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Cops Investigate Weiner's Alleged Contact with Minor

6/10/2011 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Police reportedly visited the home of a 17-year-old girl in Delaware this afternoon -- to question her about online communications she may have had with Congressman Anthony Weiner.

Anthony Weiner Pedophile

Two officers went to the high school student's home today around 4:30pm -- where they spoke with the girl's mother about her daughter's alleged Twitter relationship with the Congressman ... this according to

According to the website, the girl followed Weiner on Twitter after she saw him speak at her school on April 1st -- and Weiner messaged her soon after.

It's unclear what he messaged her or how long the online relationship lasted -- but the girl tells Fox, "I'm doing okay."



If it already isn't over the top my guess it soon will be. Where there's smoke, there's fire. It's just a matter of time before something sordid is uncovered. His days as a politician are numbered.....

Workin my way to Trump status Workin my way to Trump status

lol this keeps getting crazier. i know all this was done online and no cheating happened in real life, but an elected public servant needs to know they cannot behave this way. maybe all the messages with this girl was about having a good time at the speech, but we don't know. weiner, stick with your wife when talking dirty from now on.

nebraska blonde nebraska blonde

Time to resign and go into rehab you sicko!


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Miss Do Two    

Correct me if my thinking is out of line..we have a man who is a Congressman of the United States of America..he takes a picture of his penis and sends it out into cyberspace for unknown women to marval over..Barbara Walters wants this man whose penis has gone viral on the WWW to be a future POUS, published penis and all?! ALSO..shouldn't this be considered INDECENT EXPOSURE?

1208 days ago


Of course it is FOX. Anything that could possibly construed as sensationalistic they will pick up. I'm over it already!

1208 days ago


What we REALLY need to do is, we need to focus on identifying the women that Anthony Weiner did NOT have some sort of sexual relationship with in this country. At this time we believe there six remaining.

1208 days ago


Run Huma fast and far. What if you have a daughter? You can't have this around her. What if you have a boy? Do you want this jagoff to be a role model for a son? Yuck! Get away from this nut job. It is going to get worse. He keeps saying he didn't do anything. I'm waiting for that to come out next. We got porn stars, underage girls, maybe there will be some drugs and hookers too. God how humiliating. And I'm not part of the Christian right wing. I'm just some average Democrat and this is revolting. This guy is creepy!

1208 days ago

Tony Johnson    

OH LORD! Here we GO!

It's seems that with his name being 'Weiner' that even GOD was trying to give him a clue in a 'heads up' kind of way!

Your 'WEINER' is going to be your downfall ~

Don't you think they called him 'weener' and all sorts of phallic names in school growing up~that's probably were his fascination with his penis came from, because he's truly very fascinated with his own penis...

1208 days ago

The Batman    

Man, who cares?

1208 days ago


Surprise, surprise. I'm convinced this guy would be into much worse stuff if he wasn't a politician who has to watch his step. He's probably into flashing and posting his junk on adult hook up websites. I can't believe he thought he could use twitter of all things to communicate with these political groupies and not get caught.

If he doesn't resign the dems are going to squewer him.

1208 days ago


Listen up you 'hangers on' (Don't ask me what you're hangin' onto ok)... "I TOLD YOU SO" over a week ago.

1208 days ago


This picture makes weiner look big....

1208 days ago

No comment    

If you watched his 'to tell the truth' news conference, he hemmed and hawed when asked if all the women were adults. His response during that news conference left me to believe he knew one or more was not o****e. He's gross, but what is worse is the people of his district who support the looser. Who apparently lied to the President about this in a phone conversation. That makes the party and the President look bad.

1208 days ago


How did Fox News manage to break a story before TMZ?

1208 days ago


I would like to see how many electronic anomalies(shut down of accounts, changing of cell phones) you will see in the senate and congressional area. This is an area that really needs to be looked at. I think that since they are public servants then they, just like hollywood stars, should be held to a higher standard and if they cannot hold that then they should step down immediately.

1208 days ago


He should take his penis on the road and do a ventriloquist act with it.

1208 days ago

who dat    

The Weiner was gathering quite a slut list on twitter.

1208 days ago


Does anyone else think he looks like Squidward from Spongebob cartoon

1208 days ago
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