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Soap Star -- I've Been Threatened By 'Psychotic' Fan

6/14/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

(ACT 1)
Enter Thom Bierdz ... former star of "The Young & The Restless" ... he's scared and angry after his former assistant allegedly became "delusional, deranged" and "psychotic" and threatened his safety.


(ACT 2)
Thom goes to L.A. County Superior Court and files a request for a restraining order against the young man, Buck Winthrop -- who, at one point, lived with Thom at the actor's L.A. home. Purely platonic, so Thom says ...

(ACT 3)
Thom, fearing Buck will trash him all over the Internet ... begs the judge to "prevent him from slandering me on Facebook, Twitter, etc."  Thom now waits while the judge comes to a decision ...


(ACT 4)
The judge .... (DRAMATIC PAUSE) ... DENIES Thom's request -- claiming "slander, etc. on public sites is not subject to a [restraining order]."


(ACT 5)
Thom ... refusing to accept defeat ... tells TMZ he will continue to pursue his case against Buck ... and vows to emerge victorious, one way or another.


Tune in next week ... unless this soap gets canceled too.


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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Isn't Hollywood all you dreamed it would be?!

1231 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

Yo Thom....shouldn't sand the manbone and be backdoor buddies if you're not ready to take the heat from beatin the meat.

Just *** (sic) out the closet, don't be ashamed you're a bone burnisher, none of the rest of her Hollywood freak parade are and show your true colors....... some....where, o...ver the rainbow ;) lol.

1231 days ago

M. Zelle    

Dearest Thom, Just wait until he slanders you, and tries to bring you to your knees, so to speak, then sue him for slander, oh, and defamation of character, and throw in a little, oh I don't know, drama.....sheesh....sometimes, you just have to wait till it happens.....Much love to Thom and TMZ.....

1230 days ago


Um, Chicago Nick, Thom is openly gay. This is going to be quite the uphill battle for him though, because Buck Winthrop hardly seems like an obsessed fan:

1230 days ago

the Seeker    

closet queens..more homos from tinsel town.

1230 days ago


Thom Bierdz left the Young and the Restless over 20 years ago because of his coming out of the closet. The producers/writers of the show had him involved on screen with one of their daughters. There was still a question as to how HIV was transmitted and the producers/writers didn't want him kissing their daughter (LauraLee Bell) on the lips in scenes for the show. So he's been out of the closet for decades. His character was killed off the show then, but miraculously, as only happens in soaps, he resurfaced on Y&R a couple of years ago and was not dead afterall.

Thom has also had one brother commit suicide while another brother, a paranoid schizophrenic, beat his mother to death with a baseball bat and is now locked away with the 'criminally insane.' Thom even wrote a book about the events called "Forgiving Troy." So Thom has had a rough life in many ways.

However, that's not to say he's not a FREAK. One interviewer described his bedroom as being covered with huge framed photos of nude, Hispanic muscle men everywhere.

This entire thing sounds like Thom and Buck got into an argument and Buck threatened to tell some of Thom's secrets and make him look bad. Thom thought he could prevent this from happening, but it hasn't happened so there is no action that could be taken. It all sounds to me like Thom is into some freaky stuff when it comes to sex and that's what he's afraid of leaking out.

1230 days ago


That hair looks ridiculous, but you have to admit he looks pretty good for a 49 year old guy.

But, yeah, I agree with the other poster. Thom is just trying to keep people from finding out what a sexual freak he is. I've read where he's very into leather and the SM community. One article even said he was into getting fisted. OUCH!

1230 days ago


Question.. HEY>. what's with all the Cute Chihuahua's.. and young actors? Will it get him some nice looking chicks? ... Good luck then I hope so.. He needs something to hold onto besides a puppy dog... say.. someone lik eSelena... Yeah that'll work

1230 days ago


I'm sure Shevonne appreciates your story of a (former) soap star in script format. Are you guys trying to help tie her over until she gets her next soap fix? Or are you teasing her because you want remind her that this is all that remains of soaps -- practically nothing? So nice...and so mean. :p

1230 days ago


Hmm!!....How about blocking, deleting and reporting his to those social sites?. Unless he threatens to come to your home to stalk and harm you, then yeah go a head with the case. Otherwise be a man and act like one.

1230 days ago


boys will be boys.

1230 days ago


Judges issue gag orders all the time. hmmmmm, somethings rotten in the state of Denmark.

1230 days ago


Thom has been back to the Y&R as recently as a couple of months ago. What he should do is beat the other guy to the punch, let him post his story of a psycho everywhere, including twitter and facebook, any backlash, let him take the judge's advice about not being able to sue on public websites.

1230 days ago


1230 days ago


So he is queer and he broke up with his boy friend. everyone in Holliwierd knows he is queer already what is the point. Is he afraid his kinky secrets will get out?

1230 days ago
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