Cheryl Cole Gone From 'X Factor' FOREVER!!!

6/6/2011 9:43 AM PDT

Cheryl Cole Gone From 'X Factor' -- FOREVER!!!

Cheryl Cole is officially gone from "X-Factor" -- this, after Fox and Fremantle tried to resuscitate her deal.

As TMZ reported, FOX and Fremantle had fired Cole as a judge on the show because she lacked chemistry with the other judges, but Fremantle and Fox had a change of heart after figuring out how much money they would eat by paying Cheryl her fee -- so they tried getting her back.

The overture didn't work, so Nicole Scherzinger -- who was originally picked as the host -- will now take Cheryl's place as a judge. Nicole's role was in limbo while Fox and Fremantle were trying to get Cheryl back as a judge.

The new host is Steve Jones, a former model and UK TV personality.

Sounds like a mess.