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Weiner's Woman: Photo Scandal's 'Messing Up My Life'

6/7/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 40-year-old blackjack dealer who carried on a sexual online relationship with Rep. Anthony Weiner tells TMZ, she regrets ever getting involved with him -- because the scandal is ruining her life.

Lisa Weiss called in to TMZ Live today -- claiming she hasn't been able to leave her Las Vegas house in days ... "I feel guilty being a part of it ... It's messing up my life ... I'm humiliated."

Weiss says she still has a lot of respect for Weiner, and doesn't think the scandal should put his job in jeopardy -- but did admit feeling sorry for Weiner's wife.

What's fuzzy about the whole thing ... is why Weiss released all of her steamy, sexual exchanges with Weiner to a reporter.  She insists she didn't release the info to hurt the Congressman, claiming she didn't know it would be that big a deal.  Yeah, right.

You can watch the full interview by clicking here.


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Give Gloria Alred a call and she can shakedown the Weiner for you. Hey, that sounds dirty.

1233 days ago


This scandal is messing up my life ... So I will call TMZ and give them a full interview telling them how I am being exploited ... Then they will pay me for every pic that I send them then as everything starts fading away I will call Gloria Allred ... But first I should get a PR guy .

1233 days ago

Flying Blind    

HARDBALL has just shown an e-mail from the lady in las vegas where she e-mailed Wiener that "he owed her cause she was going on all the shows and blogs and telling them how good of a person he is. blah blah blah"

she's lying to TMZ


1233 days ago


Just a stopido woman. When are people ever gonna learn not to trust strangers. If she feels humiliated, then why did she need to call the media again and rant about Clinton and this dude?

1233 days ago


Uh, this bimbo is the one who went public with it. She said so in her own words. She said had no intention of going public with it until he (Weiner) failed to respond to her emails/calls/texts...then, she said, it was obvious that he was just a "dog" and she went public to embarass/hurt him and get even.

So, dirtbag...if your life has been ruined...GOOD! You brought it on yourself!

1233 days ago


Boo-hoo - another ho/fame ho that talks dirty to a married guy and begs him to come have sex with her is crying about how it messed up her life? She should have thought AND his when she was having cyber-sex with the whiney dweeb. She's a ho and he's a loser that never got laid in high school and is making up for lost time.

1233 days ago


Good. That ******* slattern deserves to have her life messed up. She never should have ratted on Weiner.

1233 days ago


This Lisa Weiss is such a disingenuous bitch. Nobody outed her. She came out for her 15 minutes of fame, sold her story to multiple tabloids, along with transcripts of all the txt msgs she had, calls into TMZ Live and has been running her mouth for two days to anyone who will listen to her. But to hear her tell it she's a loyal person, still likes Weiner and thinks he should keep his job, and doesn't want the media attention that's being forced on her.

yeah right, lying bitch.

1233 days ago

pap rat    

WTF is the maxzsurf beach REPORT FOR TODAY? when is harvey going to do a set alone editorial TEA TIME on the show about whatever he wants to talk about.A side show called TEA TIME with harvey and the staff can walk over to his tea room and settin or NOT?.Harvey should have done a editorial bit years ago.Than a behind the screens wakeup room pre show to show waht is going doan that day with viewer feed back to setup the shots of the day week and month cams on cams behind the shots and pre show wake up room AKE harveys TEA ROOM used also as the wake up room

1233 days ago


this woman is friggin delusional. she stated in the tmz live interview prez clinton did nothing wrong. i am so sick of those that believe clinton was impeached cause he had sex. wrong he obstructed justice, committed perjury and just like weiner lied multiple times to the american people. weiner used congressional offices and phone lines to call this bimbo. who cares about the sex portion, he is a member of the u.s. house of representatives and put himself in a position of being blackmailed. that is the problem

1233 days ago

who cares    

She is selling her story and TMZ can act like they didn't pay but it is obvious TMZ and other media are offering her big bucks. I an sure the transcripts she sold to radaronline got her 6 figures. TMZ probably only paid low 5 figure for this interview.

So her claiming it is ruining her life is her own fault for coming out and making bucks off of the media.

1233 days ago


This scandal is ruining her life. Seriously? Someone should remind the ugly whore that at any time she could have cut off contact with him. She went to the media with this story to get her 15 minutes and now she is going to complain about it.

Did she honestly think that Weiner was going to leave his wife for that ugly mug.

1233 days ago


Cry me a GD river! Its her own fault- Hoe's stay away from married me. Its simple. But for some reason they just can't espcially if they are famous or have money.

That buzzard Allred must be getting old- she late. She's usually foaming at the mouth wth this kind of stuff. But wait a minute. 10, 9, 8, .......

1233 days ago

who dat    

New headline: "Nancy Pelosi looks at Weiner"

1233 days ago


Oh and if you can't leave your house because of the press I find it miraculous that you managed to spill all your dirt on TMZ.

If you feel so bad for his wife, shut up, go away and stop giving interviews to rub her face in it.

The only thing worse the a whore, its an attention whore.

1233 days ago
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