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Undersea Explorer -- I'm Gonna Find Bin Laden's Body!

6/13/2011 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even in death, Osama bin Laden is the most wanted man on the planet -- at least to one undersea treasure hunter ... who's determined to find out once and for all if Osama is really dead.


Treasure-hunting explorer Bill Warren tells TMZ, the purpose of the excursion "is to try to find out if [Osama] is really dead and to provide to the world the proof that he is ... We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Obama failed to provide the proof."

Bill adds, "I do not trust my government or Obama."

The search will take place in the North Arabian Sea, where a U.S. Navy ship allegedly dumped Osama's body back in May. Bill explains, "We intend to locate/recover his body and photograph and video tape him, then do a DNA test on the ship."

Bill tells us, he's using several boats and top of the line technology to perform the search --
and the entire operation will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Good news for conspiracy theorists -- Bill plans to take a film crew along for the ride and document the whole the trip.


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This is gonna turn out like when Geraldo did that Al Capone hidden vault.

1228 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Hi Cartman!:)
I would think Bin Laden was fish food and gone by now...

1228 days ago


I do not get the joke:
The picture says "Osasma".

1228 days ago


Waste of time, he's either so badly decomposed there will be no remains or its so far deep that the corpse is irretrievable. Faux Newz has to be sponsoring this, its a farce and another distraction.

1228 days ago


So a guy who doesn't believe the government buried bin Laden at sea is spending hundreds of thousands searching for a body he doesn't believe exists. And when he doesn't find it, that will prove his conspiracy theory correct? Is that how this is all going to play out?

1228 days ago


And, of course, when he CAN'T find it, well there's your conspiracy theory... and "do***entary" movie, and appearance on Alex Jones, and book with James Corsi.

What a tool.

1228 days ago

Mind Bullet    

The timing of obama's claimed victory was soooooo convenient....and then, not to produce a body?? REALLY????? Come on you stupid sheeple, WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

1228 days ago


Here's all the proof you need! A real photo of Osama is already posted here:

1228 days ago


lol @jussomeguy...exactly.

@Mind Bullet, convenient timing?!? What was convenient about it? The economy is still in the toilet. The best timing would be in October 2012 just before the know, the way Bush did it with raising his terror threat levels. And if, Osama wasn't dead, then Obama would suffer the embarrassment and ridicule of him popping-up in another video.

1228 days ago


I foresee a fatal car accident, plane accident, or a sudden heart attack in this guy's near future.

1228 days ago

Sarah Bellum     

I don't buy President Obama's story either - there are too many pieces that don't fit. Remember how many different stories the White House told about HOW it was done at first? And who was there - at first, the wife was a human shield and then she wasn't. It was embarrassing for the White House to have so many different accounts of what transpired!

And, why would our Navy Seals have a 45-minute burial for this killer if he WAS killed? Furthermore, why would our Navy Seals supposedly wash his mutilated dead body (that they supposed just killed), put clothes back on it, board it on a plane, and fly the corpse 1,500 miles to the sea ---- just so it could have a proper Muslim burial? Especially since Bin Laden has been responsible for the murders and terrorism throughout the world, and especially 9/11? Why on earth would we give his corpse so much respect?

COME ON - I think it is a silly, contrived story --- and the government must think we are idiots to believe it!! Wake up, America! It's a ludicrous story!! We have NO proof this crazy story is true. The truth is that Bin Laden has been dead for 8 years - and it was widely reported at that time. Obama's team "created" this story to improve his ratings ( which are understandably in the tank!) PLEASE WATCH THE MOVIE, "WAG THE DOG" which relates how these stories are created by the spinmasters in the White House. It's a great movie with DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman - one of the best!!

Anyway, although I do agree with this Bill guy in the above story, he will NEVER find Bin Laden's body. It never was "delicately dropped into the sea" like the government said. And, if it had been dumped into the sea, it would no longer be "fish food." It would be "fish poop."

The White House knows that Americans are sheep, and they will believe any story because they don't like to think for themselves! This whole Bin Laden story was a hoax! THERE IS NO PROOF AT ALL, except the word of the White House. And I'm not buying it!!

1228 days ago


Attention whore!! Al Qaeda already confirmed he is dead. What a pathetic joke.. Jeez

1228 days ago



1228 days ago


Trying to find a body in the ocean is like trying to find a grain of salt in a large pond. Between the ocean's currents, marine animals and decomposition I think he has zero chance of finding it. I think all the talk about conspiracy is plain retarded. If you don't believe he's dead, you don't believe he was responsible for 9/11 and other attacks in Europe, Africa and Asia then your IQ is probably lower than my dog's.

That includes you Sarah.

1228 days ago


He's just wasting his time because there is no way he'll be able to find a body that's in the bottom of the ocean. It ain't like finding the Titanic.

1228 days ago
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