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Gay Cop

Fights for Right

to March in Uniform

6/7/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A gay correctional officer is outraged that his department thinks marching in uniform in the West Hollywood gay pride parade is a "discredit" to the department ... and he's taking legal action to fight for his rights.


Andrew Johnson works as a correctional officer for the California Institution for Women in Chino, CA.  He's also a member of the Gay Peace Officers Association.  Johnson asked his superiors at the Department of Corrections for permission to march in uniform on Sunday, but was told he couldn't do it because of a law that prohibits officers from marching in uniform if it would bring "discredit" to the department.

Johnson's lawyer, Gloria Allred, said at a news conference that other departments -- including the LAPD, L.A. County Sheriff's Department and the CHP -- allow officers to march in uniform in the parade.

Allred says the Department of Corrections allows officers to march in uniform in other parades, including the Christmas parade and the Carrot Festival.

Allred says she's filed a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, alleging discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Allred wouldn't let Johnson speak, because of fear of retaliation.

She wants the warden to reverse his position so Johnson can march.


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First off, he's a correctional officer, not a cop. It's two different things. And second, he shouldn't be allowed to wear his uniform off duty, no matter what it's for. No one is telling him he can't march in the parade. Just enforcing the rules of no uniform off duty.

1197 days ago


a Gay correctional officer? hahaha wow, someones childhood dream 'came' true!

btw, LAPD has a "Don't ask, Don't Swallow" policy.. so I guess he's allowed flaunt too


1197 days ago


As with many jobs you are not allowed to wear your uniform when you are off duty. Sexual oriantation makes no diffrent. This is not anything against gays. But cops don't need to be wearing there uniforms to gay parades, Disneyland, bars, or anywhere else when they are not on duty.

2nd opinion, can TMZ stop covering evering this dumb bitch media whore attorney does. Gloria needs to be banned from holding press confrences for everything. Go to court like every other attorney. Somebody needs to stop her. Harvey what is she holding over your head to get TMZ to cover this ****.

1197 days ago


Of course he should be allowed!!!

1197 days ago


If he's off duty his uniform should be off. If gays want to be taken seriously on issues they care about they should end these parades. They're counter productive.

1197 days ago


He shouldn't march in his uniform for a Gay Pride Parade, just as he shouldn't march at a Republican, Democrat, KKK or other parades in his uniform. Wear jeans and he can march all he wants.

1197 days ago


If my company said no then I would have to deal with it. It seems that the gay community is so militant that it will never take no for an answer. To me, it just seems like the gays feel they deserve MORE rights than the rest of us. If the company said no, accept it. Stop crying.

1197 days ago


The real question is does that same specific department allow other officers to wear their uniforms for other off duty events? If so, then yes discrimination, if no, then this is fine denying him the ability to do so.

1197 days ago


I must back the police department in this case. The company that I work for does not allow us to display or wear our uniforms for anything but work. Most companies are the same. The same should apply for public officials. Law enforcement is a serious business and the uniform shouldn't be thrown around to prove a point other than law.

1197 days ago


like others have said- he is not serving in any official capacity as a cop in this parade. therefore, the uniform is not to be worn. this is NOT discrimination. he can march all he wants but as a civilian.
this is the element of homo-bullies trying to make the rest of the world celebrate them like they are heroes. they are no more heroes than anyone else.
they aren't allowed to march in uniform for any other political scenario nor should they be allowed to here.
end of case.

1197 days ago



1197 days ago


BW...Nah dude...YOU SUCK.

A cop that's comfortable in his sexual identity that is proud of who he is and not afraid to be honest with himself... At least he can hang his head high, unlike your childish snarky comments that I HOPE haunt you for the next 50 years.

1197 days ago


This is Gay!

1197 days ago


Look Harvey we know you are gay. Stop harassing all of your employees to fight for gay issues. I am going to file a complaint on behalf of your employees that you force them to view gay content and have a hostile working environment where if you don't openly fight for gay causes you are blacklisted.

1197 days ago


Well, in all fairness, he has no right to wear the uniform during that event. He's not on duty and he's not representing the LAPD in an official capacity. The LAPD, however, should not have used the term, "discredit". He wouldn't discredit the uniform, in fact he would show that the LAPD is a very well balanced group of professionals, from all walks of life. Which is what an organization like the LAPD should aspire to be. Oh, well.

1197 days ago
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