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Arnold's Love Child -- MISSING from Graduation

6/5/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child was conspicuously absent from his own middle school graduation on Friday -- and we're told, it's all because his family wanted to protect him.

Sources close to Mildred Baena tell TMZ, she pulled her 14-year-old son out of school last month -- soon after the story broke that Arnold was his real father.

According to sources, photographers had started to camp outside the Bakersfield middle school where Arnold's son was a student -- and Mildred decided to yank him out ... to protect him from the media.

His graduation ceremony took place Friday morning -- and his name was even on the program -- but we're told he wasn't present ... because the family didn't want him parading around in public.

We're told the family desperately wants the whole scandal to blow over ASAP -- so their lives can return to normal.


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Isn't 14 kind of old to be graduating the 6th grade?

1201 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hi Cartman - I just checked it again and it said middle school and not elementary. I don't know what state you live in, but some of the schools where I live, some go into middle school at 12, some go in at 13, private schools, oh, basically, just like the school system, there is no continuity! :) Also, I started to post on "oh the Hu manatee", but I waited because I knew that reference would be made (and yours was funny!)

1201 days ago


Middle school is to grade 8 and then off to "High" school.

1201 days ago


There has never been a 'scandal'. Arnie was out of office when this became public.

Don't you just love the timing.

1201 days ago


Bull twinkie! They don't want it to go away any time soon. That is until Pattie can make a deal to sell the story or Arnold can make an offer she can't refuse to keep her mouth shut.

1201 days ago

Made it Past 27    

Maybe she should have thought about that before she slept with a married man. The innocent child is going to suffer because of this

1201 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

I agree with "WhatTheHellDoesTMZStandFor?", that's precisely what I was gonna post on here. And TMZ stands for The Thirty Mile Zone. Mildred wasn't thinking..and what kind of parent lets her child miss a month of school?

1201 days ago

That guy    

So this kid had to avoid he likes of the publishers of this website? Are you proud?

1201 days ago


Oh, please, TMZ. The Enquirer has a photo of the kid in this week's issue. Why are you trying to act all proper and "above the fray" now all of a sudden. A tiger can't change its stripes. You trying to act noble now is a joke. Just print it already. Or is Arnie paying you not to?

1201 days ago


Poor kid. He will never have a normal life because he has horny s*** bags for parents.

1201 days ago


I would do the same thing. The poor kid is probably going through hell right now and none of this is his fault.

His mom should put him in a private school, if he's not in one, or hire a private tutor to teach him at home. Arnold can afford it.

1201 days ago


She and Ahnold should have thought about this when they had unprotected sex.

1201 days ago


Poor kid. And I dont think the mom Patty (?) is looking to earn anything off of it. She couldve already in many way and also from Arnold. But she very obviously wishes to be left the f*ck alone.

1201 days ago


Its so sad when the media goes after the kids. They are really no better than pedophiles. Leave the dam kid alone. He's not going to tell you a dam thing!

1201 days ago


So his sleazy parents deny him his own graduation? It's not his fault they slept around. Hope he can emancipate from them.

1201 days ago
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