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The One-Eyed Machine

That Did Him In

6/9/2011 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This is a photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner's home computer station -- complete with a web cam -- and it was featured on a real estate site until just a few days ago, when Weiner pulled his pad off the market.


TMZ has learned Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, put their swanky Queens apartment up for sale around May 22 -- and uploaded several photos of the place on a real estate site. One pic featured a poster of JFK hanging on the wall.

The computer station seems to be the exact spot where Weiner took his infamous topless pics -- because the paint on the wall matches up. Also, the drawers in the background sync up with another photo featured in the listing.


TMZ spoke with a source connected to the situation ... who confirms Weiner 86'd his plans to sell the place in the past couple of days.

The couple was asking $449k. Think the value has gone up or down?


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PRO US    

Looks like a cheap Acer desktop computer, Brother laser printer, cheap computer speakers, cheap desk, cheap waster paper basket, cheap webcam, cheap sofa, cheap rug, cheap throw pillows, etc. Where did all the money from their taxpayer paid salaries go? Not into that apartment.

1197 days ago


Tmz took my latest masterpiece and didn't post it-- WHATEVER HARVEY--jealous-- now i forgot it but will add that i too was IMPRESSED by the total lack of any kind of taste whatsoever -- no style , no flair no care.. run down and shabby not the chic kind of shabby , just dreary and personality less. Hire a decorator dumbass.

1197 days ago


Oh no you did-- ent just use the , "everybody's doin it mom" teenage logic , did you ?

Let me ask you something you may have never heard

before if
everybody was jumpin off a bridge would you want to too ?

god bless Weiner and his strange little has given me much happiness this week. is that bad ? .. ode to joy

1197 days ago


gross. looks like all he does is sit there wanking all day.

1197 days ago



I bet that COMPUTER STATION have SEEN more DNA than a SPERM BANK.

1197 days ago

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1197 days ago


Can you imagine what that computer hard drive would say if it could talk. . .

1197 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

My image of him is just SO DISGUSTING. Arrogant, smug politician cloistered in his tiny apartment at his cheap desk facing the corner wall jerking off to anonymous women (and/or underage girls) on the internet with a framed photograph of his uppity designer-clad Muslim wife in the background (to his far right).

What was he thinking? "Yeah, I got this RIDICULOUS BULGE in my pants that I need some Jewish girl to tell me she will s_u_c_k off...I gotta cyber with some Jewish s_l_u_t while my prim & proper Muslim wife who I worship (he is quoted as saying he worships Huma LOL) is off making a name for herself in political circles."

"Yeah, I gots the best of both worlds. I gots the politically connected ethnic trophy good wife for my career and then I gots the s_l_u_t_t_y girls who I don't respect but who can get me off. Yeah, I'm the man! Look at my sexy waxed pigeon chest"


1196 days ago


Wow, that looks borderline low income.

1196 days ago


Why is there white crap on the Anthony Weiner's keyboard... oh never mind! *gross*

1196 days ago


He needs to go - it is alarming that he would be making decisions for the citizens of American, he cannot even control himself! Scary business in Congress these days if they keep people like him. So much for cleaning the swamp, huh, Ms. Pelosi!!!!!!

1196 days ago

karen darvin    

wow, funny what people over there in nyc think is swankyNow here in Texas we like our mini mansions haha esp when they are built on a small lot.but seriously, this guys apt makes me sick,it is s o plain and dull and lacks any warmth or personality, obviously he and his wife ae career people who just come home to repack their suitcases and leave.I would leave too.but really, "what a dumpppp!"

1196 days ago


@qwerty. I think you need to be clued in on something: this isn't Europe. We don't care how you all do it or what you think "over there". This is a different country and different part of the world. Now that that little geography lesson is out of the way, save it.

1196 days ago


All of these pics were taken at the condo. Check the backgrounds with the twitter pics. Even the bare chested one. The pic is taken at the computer, with the cabinet behind him. The pictures on top of the cabinet are missing that's all. Check out the hardware on the cabinet, same as in the condo pics.

1196 days ago

Progressive Gurl    

@Doug: He did nothting wrong? He contacted the media and white house security and claimed he had been hacked!!! He reported a crime that NEVER happened. Jeeez.

1196 days ago
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