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Mel Gibson -- Mending Kids

6/9/2011 5:50 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

After flying down to do charity work in Guatemala yesterday, Mel Gibson  visited some sick kids at a local hospital.

Gibson is doing good deeds with Mending Kids International, which provides medical care to underprivileged children.

He and estranged wife Robyn have been working with the charity for years.


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I think Mel is basically a good guy that has been very lost for a long time. I have a feeling that if he could give up the alcohol and get some counseling, he'd get his life back in order. Not to condone his recent problems, but I do think that Oksana woman used him and knew exactly how to push his buttons and did so all for money. As for his anti-Jewish remarks, his dad is one of those stupid Holocaust deniers and a world class nut case, so I am sure Mel grew up with a lot of negative comments about all sorts of people that while he may not believe, did seep into his consciousness a little bit and sadly do come out of his mouth from time to time when he's been drinking. I wish him luck in the future.

1195 days ago


Frieda less than a minute ago

@Ohreally This all just shows to what level these professional haters will stoop, begrudging even children in need just because it is their target of hate, Mel, doing something good. That just burns them, doesn't it? Oksaloons at work!

I knew it was just a matter of time before you brought Mel's ex-girlfriend into it. Can't resist expressing your hatred of her can you?
You are just a sad, pathetic Mel Gibson fan, who has nothing better to do than sit on your PC and almost wet yourself in glee when anything "Mel" come on TMZ.

1195 days ago


irish35 3 minutes ago

I know this sounds crazy, but I honestly am wondering if TMZ isn't getting paid to do PR work for Mel Gibson. And during the Oksana debacle, I wonder if TMZ was host to professionally hired poster who ran a smear campaign on Oksana Grigorvia, Mel's ex-girlfriend.

These staged photo ops are so obvious, and aside from just a couple, you rarely if ever see most of "team mel" posters post on anything but Mel.


I rarely post on anything but Mel Gibson because I am not interested in celebrity gossip . . . just Mel Gibson and the role that media has played as Ari Emanuel's handmaiden.

Of course these photos are staged (see my last post), and Mel Gibson has posed for hundreds for this charity alone over the last decade. That's the purpose of celebrity presence for charities: it draws attention to charity involved. (See the logo for Mending Kids on his shirt?)

To you seriously think Mel Gibson would give money to TMZ, which has FEASTED on him for the last five years? The idea is ridiculous. As to his ex-mistress, she earned the disgust of anyone savvy enough to check into her lies and extortion.

1195 days ago

St Murphy    

oh realy the twitch witch is back hahahhaha,,yeah thats what its sounding like lilac maybe to many wet dreams of his bare butt in movies was to much for them to sure they are so big most guys couldnt handle them..hahahha...if im a troll your a skag!and to think i actually like mel but look how it gets turned around...DUH!regardless of the celeb i would feel the same way...NEXT!

1195 days ago


Mel is such a good guy no matter what anyone says. Everyone makes mistakes but Mel works his butt off to correct his! Good job

1195 days ago

St Murphy    


if you had a half a brain you would know st murphy was from the boondock saints..shame they arent real cause a visit to your house would be fun for them!

1195 days ago

hue jazz    

All you negative jackass's can go to hell, when was the last time you helped someone in need out!

1195 days ago


@ st Murphy
I am disappointed in you. Why don't you address what I said? But no, you are out of control with stupid crude insults.
I expected more of you!

1195 days ago

St Murphy    

its good to see you back twitch witch hahahha love the new name shame its blatant its you how is that team lohan thing going for you?

1195 days ago


@St Murphy Huh? What happened to making valid points? You're being rude and disgusting.

@Lori Mel *has* stopped drinking. Maybe you haven't been following the stories since the '06 DUI

1195 days ago


BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! just don't leave any of those kids with him!

1195 days ago



You really do have an obsessive hatred of Oksana don't you? You take a article about Mel's charity work, and quickly turn it into a hate and bashing fest against Mel's ex-girlfriend. I think you may need some mental health help.

1195 days ago


With everyone in the pics but Mel being Mexican, that's a local hospital alright. Congrats to them for more illegal anchor babies delivered at gringo Americano expense.

1195 days ago

Myself and I    

At least he is doing something to help those who need it. What are any of you naysayers doing to make this world better? I may not be a fan of his private life, but it is just that, private. He doesn't owe anyone on this board anything.

1195 days ago


St Murphy 15 minutes ago its good to see you back twitch witch hahahha love the new name shame its blatant its you how is that team lohan thing going for you?
hey bucko, shove yourself away from the pints!!! ROFL

I have been posting here a long time, ALWAYS about MG, ONLY abt Mel Gibson.

I have no idea who twitch witch is, but you are barking up the wrong tree!

Listen, lay off the insults about Mel Gibson. He is doing stellar work with this charity he is involved in. So what if you think he should be doing something else instead! How do you know he isn't? Your resentment is ugly and serves no good purpose.

1195 days ago
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