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Obama: If I Were Weiner, I'd Resign

6/13/2011 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Obama just made a bold statement about Congressman Anthony Weiner's predicament ... "I can tell you that if it were me, I'd resign."


Obama, who made his statement to "Today" anchor Ann Curry for broadcast Tuesday, said "Well, obviously what he did was highly inappropriate.  I think he's embarrassed himself, he's acknowledged that, he's embarrassed his wife and his family."

Obama continued, "And when you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you can't serve as effectively as you need to -- at the time when people are worrying about jobs and their mortgages and paying the bills -- then you should probably step back."

FYI, Obama also suggested last year that Congressman Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) resign on ethical grounds, but he stayed put.


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If I was Obama, I would resign too!!

1205 days ago


Oh!,I see. It's alright for Obama to have smoked cocain and have homosexual affairs with Larry Sinclair, and have three different birth cirtificates that have been proven fraud,and start illegal wars with other countries and not punish people for criminal acts like the BLACK PANTHERS,and IT'S OK FOR HIM TO GIVE ADVICE TO SOMEONE THAT MIGHT HURT HIS ADMINISTRATION.WHO is the one that should resign?

1205 days ago


well congratulations mr. president! you ARE a weiner. we are anxiously awaiting your resignation...

1205 days ago


Well...Obama is a WEINER and should resign, immediately!

1205 days ago


If I were me I wish Obama would resign. He's in Puerto Rico today for chrissake. My Aunt says he travels all over trying to find the White House

1205 days ago

Michael Ayton    

There are so many stupid people in America. Obama inherited the last president's mess that you voted in office, who bankrupted the country. If it had not been for Obama, you would be in a depression. He is doing the best he can with the mess you left him. You voted for a moron twice, then you expect him to make it all better for you. You sit in your trailers and knock the president, who is one of the finest leaders in the world today, you make me sick! I'm so glad that there are many American's who know a good thing and will stick by Obama. And so what if he want's to play golf, he deserves some time off. So he played 60 games of golf, big deal.

1205 days ago


News is Weiner needs this job. He has nothing to fall back on.

1205 days ago


"think Weiner commited a crime, or him tweeting...and " sexting' as its called had any effect on his work at the office...I think that stuff is his own personal life style and we should not judge him on his personal decision...on his professional work related matters yes we should judge."

Oh Aryana , it's ok , wink wink, its only awful because he lied and is leading a double life. If Weiner behaves like this on the World Wide Web internet what is he keeping secret in the dark recesses of his nasty little brain? hmmmm.. think about it.. was he grooming the seventeen year old ? Where there more young kids in his web ?

In other words for morons and idiots like me ...HE's a hot mess , unfit for Congress.

1205 days ago


Look who's talking,you're the black bush.

1205 days ago


If it was Obama he say it was George Bush's weiner.

1205 days ago

mildly insane    

Alan Carver 16 hours ago

Had to take time off the GOLF COURSE to make this comment! Doesn't he have more IMPORTANT ISSUES to deal with like our FAILING ECONOMY with Depression Era numbers to support that we are NO LONGER IN A RECESSION BUT DEPRESSION! This President once again, thinks that we care what is going on with his thoughts regarding the scandal of an exhibitionist. NO crimes have been committed by this man, except exposing his penis and taking a camera shot of it. Should he have done it, well clearly he has issues he is going to treatment to seek professional help as to why he has been doing what he did and has done.

So, to President Obama, get back to the real business of our COUNTRY and start working on getting our economy back on track and stop worrying about an exhibitionist that is seeking help for his issues! He has a game plan, what is yours?

The economy is safer if he stays on the
golf course

1205 days ago


He said, "was", not "were".

1205 days ago


PG I see ,much funnier with were.

1205 days ago


Come on 2012........move em' out!

1205 days ago


so if she asked him what he would have done if he were Bill Clinton scandalizing the oval office-would he have said the same thing??

would like to think if he was moral like he's trying to show us he is with this comment, he would have said of course...

but somehow don't think he'd have said yes
he would ahve danced around the question

1205 days ago
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