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Eli Roth: Russell Crowe Is NOT Anti-Semitic

6/10/2011 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Eli Roth is outraged that a reporter for The Hollywood Reporter took what he says was a "joking exchange between friends" -- Eli and Russell Crowe -- and then attacked Crowe as being anti-Semitic.


It all started when Eli and Russell -- who often tease each other on Twitter -- were joking about circumcision.  Crowe tweeted, "I love my Jewish friends.  I love the apple and the honey and the funny little hats but stop cutting yr babies," adding, "I'll take attentive parenting over barbarism."

Apparently a reporter from The Hollywood Reporter saw the exchange and went after Russell with a headline that said he "insults Jews."

Eli tells TMZ, "The headline blatantly attempts to make Russell look like an anti-Semite.  It's tabloid journalism at its worst."

Eli adds, "No one contacted either of us.  It's terrible.  Russell is a great person and respectful of all religions."

And, Eli says, "The press is trying to terrify celebrities into not using Twitter.  They want to show they can still ruin you.  It's sickening."


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Crowe wouldn't dare to "call out" islam. He knows they'll come and get him. It's always easier to attack Jews. That's why the anti-semites do it, problem is, it's just not as much fun as it was back in the 1930s and 1940s.

1208 days ago


Why do people think only Jewish people are cir***cised?

1208 days ago

the Seeker    

How did my helping hungry children get food and medical supplies get spun into support for militant Islam ?
Hamas has been in control of Gaza for less than 5 years.
If you noticed I said I have been to the West Bank = P.A/Fatah
You are using calculated lies and faulty presumptions about my efforts in an effort to drown out my OPINIONS on a gossip site moreover, I am calling BS on the hundreds of trucks you claim bring supplies to Palestine daily, If you really are a educated honest person you would know the trucks sit at the border fence for days at a time for no legitimate reason and are stopped constantly as a tool of control/punishment.Any comments on the right of return and the giant land grab during the wall construction.
Inshallah it will be done.
WB/tmz chose to publish the story on a platform for discussions so STFU with the fake threats our government has more important things to worry about than your crybaby victimization screams...

1208 days ago

Big ''D'' Of Montreal    

Russell Crowe is not antisemetic against Jews. Proof of this is back in December 2004 when the Talmud Torah school library in Montreal, Quebec, Canada was firebombed by extremists, Russell Crowe was among the numerous of celebrities who donated time, money and encouragement to rebuild the library and fight antisemitism in our community.

1208 days ago

the Seeker    

Rosanne 19 minutes ago

Crowe wouldn't dare to "call out" islam. He knows they'll come and get him. It's always easier to attack Jews. That's why the anti-semites do it, problem is, it's just not as much fun as it was back in the 1930s and 1940s.

Ever hear about operation paperclip ? Op. Odessa ?

Lest we forget an important corporate participant in the Holocaust of IG Farben, ie. Bayer.(getting a headache yet ?)

IG Farben was the most powerful German corporate cartel in the first half of the 20th century and the single largest profiteer from the Second World War.
IG stands for "Association of Common Interests": IG Farben included BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and other German chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
As do***ents show, IG Farben was intimately involved with the human experimental atrocities committed by Mengele at Auschwitz and the manufacturing of Zyklon b poison gas.
A German watchdog organization, the GBG Network, maintains copious do***ents and tracks Bayer Pharmaceutical activities.

Eli Lilly bought all the patents from IG farbon for $1 after the war Lilly's company has since grown into one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, and under Lilly’s grandson's leadership developed many new innovations, including the pioneering and development of insulin during the 1920s, the mass production of penicillin during the 1940s, and the promotion of advancements in the mass production of medicines. Innovation continued at the company after it was made a publicly traded corporation in 1952, and it developed Humulin, Merthiolate, Prozac, and many other medicines. According to Forbes, Eli Lilly & Co. was the 229th largest company in the world and 152nd in the United States in 2007, with a worth of $17 billion (USD).It is the largest corporation in Indiana.

hurry report the Nazi's that run your country.

1208 days ago


Russell Crowe donated a ton of money to a Canadian Jewish school that was bombed by Muslim jihadists. He donated enough to completely rebuild the school. He's not an antisemite.

1208 days ago


Eli Roth is dumb as a rock. He's also the idiot that defended his heroin junkie, shoplifting wh*re gf Peaches Geldof.

1208 days ago


Typical tabloid sleeze move....So not surprised that someone one from this **** hole of a place would take something someone said and blow it out of proportion....Gotta make them bucks dont ya fella's? So do it anyway you can...this is what makes our country look foolish....stupid stuff like this...

1208 days ago


I don't know about anybody else here, but I come to TMZ specifically to get away from this kinda politard, flame-war bull****.

But that's just me.

1208 days ago


does this mean Russell is uncut?

1208 days ago


Everyone on here is saying that Jews are overly sensitive, are playing the equivalent of the race card, etc. There wasn't any collective Jewish uproar over this. It was one reporter printing an article. It's not like there's a coalition of Jews who is condemning Russell Crowe! How does one article equate to an entire population being angry over something. And what's more, Eli, a Jew himself, defended Russell. I can't believe how ******* ignorant you all are.

1208 days ago


Tmz, it is highly (******** annoying that any word that has a c a u and an m adjoined is full of asterisks. Grow the (***** up. Seriously, the asterisks make me think more of (**** than the letters in a word or even the word itself. And I would rather not think about it....(******akes already!!

1208 days ago


My commentary even got censored after taking great pains to avoid it! Fine... semen, jizz, gravy, ballsauce, load, wad, squirt, pusspaste, facepaste, *****not, dreamcream, spunk and did this!

1208 days ago


Ok, have it your way RICHARDSNOT!!!!!!

1208 days ago


Hey Jews, get over it. 8 million non Jews were killed by the Nazi's. But your doing a good job of changing history.

1208 days ago
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