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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries

Negotiating Prenup

6/4/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kris Humphries are hedging their bets -- they're hammering out a prenup before they tie the knot ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to the couple tell us … both Kim and her NBA star hubby-to-be are telling friends, “It’s the smart thing to do."  And, by the way, they're right.

We’re told the move isn’t one-sided.  Both Kim and Kris have tons of loot.  Kim is worth a reported $35 mil.

As for Kris ... he's not only making $3.2 mil a year with the Nets, his family also owns a couple of burger joints in Minnesota. Kris' net worth is estimated at $8 million.

We’re told Kim’s late father, famed O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian, told her about the importance of contracts … and Kim feels her dad would have wanted her to take financial precautions.

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MAMA KRIS RULES FROM HER THRONE. She schemes, she manipulates and she is the ultimate in presenting her daughters, especially Kim, to the public in such a masterful way, young and impressionable girls and, their mothers, are desperately trying for them to become a facsimile of Kim. Whether good, or bad, parents raise their children in what ever way they feel is best for their own. Sometimes, their children become successful, but, most of the time, they are not.

1236 days ago


she picked that goon ? he is part black...

1236 days ago


She learned about contracts from her father? Her father didn't even pay child support for all those kids. In one of the early shows Bruce explains how Kimmy's father was a jerk to Kris and that he never paid to support them. Bruce is the one that raised and supported them financially since they were little kids.

The show always portrayed Robert Sr like he was some hero. Since when is a dead beat dad a hero? It's not like he was poor he was a lawyer.

1236 days ago


Hey Kim, Make him get rid of that stupid jacket. He looks like Balloon BOY.

1236 days ago


WillOTheWisp said:
"What's up with all the orbs??"

I agree, What is up with all the ORBS? Looks like the marriage is already haunted.

Bet the spirits are trying to tell us something!

I also wonder if there is a sphincter muscle on her body that still works?

1236 days ago

river rat    

Very well said, karen darvin! I cannot imagine why people get caught up in the life of this vapid, skanky woman. I have never watched one of her shows nor have I purchased anything she endorses. I will not buy a magazine that features this person on the cover. Makes me wonder what is lacking in their own lives to live so vicariously through the lives of others!

1236 days ago

who dat    

While the estimated value of the diamond is probably 2 mil, it was most likely bought for 800K. In New York there is a street know as the diamond district. Those geeks took one look at kims ass and she smooth-talked her way to a deal.

This marriage is about selling the story. They have already turned a huge profit, even factoring the cost of the ring. Yes Kim bought the ring. Over a year ago.

The pre-nup probably forces him to stay married and quiet. The payoff is about selling the wedding, the show after, products associated including baby pics.

These people are disgusting publicity whores. The entire family.

1236 days ago


They definately need a prenup....Tv Marriages never last didnt any one learn that from all the reality tv marriages that all end in divorce?

1236 days ago


By the time Kim and her PimpMom get thru with that poor kid, he won't know what hit him. She should do like Kourtney did, just get knocked up, prove paternity and get child support for the next 18-20 years. Mama doesn't even want her to take Hump's last name. That gives a clue about how long this publicity stunt is going to last. Khloe was smart, she got a sweet deal out of her prenup, she spotted a dull light blub when she saw it.

1236 days ago


I hope he wears a condom. She scream I have LOTS OF STD'S

1236 days ago

right straight    

The kind of girl you're proud to bring home to mom

1236 days ago


SO is this just another way for them to have YET another Kardashian show? They should just rename the E! network, the "Talentless Kardashian Network" or just TKN for short. This is just another staged "relationship" to keep people talking about them and get another "reality" staged fake show on the air.

1236 days ago


@OhWell a woman should not let ANY man use her as a toilet who cares what race he is.

1236 days ago


It would be such a differant story if he had more money than her. She would be beyond insulted. Very one sided. Considering I do not believe the marraige will last, best you leave with what you came with. Minus the 2 million dollar ring, of course!He spent 25% of his net worth on her ring!!!!

1236 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Pretty girl, Ugly dude. They ought to make a word or name for these really ugly couples.

1236 days ago
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