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Lindsay Lohan -- House Arrest Roof Party!!!

6/13/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan suffered through day 18 of her house arrest yesterday -- by having a bunch of friends over to her kick-ass Venice apartment for a super fun rooftop BBQ!!!


Lindsay is only expected to serve another 2-and-a-half weeks in captivity ... sweet, glorious, relaxing captivity.

UPDATE: One source close to the shindig tells TMZ the gathering was "very mellow." We're told Lindsay invited over some of her close friends because she simply missed hanging out.

And get this -- we're told the gang capped off the BBQ by watching last night's premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."


Ziggy Ziggy

Wow this is "Doing Time" ?? Where do I sign up lol

Paybacksab*tch Paybacksab*tch

Gee, this seems really dreadful for her, I hope she can survive the remaining two weeks. Poor thing.

pat pat

I can't believe this. I really hope someone sends this pic to the judge or someone in the judicial system over there so they can see what a joke they've become.


No Avatar


So much for endorsing the electronic cigarette... she's photographed smoking cigarettes! I hope they didn't pay her much for that photoshoot.

1173 days ago

Seal Team 6    

I will at least say that Kris Jenner's kids work hard, and basically stay out of trouble, even though I don't care for the whole clan.

1173 days ago


messenger about a minute ago

@ Lu

Then there is only one way to solve it, let granny give us the link where he read that BS.


So it's BS to think of her pulling down her pants????? I haven't seen the link/photo myself but as I've said before, she's shown her own ****** for heaven's sake, on multiple occasions, so why would this be considered so unbelievable?

1173 days ago


She probably already got the money for endorsing the e-cig.Got the money, throw out the e-cig and resume puffing.

1173 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

CoolPhosphorescentShimmer 8 minutes ago
BRW, Radar has a bunch of pics.


1173 days ago


ilovegossip 3 minutes ago

So much for endorsing the electronic cigarette... she's photographed smoking cigarettes! I hope they didn't pay her much for that photoshoot.


Seriously, they probably had to "salt" the rim of it with cocaine for her to even touch it.

1173 days ago

john smith    

Seal team Lindsay doesn't make the laws in LA, so don't blame her for the laws. The rules say that you can have as many visitors as you want and Lindsay is not allowed to drink or do drugs.Probation agents can visit and ask for random drug or alcohol tests. It's summertime and she is 24 years old she is allowed to have people over. I think Radar said it was a party for the premiere of season six of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Lindsay tweeted about that. It doesn't look like anyone is drinking alcohol.

1173 days ago


Yeah, Mikey Jr is still living off Blowhan. What a bunch of loser family members

1173 days ago


Seal Team Six - Lindsay makes the Kartrashians seem like the KarSaintians.

1173 days ago


That's my girl. Leave her alone. Freaks.

1173 days ago


themare less than a minute ago

Yeah, Mikey Jr is still living off Blowhan. What a bunch of loser family member


I know, it seems like every member of the Lohan bunch saps off of her, one way or the other.

BTW, how are you doing?

1173 days ago


@Seal Team
Here is a link re the zoom lens. Lindsay isnt protected by any pap laws if she calls them out

1173 days ago


The high temperature in Venice yesterday was 68 degrees, the low was 57. Everyone else is in long sleeves, and coats. Lindsay is in daisy dukes, and later a halter dress. How many people make their friends sit outside (on the ground, no less) when it's cool out. If this wasn't a photo opportunity, then I don't know what is.

1173 days ago


JS, why don't you climb up to the top of her roof and check to be sure she isn't drinking alcohol? Then you could film it and put it on reality tv, Agent Smitty.

1173 days ago


@ Lu

It was a lie, even granny just admitted he didn't say that about Lindsay Lohan. He said it applied to "someone" I'm still waiting for the link.

Those pics you refer to were taken when she was getting in/out of a car and they were years ago. Whats past is past.

Lu, why are you obsessed with all things Lohan? the hate posts about the Lohans are 60% from you, your obsession is bordering on dangerous.

1173 days ago
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