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I'd LOVE for Palin to Run for President!!

6/1/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was a full on MEDIA CRUSH outside of Trump Tower in NYC yesterday ... when The Donald and Sarah Palin took questions from reporters about Palin's Presidential plans.

With a bazzilion cameras in their faces, Trump described Palin as a "terrific woman and a good friend" -- and then told the group, "I'd love for her to run [for President]."

On the way out of the building, Palin returned the compliments ... telling our photog about some of Trump's most attractive qualities.


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Obama 2012 voter says: You're not the only one Donald

1238 days ago


okay, i am Canadian.. our govn't is not perfect but i think its clear that we take our politics more seriously then the states. my guess is if you guys are blind enough to elect pailen then the election after that when trumph may have more trust in his kids running his empire; he will run against pailen in that election. pointing out all her inevitable screw ups.
sigh. no religion in politics and no celebrities. cardinal rule.

1238 days ago


MR. TRUMP AND HIS "words" of encouragement are no longer respected. After much harassment and embarrassment against President Obama about his birth certificate, Donald Trump has yet to reveal his holdings as he promised the American public. When a man falls, he falls, hard! What a shame!

1238 days ago


Wasn't Palin the downfall of the McCain campaign? What makes her or anyone else think she could possibly win, when she brought down a viable candidates campaign?

1238 days ago


Trump is the male version of Palin. No wonder he likes her. It's almost like incest!

1238 days ago

john gault    

who's the hot librarian?

1238 days ago

why is she there ?    

for her to run for pres. so he can laugh ?? or is this a joke on us ?

1238 days ago



insert eye roll here

1238 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

Trump needs to put his money where his mouth is and hire Palin to run one of his businesses. LOL

1238 days ago


I would love to see her run off the Trump tower!

1238 days ago


Wow, then this country would really be circling the drain.

1238 days ago


Oh Lord! How can this woman be president when she couldn't even handle being governor for the full term? The answer is; she can't. If she runs against Obama and I have to choose between the two of them then I'll write in a vote for Peanut Butter!! Hell, it couldn't be any worse........................I'm just saying

1238 days ago


Oh man I so HOPE this simpleton gets the GOP nomination. Those presidential debates will be comic gold!
"Half-term Governor Palin, tell us about your foreign policy experience and how that qualifies you for president".
"Well, yannow, I was the executive of the great state of Alaahska, which shares a very narrow maritime border with that evil country, Russia, and in the time I was Governor we were never attacked by them, also I've been to other countries such as Israel which Osama, I mean, Obama *wink* wants to destroy too and also I think China needs to be reined back such as we keep our jobs for our great Americans here in this great country but first we must build that wall to keep the illegals out so they don't keep taking the real Americans' jobs, ya betcha".
"President Obama, your rebuttal"
"I killed Osama bin Laden"

1238 days ago


As a democrat, I would also LOVE it if she ran for president. It would help our candidate immensely.

1238 days ago

His Prince Michael    

@Penny: Like the untold millions of Americans throughout
this once greatly-blessed nation, Penny, your anger and frustration with unfit, special-interest serving, and corrupt
politicians is completely warranted.

Peanut Butter, Penny? Believe: YOU and OUR nation, deserve much, much, better.

Suffice to say - for now- The Lord, works in mysterious ways.

1238 days ago
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