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Blackjack Mistress Issues Apology to Mrs. Weiner

6/8/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner's Vegas-based cyber mistress felt so bad about her involvement in "Weinergate" -- she typed up an apology letter and mailed it off to Mrs. Weiner ... TMZ has learned.


In the letter, obtained by TMZ, blackjack dealer Lisa Weiss tells Huma Abedin she wants to express her "deepest apologies for conversing with your husband Congressman Anthony Weiner."

Weiss adds, "I honestly meant no harm and I hope that you and Anthony can work through this."

Before signing off, Weiss noted, "I still remain a huge supporter!"

So we gotta ask ...


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1. Why should Ms. Blackjack blame herself and continue to apologize. Weiner is the one who instigated and set the sexual tone for these relationships.

2. You keep referring to these women as mistresses. As I recall from days of old, a mistress is someone who is kept and her services are paid for. Ms. Blackjack is neither.

1210 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Problem is, this lovely lass is like Tiger's cuties. She is just one of many, so it would take like an entire troupe of Vegas showgirls to apologize for getting their kicks out of all of this.

1210 days ago


What does she want? Huma was THISCLOSE to Hillary (maybe closer, if the sordid gossip is to be believed). And we all know how well the women come off who cheat with the husband when any Clinton is remotely in the picture.(Not. Good.)

1210 days ago


BTW, I'm more than half convinced this is all about getting Huma and Hillary anyway -- Breitbart and Drudge have had a thing about the supposed sordid love affair between H and H since when Hillary was running for president.

1210 days ago


Mrs Weiner might look at this as sincere and heartfelt had she not been able to read it on TMZ. Now, not so much.

1210 days ago


idiot twit, just another way to make herself feel better about being a cyber slut, if she cared for the wife's feelings she wouldn't have been such a slimeball. she's a selfish whore.

1210 days ago


For someone that claims her life is ruined because of the publicity, this open letter to the wife is a step in the wrong direction. We got ourselves another fame wh0re. Tacky and disgusting woman.

1210 days ago

Mr, Know it All    

This woman is a mentally unstable fame whore... and there is nothing worse than a mentally unstable woman "who is in to politics" and other women's husbands.

Come to think of it she reminds me of Balloon Boy's father... same wacked-out thinking.

1210 days ago


I didn't have a love child with Arnold and I didn't have a cyber affair with Weiner.

Anyone want to take my nekkid photo?

1210 days ago


I think this is the sort of thing you "apologize for" by not engaging in it in the first place!

Contrition after the consequences land on you like a ton of bricks is a little shallow.

It also keeps your name in the news.

1210 days ago


Sincere or not I don't think a typed letter was appropriate. MAYBE if she had hand written it, it would have been less tacky...but at this point in time, still inappropriate...and it certainly isn't going to do anyone any good except for maybe easing some of her guilt. The wife does not want to hear from the "other woman". EVER.

1210 days ago


I'm sure she'll be a big supporter after seeing that weiner.

1210 days ago


Like his wife really cares what one of his whores thinks.

1210 days ago


Fame Whore

1210 days ago


Why in the world can't celebrities and politicians learn the rules of cheating, or do they think they're above the rules?

You never cheat with a single person or a famewhore. Stupid stupid stupid!!!!!

1210 days ago
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