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Eli Roth: Russell Crowe Is NOT Anti-Semitic

6/10/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eli Roth is outraged that a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter took what he says was a "joking exchange between friends" -- Eli and Russell Crowe -- and then attacked Crowe as being anti-Semitic.


It all started when Eli and Russell -- who often tease each other on Twitter -- were joking about circumcision.  Crowe tweeted, "I love my Jewish friends.  I love the apple and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies," adding, "I'll take attentive parenting over barbarism."

Apparently a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter saw the exchange and went after Russell with a headline that said he "insults Jews."

Eli tells TMZ, "The headline blatantly attempts to make Russell look like an anti-Semite.  It's tabloid journalism at its worst."

Eli adds, "No one contacted either of us.  It's terrible.  Russell is a great person and respectful of all religions."

And, Eli says, "The press is trying to terrify celebrities into not using Twitter.  They want to show they can still ruin you.  It's sickening."


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the Seeker    

Judaism totally rejects any doctrine of an incarnation of God and absolutely rejects any concept of an incarnation of God in any form.Jews especially rejected vehemently even under penalty of death or threats of torture the Christian idea of Jesus as a divine incarnation of God, and neither see Jesus as a Prophet nor Messiah.

I have been to the west bank before it was turned into a
prison camp and cut off from Gaza.Egypt feeds the people of Gaza.Isreal deprives children of essential needs as blackmail and sadistic punishment for the people who will not submit to their treachery.

Remind me again were the 10 lost tribes went? Who crucified Jesus ?

We the lost Tribes are here and ready for the final battle Inshallah.

1200 days ago


I am just stating my opinion just like Crowe stated his. Not attacking him personally.

1200 days ago


My Opinion Only: You are absolutely right! There is no reason to cir****ise babies. I did not have my son cir****ised because there was no way I was going to let anyone strap my baby on a board and cut him (that's the way it's done). He was taught how to clean himself and in 23 years has never had any kind of problem.

1200 days ago


@the Seeker: You are deluded or a deceiver. Egypt never had an open border with Gaza from 1967 until a month ago and never fed the people of Gaza. Over 200 truckloads of food, medicine and other essential goods enter Gaza from Israel every day. O truckloads of food enter Gaza every day. Over 80% of Gaza's electrical needs come from power lines in Israel and all of Gaza's natural gas and oil needs are transported to Gaza from Israel. Egypt doesn't allow anything more than a trickle of personal goods into Gaza. You're really showing your ignorance claiming that Egypt "feeds Gaza".

I'll remind your ignorant ass who crucified Jesus. The Romans crucified Jesus, you dumbass. Do you remember Pontius Pilate? He worked for Rome, you moron. Jews had no capital punishment in Israel at the time. The Romans ran the territory of Israel and the Romans executed Jesus Christ. Are you going to blame the Italians now or modern day Romans for killing Jesus?

Jesus (Yeshua in Hebrew) was Jewish. His mother Mary (Miriam in Hebrew) was Jewish. His father Joseph (Yosef in Hebrew) was Jewish. All 12 Apostles were Jewish. Most of Jesus' followers were Jewish. Most of the people who converted to Christianity after Jesus' death were Jewish. Jesus spoke and wrote Hebrew and prayed in Hebrew at Jewish synagogues including The Temple in Jerusalem on The Temple Mount.

You're such a fool, 'the Seeker'!

If you want to learn what happened to the 10 lost tribes, educate yourself and read about it. It's not my job to enlighten prejudiced and racist idiots on every subject under the sun.

You're lost alright. But, you wish you were a member of the 10 lost tribes. You're clueless. You know next to nothing about Jews, Judaism, Jesus or the foundations of Christianity.

You're an ignoramus.

See you at Armageddon, Inshallah up your ass, the Seeker.

1200 days ago


I meant to write: "O (zero) truckloads of food enter Gaza every day from Egypt."

1200 days ago


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Glynn 3 minutes ago

My Opinion Only: You are absolutely right! There is no reason to cir****ise babies. I did not have my son cir****ised because there was no way I was going to let anyone strap my baby on a board and cut him (that's the way it's done). He was taught how to clean himself and in 23 years has never had any kind of problem.

Good for you. That's 100% your right and your decision. No one should interfere in the parents' decision on this matter with their own sons. Do what you think and believe is right for you and them.

1200 days ago


"cir***cision was necessary 2000 years ago, because people didn't have enough water to clean themselves thouroughly with."

(picks self up off floor after falling over with side-splitting laughter)
Are you a comedy writer? Because if you're not, then sorry to say, but holy sh_t you are so ignorant, of history and of facts.
They didn't have enough water to wash themselves? Back then? Really? You really think that? That's a real mind blower!(Actually, according to archeologists, there was MORE water available in the middle east "back then" than there is today.)
It reminds me of the unbelievably moronic reason my daughter's high school history teacher gave for the 2nd Amendment being in the Constitution...she said that it was put in because "back then", most people hunted for their food and had to worry about being attacked by Indians (our little liberal didn't even say "native Americans"). And she was a TEACHER!

1200 days ago


@the Seeker: You want to force people who respect Christians and Christian beliefs, but don't share the Christians' belief that Jesus was the Son of God, into believing that Jesus is the Messiah. You imply that they should die if they don't share your belief. That's not the way that the world works or should work. You don't have the right to force your religious beliefs on others and to kill them if they don't agree. The Crusades and the Dark Ages are over. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintos, Bahai's, Atheists and Agnostics don't believe Jesus was the Messiah either. Do you want to kill all of them too? People and individuals should be free to make up their own minds what is right for them without you waving a sword in their faces. As long as people are peaceful, law abiding and do no harm to others, they should be allowed to live in peace, respect and tranquility. They're not forcing their beliefs on you. Why are you trying to force your beliefs on them? You're a fascist. That's why.

1200 days ago

U Got B**CH Slapped    

Russel Crowe always seemed like a douche bag to me anyways...

not surprised at ALL...Next Story please...

1200 days ago


Tammy 18 minutes ago

So, I'm a female who never really gave much thought to cir***cision, because I don't have a penis, until I started dating a guy who was uncir***cised. Then, the urinary tract infections and yeast infections started. I thought "this guy is not clean," which I knew wasn't true because I'd taken showers with his and washed him myself. I finally got sick of paying for prescription drugs and got rid of the guy, thinking it must be him. Then, I ran into another uncir***cised guy and the same crap started all over again. Finally, my ob/gyn just gave me the lowdown on being uncircomcised: it's next to impossible to get that crap 100% clean and one spec of bacteria spreads like wildfire. Now, I have a strict policy that I do not date uncir***cised men. Meanwhile, my sister married one and never had a problem. I think, from a female standpoiint, it just depends on your system and I have a sensitive one. This experience led me to the conclusion that if I ever have a son, he's getting cir***cised.


You have a valid point, Tammy! A man's diet can also affect the health of his female sexual partner. A very good friend of mine, kept getting regular yeast infections and both she and her husband are "clean" freaks. Once all of the obvious factors were ruled out, her OB/Gyn suggested that her husband's somewhat regular consumption of beer may be causing her outbreaks. When her husband significantly reduced his consumption of beer, her yeast infections disappeared!!!

On the other hand, one of my longest and most physically pleasing sexual relationships was with an uncir***cised man and I experienced absolutely "NO ADVERSE" health effects from our relationship. This man took his personal hygiene very seriously. Personally, I'm neither "FOR" or "AGAINST" cir***cision because an individual's "LIFESTYLE" choices have the most impact on their health and that of their sexual partners. As long as the "TRADITIONAL" medical community hasn't dismissed this ancient practice, I WOULD NOT consider it BARBARIC!!!

Russell Crowe is perhaps one of the finest actors of his generation but he's not a physician. He was only joking on Twitter with a "JEWISH" friend about certain "JEWISH" practices. Considering that Russell Crowe is a "high profile" figure, he should be much more careful about how he expresses himself in very public forums such as Twitter in order to avoid future misunderstandings. Too many people make a living from "TWISTING THE FACTS". Mr. Crowe has been in the entertainment business long enough to know better.

1200 days ago


This is a classic celebrity brain fart...

They always think their opinion is a FACT. Thus, anyone daring to disagree is a "moron", to quote Crowe.

This pegs Russell Crowe's emotional and intellectual age at 18. Not bad. Most celebrities and politicians are, emotionally, somewhere south of 16 years old.

1200 days ago

the Seeker    

Howie(sleeps at night I'll never know) ?
I helped to dig tunnels to bring medicine and milk to the children of Palastine You're a fascist imposing your rituals on gentiles under the guise of health.
And blockading a million people whom you give scraps of food,and mostly Jewish made kosher crap they don't want and don't need.
I never said one word about killing anybody you trickster.

1200 days ago


Thank you Mr. Roth for standing up against this type of nonsense. Say anything containing the word Jewish and not glowing praise and you are automatically an antisemitic. It's nonsense.

1200 days ago


This is just silly. This is not even worth to be printed. (yawn) who cares

1200 days ago


@Sincerity - My ob/gyn never mentioned beer!! WOW!!! Well, I learned something valuable on TMZ today. WOW!!!

1200 days ago
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