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ATTACKS Kardashian ... and Lively?

6/6/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OK, she didn't use her name -- but it was obvious at the MTV Movie Awards last night, Reese Witherspoon HATES everything Kim Kardashian stands for -- from the sex tape to the reality show.

As Reese accepted the "Generation Award," she told the crowd, "I just wanna say to all the girls out there, it's cool to be bad, I get it ... but it's also possible to make it in Hollywood without a reality show."

She added, "When I came up in this business, if you made a sex tape, you were embarrassed and you hid it under your bed and if  you took naked pictures of yourself on your cell phone, you hide your face."

Was that a shot at Blake Lively?

Reese Witherspoon MTV Movie Awards


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I don't believe she singled out Kardashian and Lively. Again, I think this is invalid reporting intended to start a battle between them for the purposes of sensational reporting. Look at the reality shows that inundate our programming choices! Teen mothers... immature and violent. Jersey Shores... immature and violent. How about Survivor teaching kids to lie and cheat to get what they want? Bachelor/Bachelorette teaches kids love happens in a heartbeat, but not many actually make it last. Then move on to the cooking shows where the chef filets his underlings. Talk about 'reality' cartoons where babies are perverts and killing characters is ok, they'll come back next week right on schedule. Do any of us wonder why kids have such warped values when the tv is the babysitter and their values come from their 'heroes'? Turn off those shows and make the networks produce good shows with good values and show them it can still be funny because the current load of 'reality' is anything but real, it's not funny and children ARE watching.
Good for Reese for standing up and telling it like it is.Hollywood has a load of babies growing up and suddenly, their parents are speaking out and hoping to catch the conscience of producers who are making bad shows and making heaps of money doing it. Think about the real message they sending teens? And collectively, as parents, be ashamed of what you are letting your kids watch.

1205 days ago


I personally think she was referring to Paris Hilton, who cornered the market on Sex Tape and Reality Show's to make her famous. Kim Kardashian doesn't have any real acting aspirations...does she?

1205 days ago


How could you people say it is not aimed at Kim? She clearly states REALITY SHOW. Kim is famous for absolutely nothing I can not wait for the Kardashian trend to be over! YOU GO REESE WITHERSPOON!

1205 days ago


It is about time someone out there in the land of fruits and nuts took a stand. I knew there was a reason I liked Reese. Common sense and standards. It is time people stop devoting time to watching the train wrecks of these no talented reality show celebrity wannabes. The problem is they have an audience and as long as that is the case they will continue to get ratings Kardashinas included. It doesn't say a whole lot for us as a society when the likes of the Jersey Shores, Paris Hiltons, Kardashinas and so on are even considered entertainment. It's all over-rated.

1205 days ago


hats off to her,
for all the ho bags that think they are respectable-------- doing porn, having naked pictures out there shame on you. the two biggest Paris, and Kim and they think they are ladies ---- They think young girls should look up to them. yuk

1205 days ago


IMO she's talking about Paris Hilton.

1205 days ago


While I agree with her comments one person that needs to shut up is Julianne Hough. little Miss Hough forgets forgets MR Ryan Seacrest produces the Kardashins.. He loves this stuff so what does he think?? He might not be too happy. Julianne the gold digger maybe. Reese better hope she has no skeletons cause she is a target now & her movies have not been doing real well either.

1205 days ago


Thanks, Reese for saying what so many of us think. Women used to be ashamed of looking and acting like prostitutes -now some women think it's a way to gain attention--and they don't what kind of attention.
Thanks again, Reese!

1205 days ago


Reese can do no wrong in my book. She knows the deal. She made it in Hollywood by being a good actress. Go Elle Woods!

1205 days ago


Wow, commentor kat sounds like a tattooed, skanky Reese-hater. Jealous much?

Note to the Kardashians:
Just keep making your worthless "reality TV" crap, we'll keep ignoring it.

1205 days ago

The Train!    

i'm happy to see that she had the courage to say this, especially in front of the MTV audience. however, now the hackers are going to work double-time to find anything they can on Reese. i just hope she understands what she's started and that she's prepared. hopefully she isn't hiding anything because if it's out there, somebody's going to work a lot harder to find it now, just for the lulz.

1205 days ago


You rock Reese!!! Love you!!!! And she says everything we mention on tmz. The Kardashians are trash, untalented, fame-whores who are famous just because one of them made a sex tape. How sad is it that Kim is worth 35million dollars when people with real talent can barely make ends-meat?! That is how low our society has reached. As for Blake. Well. She's a ho anyhow from what I've been reading. It's a shame also. She's a pretty girl and talented.

1205 days ago


Reese is right. But don't most people already know that the Kardashians and their ilk should be totally ashamed of themselves, if for no other reason than that they look like total morons? I've managed to live 42 years without letting anyone take nudie pics of me or videotaping myself "in flagrante delicto" and I'm not a celebrity who would have to worry about this trash getting leaked to the press. Didn't anyone ever tell these chicks never to let anyone take a dirty picture of them? They're just total idiots. But the really stupid people are the consumers who eat up this reality TV nonsense. There's always been an "element" and it's just getting worse and worse all the time.

1205 days ago


Good for Reese -- she is saying what most Americans are thinking, but we don't have to worry about backlash at work for speaking our minds.

1205 days ago


Good for her for telling it like it is. Ho bags, like Blake Lively - Kim Kardashian - Parasite Hilton - are a disgrace to women...

1205 days ago
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