if the dude had a boat, why did they stay in the water? Wasn't thinking very clearly, was he? Was he really with the Coast Guard? They are trained for water rescues and this certainly does not sound like the story of a trained Coast Guard rescuer. Sounds more like someone looking for his 15 minutes...

1206 days ago


im glad he is ok he need to watch out cause if the guy wouldnt had been around who knows what would have happen

1206 days ago


The United States Coast Guard: Saving Morons and Crap Rappers.

Bless this man for turning around and helping another human being. No matter what I think of Kingston, the world has far too few decent people in it these days, and most would have just let him die.

Now wth was Kingston doing? Was he drunk? Stoned? How on EARTH did he go slamming into a BRIDGE? Moron! Dumb-ass!

And that girl is gonna SUE HIS ASS....soon as he gets better. She's gonna have 'permanent injuries' that require millions of dollars in compensation from the dumb-ass who caused her injuries. This man's troubles have only just begun. He's going to go BROKE over this one, because his dumb ass was driving a jet-ski that slammed into a bridge.

Friggin moron.

1206 days ago


Bless the Coast Guard.

1206 days ago


Sounds like another idiot with no business riding a jet ski! Bridges are big and jet skis are very manuverable..doh!

1206 days ago


Foremost, the headline is deplorable. No privacy, no grammar. Bonus, the hero states Mr. Kingston was vomiting blood "out of his mouth". I have to ask, where else does a person vomit from?

Mainly, if you're to write about the person who helped retrieve Mr. Kingston from the water, then write about that person. Instead, you turn this into writing about the private condition of Mr. Kingston and it's invasive. Stick to your subject: the hero.

1206 days ago



1206 days ago


Was OJ a hero?

1206 days ago


Maria- The dude, said Kingston was too heavy to left up to the boat...being that he was wet and all.

1206 days ago

Pete Beau    

Tub 'o Lard shoulda been able to float like a turd in the bowl.
Peeps who can't swim shouldn't be on the water.
Watch your head.....

1206 days ago


I don't know why some people have to say such mean things. I've barely even heard of this guy, outside of that one song, but either way, I still wish him a safe and speedy recovery.

1206 days ago


I hope he recovers, but that 'puking blood" headline was TMI.

1206 days ago


"I truly believe if we did turn around, he would not be with us today."

Do you retards ever proof read your stories? I mean, I caught this on ONE simple skimming of the basic text. What the hell is the problem?

I used to think people were being overly hard on TMZ for errors but f*ck it just never ends!!!

1206 days ago


Sean Kingston was my favorite actor in GOod Burger, RIP my friend Goodnight Sweet Prince

1206 days ago
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