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Sean Kingston Crash -- Oh, The Hu-Manatee!

6/5/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Kingston ain't in the clear yet after crashing a high-speed jet ski into a Miami bridge -- TMZ has learned the singer could still face legal repercussions ... for disturbing the local manatees.


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the area where Kingston crashed last weekend is a manatee zone -- and according to Florida state law, boats and watercrafts are prohibited from producing a wake in manatee-populated areas.

Based on the jet ski damage ... Kingston probably produced a wake before his accident -- but law enforcement is still investigating to figure out exactly what happened prior to the crash.

If Kingston IS found in violation of the manatee law -- he faces a maximum fine of $32,500.


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his friend prolly distracted him by saying o (sean)!! he looked back and bang woke em all up.

1239 days ago


Maybe it is nature culling itself.

1239 days ago


Took my boat into the Inter Coastal Waterway yesterday. Stupid people in a huge boat were actually pulling a skier in a no-wake/manatee zone. When you see the huge scars and open 6 inch deep gashes on these animals, it kinda makes you scream at idiots in boats. I went under a bridge, two dudes in another big boat did not slow down going threw the pilings. I am in a little Boston Whaler and I had to work hard to handle not being thrown into the wall. No, they don't read signs or use common knowledge. Kingston was running his vessel at dark too fast. He needs a ticket and lucky he didn't kill anyone. Fool.

1239 days ago


I feel he deserves his crash. Anyone who is willing to speed is willing to accept consequences. Thats the probably with this world, ppl cry like bitc&s when they have to pay the price for their actions. When you speed up on a jet ski SUPER FAST like this douche bag did with a passenger ( even dumber!!) shi& happens and this idiot had to learn the hard way. He is a fat pig, over paid , flashy, nothing about him screams good person so fk him for all I care. He is like the rest of the thugs in this world, deserves a 4X4 jail cell! Sorry , no lambo there!

1239 days ago


his "Miami is ours" tweet.....You yanks keep telling yourselves that, we will gladly keep taking your money. Then we send ya home broke, with your tail between your legs. bah ha ha ha

1239 days ago


I just love how people idolize these people who have absolutely no respect whatsoever for anything except themselves. And I will tell you right now, ladies, if you ask a man to slow down and he doesn't, he's an a**hole. Period. That attitude will translate into everything he and you do. I'mm old enough to know.

1239 days ago


he is def an a hole for thinking he can do what he wants, i hate douche bags like this, he should of died. slow down when they tell u too.

1239 days ago


They will come up with anything to get money out of someone.Jet ski's run on jet propelled water which only sit about 9" in the water and are enclosed.,NO propeller which in regular boats that have propellers in which CAN hurt the Manatee's.A boat going 5 mph has a moving propeller that can still injure a manatee so come on people leave the guy alone. I think sean's lawyer will tell them to back off with their money hungry investigation.

1239 days ago


Hu-manatee, heh heh. Good one.
Oh and Anni, you can keep Miami - nasty place.

1239 days ago


This guy is a selfish inconsiderate PIG for not having any compassion or respect for animals. I he does not respect then why should anyone respect him. He's a no talent POS who will get his. He got off easy this time but next time he screws up he's done. lol Fat Jerk off.

1239 days ago


Ridiculous story Harvey! Jetskis do not have a propeller that can cut a manatee! The motor is enclosed, you should know this since you jetski all the time!!! He won't be getting a $32K fine out of this, but I'm sure the story will stir up the people that are uneducated about jetskis! Go for the clicks!

1239 days ago


Fine him. I don't think what he's currently going through warrants a comment like, he's already been through a lot. The man drove recklessly and he almost scared the poop out of his gf's pants. He had complete disregard for human as well as sea life. He deserves all the fines he gets for being reckless. I'm not hating on him, his song is pretty cool but I hate people who get slapped on the wrist when they could have killed somebody.

1239 days ago


rules are for other people, why should he have to follow the rules of safe boating.

1239 days ago

Harvey's Shirt    

Throw the book at him. Tourists are told the laws when renting jetskis, especially in Florida. The manatees are protected. This idiot has no care about himself, others he hurt, or the wildlife.Total buttwipe.

1239 days ago


Justine07: just the places we let you see. ha ha ha Never go to the tourist areas. What wonderful place do you hail from, Detroit or Philly, bah ha ha ha, Jersey.

1239 days ago
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