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Situation's Dad -- Rushed to Emergency Room

6/12/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation's dad was hospitalized earlier this week, TMZ has learned -- after experiencing debilitating side effects from his new diabetes medication.


Sources close to Frank Sorrentino tell TMZ, he recently switched to a new brand of meds because he couldn't afford the old one -- and began to experience side effects ...  like extremely high blood pressure.

Frank ended up in the emergency room at Boca Raton hospital Tuesday morning -- and was in and out of the hospital for the next few days.

We're told Frank is feeling a little better -- and is now seeing a specialist for extra help.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I guess it's safe to say that the Snitch, I mean Sitch won't be helping Daddy with any bills.......

1229 days ago


Talk about a Drama Situation.

Looks like Sitch-daddy just gets to keep trying to extract cash from his children.
Hey Mike, ignore this faker, he can make his money like everyone else.

1229 days ago


Besides, when and if Obamacare kicks in then we will all be lucky to get the cheap diabetic drugs if we get any at all.

Sitch's daddy needs to lay off the booze and the cheeseburgers and he will be fine. He is a type II diabetic without even having to take the test.

1229 days ago


He is jut looking for sympathy and money from his Son. It is an act for publicity and TMZ fell for it!

1229 days ago


I knew it. Papa Frank really is sick and just wanted money for his medication. He's not that overweight so he probably has type 1. The life expectancy for type 1 was 30 years after diagnosis not too long ago. If he has crap insurance he probably can't afford the upper tier drugs.

All the douche had to do was tell the pharmacy to bill his credit card. What a cheap, ungrateful piece o' sh*t he is.

1229 days ago


Now he can sue someone and quit begging Mikey for dough.

1229 days ago


I don't think Karma is a bitch.... this is why he needed the money from his son so he can take the other medication. Diabetes is very serious if not taken care of properly. My dad is a diabetic and I know how expensive the medication, that's not including buying the strips to test the blood and the needles. If I had the situations money I would be more than willing to help my family out.

1229 days ago


The Situation caused this "situation". If he would have helped his dad buy his medicine in the first place, which is a total **** move by not doing so, his dad would have never been in the hospital due to having to take knock off brands and having the side effects. Who has that type of money and wouldn't help their own father out, wether you haven't seen them in 1 day or 5 years? If it wasn't for your father helping create you, you wouldn't be making millions per episode of some stupid reality show. Money goes to peoples heads. Sitch would rather go out and spend all his money on dumb bitches at clubs, stupid tshirts, hair gel, and expensive cars. Don't worry, when his father dies due to not being able to correctly treat his diabetes, he will see how he wronged him, but by then it will be too late.

1229 days ago


Who cares?

1229 days ago

rocky balboa    

That's what he gets for messing with Michael Lohan the Italian Stallion.

poppa sitch = losing greasy guido wussbag... FACT

1229 days ago


you people dont even know why mike doesnt want to pay his fathers bills, his parents divorced maybe frank did something that upsets him, mike doesnt asked to be born, his father wanted kids and if he cant pay of his bills he should get an insurance and not ask his kid for help, mike doesnt own his dad anything

1229 days ago


making more sense now

he must have asked his son for financial help because of his medical needs

so now if the son doesn't step up and give him the small amount he needs (small in comparison to what his son is "earning") the world will know what a self-centred, vain, shallow, pthetic loser he is (that is if you haven't already figured that out by now)

any child who can afford to help a parent-especially when it comes to medical needs- and refuses to do so...let's just say what goes around comes around..Karma...Judgement it what you will

1229 days ago


He should call Mike Lohan for some great advice on how things work when you have a kid with money and you don't.

1229 days ago



looks like he did talk to mike lohan when they were both down in florida. he taking a page right of the michael lohan's "use a medical condition for attention" playboook. reminds me of all the times michael had his heart attacks and sold to pics to tmz.

1229 days ago


I don't understand why crappy parents expect anything back from their children. On the other hand, even if your parents were crappy, you should step up. If he was a crappy dad, he has some gall asking his son for money, however, his son should buy his medication and have it sent to him just because he can.

1229 days ago
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