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Lindsay Lohan -- House Arrest Roof Party!!!

6/13/2011 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan suffered through day 18 of her house arrest yesterday -- by having a bunch of friends over to her kick-ass Venice apartment for a super fun rooftop BBQ!!!


Lindsay is only expected to serve another 2-and-a-half weeks in captivity ... sweet, glorious, relaxing captivity.

UPDATE: One source close to the shindig tells TMZ the gathering was "very mellow." We're told Lindsay invited over some of her close friends because she simply missed hanging out.

And get this -- we're told the gang capped off the BBQ by watching last night's premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."


Ziggy Ziggy

Wow this is "Doing Time" ?? Where do I sign up lol

Paybacksab*tch Paybacksab*tch

Gee, this seems really dreadful for her, I hope she can survive the remaining two weeks. Poor thing.

pat pat

I can't believe this. I really hope someone sends this pic to the judge or someone in the judicial system over there so they can see what a joke they've become.


No Avatar


BRW you are the voice of reason.

these yahoos think tweets is the same as a oscar.

casey anthony if she had a twitter account it would be in the millions now.

None of my friends in florida have a twitter account and alot of stars dont have one.

Lindsay looks at the account like it is a good thing. 90% of people that follow her cant stand her.

she has to be in real deial to think thaT account means a damn thing.

I see how well those tweets kept you out of trouble.

1192 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Twitter obviously causes all kinds of people trouble, if they aren't careful what they tweet.

And I wish you could have seen the wild cactus flowers at Red Rocks with me today. Beautiful. yellow and dark pink.

1192 days ago


red rocks is a pretty place and the best place for concerts.

off to bed my dear angels on you pillow.

back to the boat tomorrow

1192 days ago


before i go red clod you are a useless idiot.

no facts and are hooked on pathetic actresses

1192 days ago

Blood Red Witch    


Night hunny. I will be going to sleep soon. Sweet Dreams and dont work to hard. Muuuuaw

1192 days ago


Lindsay's fans are fading fast...there isn't one comment on ROL in Lindsay's defense. All are against her. How sad and pathetic her career has become. She had such potential 5 years ago, too.

1192 days ago


Wow, Red Cloud, you were right. Lindsay is more popular than Natalie Portman:

“Lindsay Lohan dui” 219,000 results
“Natalie portman dui” 103 results

"Lindsay Lohan goes to jail" 408,000 results
"Natalie Portman goes to jail” no results found

“Lindsay Lohan thief” 6,570 results
“Natalie Portman thief" 5 results

"Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab" 25,200 results
"Natalie Portman goes to rehab" no results found

1192 days ago

john smith    

Who is going to be lucky comment 1000?

1192 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

They are filming right outside of her house! Degrading or what? She must be throwing a baby fit right about now!

1192 days ago

Seal Team 6    

ilovegossip 22 hours ago

Snookie has more twitter followers than Lindsay? Now, THAT is very telling! LOL!!!


And Nicole aka Snooki works for a living, went to college, and has only been arrested once (public drunkenness). Oh, and does a bunch of charity stuff. It's sad when the "Jersey Shore" Guidos and Guidettes are more productive members of society than Lindsay.

1192 days ago

Seal Team 6    

If Lindsay doesn't finish her CS, she will be going to state prison. Bye bye extensions and Grey Bulls and grilled squid, hello protective custody, bologna sammies, and no Eleanor.

1192 days ago

Red Cloud    

drunk post

ilovegossip 23 hours ago
Lindsay's fans are fading fast...there isn't one comment on ROL in Lindsay's defense. All are against her. How sad and pathetic her career has become. She had such potential 5 years ago, too.

You and others are full of **it. I'll show you in a couple of days. Let me bust your chops for now. Just fun, I'm a nice guy.


Lindsay lohan is great and has many fans.....126,000,000

Lindsay Lohan sucks and is a loser.......1,920,000

back to the drunken bums with guitarts and drums.


1191 days ago


@red cloud

Just to bust YOUR chops...

Lindsay lohan is a great singer 1,320,000
Lindsay Lohan is a great thief 2,000,000

Lindsay Lohan is a great actress 30,700,000
Lindsay Lohan is a great alcoholic 55,000,000

1191 days ago


wow it must be nice. why she didnt go to jail? i guess we see the system only locks up the certain kind of ppls and let the rich be free... she a loser and want have nothing in the long run... way to go cali your system really show alot

1191 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

LL better watch out. Even when she deletes her tweets have been saved. Every public tweet ever sent is now in the Liberary of congress!

1191 days ago
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