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Congressman's Woman

Big Weiner Supporter

6/7/2011 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the women who engaged in torrid sexual conversations with Congressman Anthony Weiner is fiercely committed to his political views, and feels he's being singled out unfairly for criticism.

Anthony Weiner

40-year-old Lisa Weiss -- a Nevada blackjack dealer who went back and forth with Weiner on Facebook for more than a year -- tells TMZ she first began messaging him in August, 2010, after hearing an impassioned, microphone-slamming speech he gave on health care.

Weiss sought Weiner out, messaging him, "You are the coolest dem on the planet!"  She added, "Keep fighting for the sane people in this country!"

Weiner wrote back, "Thank you Lisa.  Glad you have my back.  You keeping an eye on the wackadoodle Angle for us."  Sharron Angle is a guns rights advocate who ran for Congress in Nevada.

Weiss tells us she's a liberal democrat who believes in Weiner's policies and spent a lot of time messaging him about his views.  She believes it's unfair to target Weiner:  "Bill Clilnton was the best President we ever had and look what he did.  Kennedy banged everything in sight."

As for using Congressional resources to carry on their sexual conversations, Weiss says the only time she talked to Weiner from his office was one night at around midnight, when he talked with her on the phone for 30 minutes and it was "strictly about politics."  She says she was actually surprised the conversation didn't get sexual."

Weiss, who says she wants to apologize to Weiner's wife, does admit the conversations got raunchy.  One notable mention:  In February, after watching Weiner on Bill Maher's show, Weiss wrote, "Didn't think I could love you more until I saw you on Bill Maher tonight."

Weiner responded:  "Maybe Maher will let me do you on his desk.  Since u like me there."

And we had to mention the cheesiest line of all.  Weiss said in one message, "didn't want you to call homeland security on me." Weiner responded, "No, we have a special secret agency that deals with hot women."


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If she feels he is being targeted unfairly. Why on EARTH is sharing details. She doesn't give two anythings about he or his wife. Gross.

1181 days ago


Why isn't Arnold an option on the poll?

1181 days ago


She's not helping him escape the sleaze label.

1181 days ago


And why are people saying that Weiner did is worse tht JFK? Are you kidding me? He had so many women on the side including Marylin Monroe. So far no one has said that they have had an affair with Weiner, so what exactly did he do wrong? He lied about it? Big deal. You all act as if government officials don't lie on a daily basis. What a joke. The rest of the world is laughing about this.

1181 days ago


For those of us old enough to have gone to college when the literature survey courses were mandatory, check out "Weinermandius,"
offered by Iowahawk with apologies to Shelley:

1181 days ago


He told the Porn Star to lie, why not this Nevada Hooker as well? Obviously this is damage control.

1181 days ago


Typical liberal moron... it's "unfair to target Weiner." Tell me again who's targeting him? Like a dumbass 8th grader he texts his junk to a Vegas whore (dealer? yeah, right) and gets caught. Move along... nothing to see here.

1181 days ago

File that lawsuit, I am Lindsay Lohan!    

She has a funny way of showing "her support". Anyways, he should resign, the best way for this to go away for the democrats is to apply the republican method about sex scandals, force him to resign and make him go away. Chris Lee (R-NY congressman) had a sex scandal early this year involving Craigslist and transsexual prostitutes and that scandal died fast because he resigned right away and disappeared and hasn't made any noise since then.

1181 days ago


OMG who is voting on this poll??? 10 year olds? Clinton worse than Kennedy?? Are you kidding me? If you're too young to make an honest, intelligent vote, don't vote! Kennedy was the worst of them all....not even close. Dumb TMZ posters here today.

1181 days ago


I wonder what Newt Gingrich thinks about this whole mess.

1181 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Somehow, married dudes texting single women makes everyone seem silly. He could've had a staffer thank her for her support and let that be that.

1181 days ago


This just in.... The Red Rooster people can't stand her as she's always been full of herself. On a side note...calling Rachel Uchitel for advice because the ever slimy Dr. Drew can't be far behind. Wait. Rachel went that route too.

1181 days ago


Do as I say, not as I do. Throw them all out. Every last one of them. Republican or Democrat has no bearing because they are all the same. They have their own little laws for themselves and then the laws for the rest of us.

This guy should resign and no longer be allowed to hold any type of public office.

1181 days ago


Man, politicians have the worst looking "misteresses" ever! Where do they find these people, YUK!

republican, democrat, liberal, or conservative, doesnt matter here, behaving in a manor unbecoming of an elected offical...he should resign, Im just saying.

1181 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

I'm not old enough to remember the Kennedy crud but the OBVIOUS ANSWER IS KENNEDY.

The Kennedys are a scourge on this worth. Horrible horrible sociopathic people who screw women and then KILL them so they won't talk about it. RIP Mary Jo. RIP Marilyn.

Even the Kennedy women get involved to mud sling about others and then organize "women empowerment conferences" to cover their tracks.


1181 days ago
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