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Stars Who've Served!

5/30/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For Memorial Day, we thought it would be fitting to honor the brave celebs who have served in the armed forces!


** TMZ's fearless leader Harvey Levin is out of town and did not select the stars featured in this gallery ... which is why we stuck him front and center! FYI -- Harv served in the Air National Guard.**


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Harvey Levin pic is classic...I am guessing he "didn't tell".

1244 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

A lot of people never told and have served in the Military since it's existence, although homophobics would deny it.

To ALL the Military - On this day - Thank you for your Service in whatever capacity you have served.

Most Sincerely!!!

1244 days ago


Don knotts was also a Marine. Semper Fi!

1244 days ago


From what I can research on the web, Pee-Wee Herman was not in the military.

1244 days ago


This shows why little kids run that place. It's MEMORIAL DAY, not VETERAN'S DAY. Today is to honor those that were "killed in service of their country." Typical TMZ.

1244 days ago

Fat hand puppet    

I only learned recently the Jimmy Stewart had about 20 extra missions that were intentionally unrecorded because after 25 missions he would of been sent home.

I thought Audey Murphey died in a trailer park of alcoholism but that was Marine Ira Hayes. Audey Murphey died in a plane crash in 1971.

1244 days ago

S. in Colorado    

DAMN Elvis was FINE!!!!!!!

1244 days ago

There's Always Elvis    

Oh Lord!!! Elvis was such a gifted person. I wish he was still with us. Never be anyone like him. He loved the USA.

1244 days ago


Hello, it's Memorial Day. None of the 'famous' people of today have the guts to enroll in the military. They are too worried about their pretty faces then protecting their country.

1244 days ago


To all of those who served our country and lost their lives to keep us safe ! Thank You ! May you all Rest In Peace !
A special Honor To Our Own Family Member who died serving us: Thank You Vinnie. Your life was short, but meaningful to those who knew and loved you!!! RIP

1244 days ago


Neither Bea Arthur or Paul Reubens were Marines...according to this website

1244 days ago


@DK --- You are absolutely right. The only one that I know of that served and died in the line of duty was Pat Tillman. Friendly fire death to boot!
You also have to bare in kind too that the draft is no longer applicable.
So to voluntarily sign up would mean going to the front lines and risking your life everyday. Celebrities today are too vain, too ego driven to even consider risking their own lifes.
Your message kind of rings so true. Who should we celebrate? Those who served our country and died, or these fake people in LaLaLand who only have to wipe their butts each morning because they hire people to everything else in their lives. So pathetic.
Very few heros can make claim to that highest honor.
Anthor HERO of our century who wasn't on a service mission, but clearly is a hero of today : The man who landed a plane in the Hudson River, Sully as he's know. Thank God for men like him too who had served our country well, and with all that training leading up to landing that plane on water in NY/NJ!! Amazing people like that.....

1244 days ago


Was thinking the same thing, I agree with you 100% DK

1244 days ago


What amazes me about Jimmy Stewart is that he started as a private and retired from reserve service as a major general. Dozens of flight missions and awards and all. Such a modest man.

1244 days ago


OH... My... God.... That picture of Harvey Levin looks just like Matthew McConaughey! No offense, Harvey, but here's hoping Matthew's look ages a bit differently.

1244 days ago
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