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Rep. Weiner

Used Congressional Gym As Backdrop

6/13/2011 4:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Anthony Weiner took numerous photos of himself -- clothed and partially nude -- at the House Members Gym and sent them to at least one woman ... raising questions about whether he used Congressional resources in his online exploits.

TMZ obtained the pics Weiner took of himself using his Blackberry and a mirror. Congressional sources have confirmed with TMZ ... the backdrop is indeed the House Members Gym in the basement of the Rayburn House Office Building. 

 The pics were taken on both the gym floor and in the locker room.

TMZ has confirmed the pics were sent online to at least one woman.

The question that's dogged Weiner since his news conference/mea culpa is -- did he use Congressional resources during his cyber affairs?

So we gotta ask ...


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Where are the real men of integrity? This guy is just a pervert. He needs to leave Congress and go work for a relative somewhere because he is through in politics. Thankfully.

1127 days ago

James Tiberious    

Holly Demoncraps like yourself are such hypocrites. LEE the republican just sent a pic of his chest to a woman and he was gone within a couple of days pushed ut by bigots like yourself scremaing bloody murder and that he needs to resign...WOW so hypocritical of you now HOLLY that you only want Republicans to resign but never DEMONCRAPS...For you even to say Lee sending a pic of his chest is even close to what weiner did is disingenious to say the least and a reprehensible!! In fact some of you Liberals mags like TIME said that Lee sent naked pic and weiner didn't even send anything that he was hacked ...this was after it was already found out he was LYING..YEAH the truth and a demoncrap wil never be on the same page..they do not know the meaning of the word!! huh huh whta is that?

1127 days ago



1127 days ago


Who f'n cares about any of this? Hypocrites, that's who.

1127 days ago


Just a RAT........Damon....He was sending pics to teenage GIRLS ! Defend that ! His Weiner is TOAST !!!!

1127 days ago

Mike Jones    

DISGUSTING! Just utterly disgusting. Resign now you PIG!

1127 days ago


Honestly, he is so ugly that a hot body can do nothing for him.

1127 days ago


Did Barney Frank say that Weiner had the best member in congress or is the best member in congress?

1127 days ago


Wonder if BILL CLINTON has told WEINER what he should be doing with his weenie, wonder if he gave him Monica's number or has the ex gov of New York given him some numbers out of his black book???

1127 days ago

Fred Flintstone    

So many people are wrongfully focusing on whether this guy is a Democrat or a Republican. We should not care if he is a Marxist, a right-winger, or a Martian. The bottom line is that Tiny Tony Weiner is a SICK PERVERT and a LIAR. People who defend him by referring to other sickos we have had in Washington are completely missing the point. Even in his "public apology and confession" Weiner still lied again, saying "none of the women were under age." Lying to the entire nation at your own press conference where you are pretending to "come clean" is not merely moral turpitude, it indicates that this man is pathological and can not tell the truth, period. And the people of New York in his district STILL want him to represent them? That speaks volumes for those New Yorkers...
their choice for representation in Congress is a proven pathological liar, sex pervert, and philanderer. Would he be as careful with Congressional secrets as he was with Tweeting his Weiner? Grow up folks, and get rid of this LYING S***BAG.

1127 days ago

Steve M.    

Does Mr. Weiner think this is a traffic ticket and going to Sex Ed School is supposed to wash away all sins?

Give me a break.

1127 days ago


after he was grilled, weiner was frank so we should just relish.

1127 days ago



1127 days ago


do you realize how many douche bag guys take pics of themselves shirtless in gyms, houses, on the street, ect and post them on twitter/facebook? Who cares where the pic was taken.

1127 days ago

Blue Dog Dem    

And the hits keep coming....

1127 days ago
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