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Cheryl Cole

Gone From 'X Factor'


6/6/2011 9:43 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cheryl Cole is officially gone from "X-Factor" -- this, after Fox and Fremantle tried to resuscitate her deal.

As TMZ reported, FOX and Fremantle had fired Cole as a judge on the show because she lacked chemistry with the other judges, but Fremantle and Fox had a change of heart after figuring out how much money they would eat by paying Cheryl her fee -- so they tried getting her back.

The overture didn't work, so Nicole Scherzinger -- who was originally picked as the host -- will now take Cheryl's place as a judge. Nicole's role was in limbo while Fox and Fremantle were trying to get Cheryl back as a judge.

The new host is Steve Jones, a former model and UK TV personality.

Sounds like a mess.


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Oh well! Who cares. The show goes on. Hey, she didn't want to come back and she was fired for her lack of chemistry with the judges.

1233 days ago

Cheryl Cole    

Im telling ya if she wants to make any impact in America she HAS to do porn.

1233 days ago


Cheryl Cole (aka Tweedy) = Talentless mime artist with the personality of a wooden paddle

1233 days ago


Not a Nicole fan!! At least Cheryl will not lose money over this!! Goes to show how stupid these execs are!!!

1233 days ago


Figures. Those genius execs at Fox can't figure out that they should read contracts before they fire someone. Typical Fox mentality.

1233 days ago


A sex tape to be in the spotlight? Or she could just, you know, be famous in England like before...

1233 days ago


Poop. I would have actually tuned in to see her. Actually, I'm glad she' saving herself...

1233 days ago


Does Fox think we are fools? Using the same old formula. Rebranding an old act (Simon and Paula) as a new show, substituting Randy with Reid, and throwing in Nicole C-list Shirtswinger (who by the way has not been able to crack the market as a solo artist for the past half a decade!!). We don't like her, if we did, she would've been a huge star by now! She has the style and class of a $2 hooka! Should've given Cheryl Cole a go instead! At least she's got a sweet and pretty face.

1233 days ago


Cheryl would have been a far better judge choice than Nicole Sherzingeer (whatever her name is!). Nicole is just so conceited and smug - can't stand her.

1233 days ago


@ Kat..ive seen both Nicole and Cheryl as judges on X Factor..and Nicole seriously beats Cheryl at it. Thats why most here never understood that Cheryl got a judges spot over Nicole.

1233 days ago


@World Record..

If anything Simon ruined his rep here when he took Cheryl to America. It was obvious that it would never work because of the type of girl she was and how she works. Shes a crap judge and for the sake of American X Factor im glad shes not a judge there.

Funny thing when she got the sack...the number one thing every one was worried about was if it meant she would come back to our X factor as we didnt want her..says it all really.

To the person who says she has a sweet face...looks can be deceiving..she can also have a very ugly and stroppy face when things dont go her way or someone dares to critise one of her acts.

1233 days ago


so let me get this straight. nicole leaked the news, and now she gets to be the judge? wow. her plot was a success then. congratz for consistently crushing other people's dream just to gain your own. karma, where are you?

1233 days ago



Who said Nicole leaked the news? And no offence but Cheryl really doesnt give a toss about crushing peoplesl dreams fact shes damn good at it a lot would say.

1233 days ago

FFTL fan    

This only reflects how s t u p i d the executives are from FOX. They are indecisive, judgmental, and don't have the guts to admit that they made the wrong choice! Cheryl would have been the better choice given time. She is charming, and would have won hearts in America and even the world! A definite threat to their pockets and to Paula. TO CHERYL: YOU WILL COME BACK STRONGER AND WE WILL BE WAITING!!! FFTL!!!

1232 days ago


She might be beautiful outside, but she's so ugly inside

1232 days ago
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